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  1. Easy. By 1625 the Sartarites recognize Yelm as the Sun, and Yelmalio as the main Solar Deity (think Helios and Apollo). In some old stories he is called "Elmal" who was once sometimes seen as another deity, but since the mid-1500s, they are seen as different names for the same deity. This is no different from how the Sumerian Inanna became Ishtar.
  2. All mythology is experienced. The myths are eternal and the pattern set, but our experience of that is what we actually experienced. Hope that helps!
  3. I get the impression that people are confused about what the Great Compromise is. The eternal gods themselves would have ceased to exist but for the Cosmic Compromise, whereby the gods that still existed abdicated their free will within the temporal world voluntarily, rather than lose their All into the maw of nonexistence. The gods remained eternal, at the cost of being restricted henceforth to only the deeds they had performed during the God Time, which are now fixed and unchanging in the world of Time. If the gods were ever to transgress their fixed and allocated positions in the Cosmos, they would enter the shifting world of Time and would be destroyed by Death and entropy. So when a god acts within the temporal world it does what it always has done. Orlanth is a great World Storm and sends storms and thunders, only to part for the Sun, but then return again. The gods exist as they did in the Gods War, Death co-existing with Life. Within the bounds of their Gods Time actions, the gods exist eternally. That is for the good and the bad. Disease cannot be completely banished, mortals are doomed to die (unless an individual mortal becomes something else), and each dusk the Sun shall descend into the Underworld. There is a set pattern to the cosmos. The gods' worshipers are not so bound and they can wield the god's power. Whenever someone casts Rune magic, that is the god in action. That does not violate the Compromise (unless those mortals manage to change the pattern of the world by their actions). The Red Goddess was a new greater god appearing in Time. Her deeds changed the pattern of the world. Some consider the battle of Castle Blue an amendment to the Great Compromise, and now even the Red Goddess is bound by Time. But her worshipers are most definitely not.
  4. A mortal family tends to replicate the patterns of their divine family. Note the words "tend" and "patterns". As Ernalda is the Goddess of Women, she embodies the role, position, and power of woman. And so on. A thane is a tribal or clan office associated with the Orlanth cult, which happens to be the patron deity of the Colymar Tribe. Not surprising it at least requires being a member of the cult. The settlement system described in Dorastor is a local variant and likely reflects the nature of the Risklands settlements. It is possible that it is not even typical for Talastar. Again, not surprising that a tribal system closely tied to Orlanth Rex is going to be based around the members (lay, associate, and initiates) of that cult. But remember, the land belongs to the Earth Temple. It is protected and used by her husband-deity. Yelmalio is another husband-deity of Ernalda, and acknowledged as such. But usually the Yelmalio cult works best where it is the local dominant husband-deity. The 7 Mothers is not and they operate outside of the normal structure of clan and tribal life. They are present of course, but do not easily fit into rural clan and tribal life. Where they are very few, exceptions are easily made. Where they are numerous, exceptions must be made to preserve the peace. And where they have powerful friends, those exceptions are even easier to make. Does that help?
  5. The Ernalda cult has a TREMENDOUS amount of power. Not the least being that her husband-deity cults tend to uphold and protect her rights. She also has sister and daughter cults that are loyal only to her and are perfectly willing to do the Goddess' "dirty work".
  6. People - please feel free to disagree with each other, but no calling each other "dumb" (despite the name of this thread) in your disagreements.
  7. It is not just sentience. CA does not eat insects, fish, reptiles, or mammals. Them's the rules going back to Cults of Prax and everything Greg and I have written about her. You may find it illogical or that it does not follow your set of rational principles you have chosen to understand it, but them's Her rules.
  8. Elves are sentient, so they aren't eaten (then again, I can't think of any human culture that eats aldryami). But bloodshed is forbidden to Chalana Arroy initiates, and they don't hunt.
  9. Chalana Arroy speaks for Chalana Arroy. She points out that the world should be healed, should be a peace, and violence should be ended. She ACTS in accordance with that. But she is also partnered with a god of war and violence, and a god of disorder, deceit, and upheaval.
  10. That's engaging in Spirit Combat against a living person. CA doesn't have Disincorporate and doesn't do that. But Spirit Combat against a spirit is perfectly fine.
  11. Spirit Combat is not physical violence.
  12. Lots of folk have that suspicion. But the God Learners found that theory very problematic for many reasons.
  13. Chalana Arroy has been a popular players cult despite her restrictions since the beginning. And by the beginning I mean since her cult was first presented in Cults of Prax back in 1979. I've played a CA healer in RQ, Claudia had a long-running CA healer, there were several in Greg's house campaign.
  14. Your Glorantha Will Vary, but this is the official position: Nope. Initiates don't fight. At all. Nope. Gathering only. They are vegetarians after all. Not even Shield. Just Dodge. If this seems harsh = it is. The worship of the goddess Chalana Arroy is an extremely harsh and prohibitive one in many respects, and especially in the nature of their self-defense. In fact, the cult expressly prohibits the use of any weapons or magic which may damage a part of the world. The worship of a passive deity is a luxury which few can afford. Not many wish to throw themselves at the mercy of the world when times are troubled. Thus, worship of her has been restricted to the most devout individuals or the most advanced civilizations.
  15. Chalana Arroy is listed as an Air Deity because she is one of the Seven Lightbringers, and closely associated with Orlanth. She is actually not an elemental goddess - she is a goddess of Fertility and Harmony, and is generally accounted to be the daughter of Glorantha herself. She is noted for her kindness and purity, and aided EVERYONE. Orlanth, Yelm, Ernalda - even Humakt! She played no favourites, but simply tried to heal the damages done by the Gods War. Her cultists swear an oath to total non-violence. They refuse to cause more damage to a wounded world. In the Holy Country and Dragon Pass, the cult is divided between Sweepers and Keepers: All Chalana Arroy initiates famously practice complete non-violence, but it is a Holy Country custom for cult members to sweep the ground of insects and other small animals before they tread—in Nochet, a small army of orphans and indigents keep the area around the Great Hospital swept clear throughout the day so the healers may pass without harming anything. This began to trouble the respected Healer of Arroin, the venerable Nambasa. He said he preferred to simply watch his step and leave insects, animals and in fact all living things unmolested and in peace. He and his small band of followers became known as the “Keepers”, in opposition to the “Sweepers.” The Keepers dogmatic insistence on leaving things be eventually became intolerable to the High Healer. Nambasa was induced to leave Nochet, taking his most devoted followers with him. The Chalana Arroy cult
  16. In game, I generally require a Lore role for players to know more than the potted histories of their area PLUS the mythos and history of their cult. So an Orlanth initiate gets the Secrets of the Storm Voice section in the Cults Book and the Mythos and History section of the Orlanth cult. They learn of the Lightbringers Quest. They learn that the Broken Council age birth to the new god Gbaji and that Chaos returned, and that Harmast Barefoot was the saviour of the Orlanthi and that Arkat betrayed humanity to his troll alien. They learn of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends and Alakoring. And that sort of stuff. Largely at that level of detail. A few famous names and stories and that's about it.
  17. Cults won't be Kickstarted. We are pretty near the end of the art process, and will be starting layout pretty soon.
  18. Dawn Age stuff is not terribly relevant here, but it should be kept in mind that Saird is the original core territory of the Sun Dome Temples.
  19. Non-existent. Ralios, Fronela, and Talastar never had Elmal in the first place. They all have Yelmalio Sun Domes going back to the Second Age or earlier.
  20. It is worth keeping in mind that Greg and I discarded ALL of that when we wrote Sartar Kingdom of Heroes. And for RuneQuest, Doburdan is pretty much confined to Pelanda.
  21. OK keep in mind, the Lunars did not make an effort to force the Orlanthi to worship some minor Pelandan thunder god.
  22. I suspect the result of this is that Doburdan is recognised by his worshipers as an aspect of Orlanth. Of course, some of the most powerful hero questers in the world might oppose you.
  23. The height of the Elmali civil conflict was 1550 to 1569, and after that it was over. Sun Dome Temple was founded in Dragon Pass in 1575. So basically it is a conflict from the 1950s and 1960s that looks just weird in retrospect.
  24. Also, it has been 10,000 years since Orlanth killed Yelm and a LOT of beings are likely descended from Yelm. Especially fire/sky worshipers.
  25. Something I think people whose impressions of Sartar are based primarily on the King of Dragon Pass game or the Hero Wars books don't seem to get - Sartar transformed the tribes around the Quivin Mountains. Remarkable, radical changes. He built cities, roads, and markets. He introduced coin for trade, and built temples for the other Lightbringers cults. He diffused the bright lines of tribe and clan. He welcomed foreigners, married the Feathered Horse Queen, befriended werewolves, and so on. That change continued over the following century, as Sartar established itself as a wealthy principality that commanded the most important trade route in Glorantha. Some parts of this strengthened Sartarite society ("Heortling" is a painfully anachronistic word in Sartar); others caused civil dissension and conflict. The Solar worshipers of Sartar were simply blown away by the splendour and the deep sights of Pelorian Yelm worship. These Elmali turned on their tribal leaders, fought against the Orlanth Rex cult, etc. and a few managed to initiate themselves into Yelm's secrets. This, in combination with growing Lunar Empire aggression, imperilled the Kingdom of Sartar itself. Monrogh saved us from that. Elmal was proven to be another name for the Little Sun and not of Yelm. The Sun Dome leaders allied with King Tarkalor and received their own part, where they could celebrate the Light without trouble.
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