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  1. You are aware how long it takes to develop a computer game? Just like with Call of Cthulhu, I wouldn't expect anything until about a year or so before launch.
  2. Since I wrote the sorcery rules in HQG and in RQG, it could well be that I think I got it wrong in HQG.
  3. I dunno about you, but I just don't find Mark Wahlberg that creepy.
  4. This place isn't going to become like The RPGSite or theRPGnet or the RPG Pub - none of which are sites I particularly enjoy. This is a site for civilised and friendly discussion about a variety of games associated with BRP and Chaosium. We don't want to have to do much work moderating, and are very willing to largely work on the honor system. If folk can't behave within these very minimal requirements, then we have to take action.
  5. Joerg, Peter - this is not the place for personal sniping or snark. Behave in a civilised manner or I'll lock down the thread.
  6. For many Malkioni, the answer to question 1 is most important. In the Second Age, most orthodox Malkioni held that the gods are powerful but limited beings that can be made to serve the interest of men. The God Learners studied and even worshiped the gods to understand them - which thereby allowed them to use the gods to further their goals. In the Third Age, the Rokari and New Hrestoli- both being a reaction against the God Learners - reject worship of "mere Rune holders" (although of course they still worship city guardians, and other minor entities in exchange for magic).
  7. Hsunchen start with BOTH the Beast and Man runes. They are in opposition. Hsunchen magicians try to get their Beast Rune as high as possible - to be the wolf, the bear, the deer, whatever. This is the same as Humakti trying to get their Death and Truth runes as high as possible - but they still have some tie to Life and Illusion. So Bödvar Bjarki has Beast of 85% and Man of 15%. He's STRONGLY Beast Rune and can't really act against that Rune without consequences. But he still has Man at 15% and can enter human society (but generally doesn't like it). His brothers Elk-Froði and Þorir Houndsfoot are more extreme, with Beast of 95% and Man of only 5%. They live in the wilderness like beasts, but even they are able to enter human society when it is time to avenge their brother.
  8. As most of you all know, the Invisible God will not be making an appearance in the Cults of Glorantha - as sorcery really needs a full treatment, and the so will be getting its own book. At its core, all variants of Malkionism are ways of addressing the following questions. 1. What is the relationship between mortals and gods? This ranges from treating the gods as nothing more than anthropomorphised natural forces (like with the Brithini) to permitting worship of specific deities as favoured emanations or agents of the Invisible God (as is common among henotheist Malkionism). 2. Who is allowed to learn sorcery? This might be a small elite (hereditary or meritocratic), potentially everyone but practically restricted to a few, or everyone. The last is very rare except among a few transgressive sects. 3. What is the relationship between sorcerers and the rest of society? Sorcerers are sometimes removed from society as a "sacred" caste surrounded by taboos and restrictions. In other societies, sorcerers are the rulers of society. And in still others, they advise but do not rule. 4. What is the ideal form of human society? Malkionism encourages people to look at abstract ideals as the perfect form of something (and that sorcery is the technique of bringing the material world in compliance with that perfect form). But what is the ideal form of human society? Logically human society is divided into castes or classes, but how are those chosen and comprised?
  9. There will be a lot of material on Jonstown soon.
  10. A Hsunchen uses Beast to do their magic. They are beasts after all. If the Hsunchen becomes too much Man, they cease to be able to be Hsunchen. You planning on playing a Gold Wheel Dancer?
  11. It was a strange review IMO. I made a very deliberate decision not to include Pamaltelan or Jrusteli or even Teshnite/Kralorelan monsters unless they are likely to appear in the "core lands". And other creatures he seemed upset about not appearing may not actually exist in Glorantha.
  12. We deliberately dropped the thrust weapon penalties - as they were really fiddly (and I recall my buddy Mike O'Connor demonstrating how silly they were in practice).
  13. Your Fetch is pure Spirit. You are Man (or Beast) as you are a mortal, physical entity that either lives in society (Man) or lives with nature (Beast). We concluded there is little actual game value to having a Spirit Rune in conflict with anything else. So if you want to put the Spirit Rune on your character sheet, draw it on. There are plenty of Runes that aren't an important part of a mortal character (unless you are an elf - then swap out Beast with Plant).
  14. We didn't see them as being Glorantha or RuneQuest. And also we both thought snakes were pretty cool.
  15. New Uz content, not reprint.
  16. Greg and I both disliked weapon snakes. So we dropped them all.
  17. Our RQ games at GenCon were all full up. Todd Gardiner is doing a fantastic job working with conventions and game stores to support RuneQuest play. That being said, I would LOVE a LFG thread here. The more the merrier.
  18. We have no interest in doing a 5e Gloranthan game. Let D&D be D&D. Let us be us.
  19. I emphasise that this is a RuneQuest forum to encourage you to think what that means in terms of the RQ rules. Otherwise move this over to the general Glorantha forum.
  20. Mike is a fantastic CoC line editor and is doing a brilliant job. But CoC and RQ are very different lines and what works for one line does not always (or even usually) work for the other. Jason Durall is doing an amazing job on the RQG line and you don't have long to wait for the next few products.
  21. This is a RuneQuest forum, so no that is not correct. One of Kallyr's followers might be a Mastakos initiate who has Guided Teleport to a location in the Sky World. Although the only associate of Kallyr I know who can travel from the Mundane World to a specific place in the Sky World is Kallyr herself.
  22. It is a lot easier to put together a Cthulhu supplement at this point in the line than it is for RuneQuest.
  23. There is an archetype in Glorantha of the Light God who descends to the world to shine through the Greater Darkness and greets the Dawn. He is not the distant Light, too pure for the world, but one that suffers through pollution and strife, and yet remains bright. This archetype has many names - at the Dawn, he was called Kargzant or Antirius in Peloria, Elmal in Dragon Pass. He is known to the elves as well. They were all held to be separate gods until Nysalor revealed that they were all the same - the Little Sun or the Cold Sun. Which is Yelm-alio (little Yelm). In the late Third Age, most of the Yelmalio temples recognise each other, even if there is no over-arching organization to the cult. The last to do so was the Elmal cult in Sartar, which had the Revelation of the Many Suns around 1560 or so. Now even the Light Temple of Sartar is recognised as one of the grandest of the Sun Dome Temple of Yelmalio.
  24. There are no blank lands. See the Guide.
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