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  1. Jeff

    What is canon?

    Please create a separate thread for this.
  2. Work continues on it (I should know as I have weekly meetings with status reports from the team). But we are making no announcements until we are authorised to do so.
  3. I have hidden the threads where people want to talk about books set in other areas. Jonathan's book is set in Dragon Pass and this thread is about that book. If you want to chat about something else, start a new thread.
  4. Jeff

    What is canon?

    I'm perfectly happy informing people about what is canon and what is not, especially when that is tied to specific questions.
  5. If you want to talk about other regions, please create a new thread.
  6. One of the best sessions I have had in years was exactly that - the players negotiating a treaty between Prince Argrath and Queen Samastina. Fantastic fun for everyone.
  7. I am locking this thread down. It went off the rails a long time ago.
  8. I've found that adding +100% in combat is not as effective as +20% in a social setting. And I've had plenty of players just say, "screw using a skill - I just want to use raw CHA to get my way," and handle it like a STR v. SIZ contest or a STR v. STR contest..
  9. Jeff

    What is canon?

    In my own games? I use the material I feel is useful for the game. Sometimes I forget to include cool stuff that I even planned to use, I sometimes cut things out because it won't work for what this group is having fun doing, and let the players create their own twists and have their own new discoveries.They often change events, replace other characters, whatever. I don't use the HW-era Issaries material, and I don't use the Mongoose material. If I don't know the details of a city, village or tribe or whatever - I make it up on the spot.
  10. Cash, Morricone - dealing with the material world: Bowie, Velvet Underground - dealing with the otherworld.
  11. Going back to something I posted back in May 2019, the last time this came up: As for Charisma making it easier to persuade others, yep that is exactly what it does. You might hate Yanioth, but damn when she puts on her goddess aspect, she is so damn impressive that it is really hard to not follow her. She's not cheating, any more than Baranthos is cheating when he uses that 100% Orate skill of his. You know Baranthos is about to make one of his barnraising speeches the moment you hear that hackneyed opening, "Seven summers past, the wild queen, Hendira, dreaming her dreams of ruin on
  12. Check out page 35 of the revised and abridged edition.
  13. Who says that Argrath killed the Red Goddess? If you think that is the case, I'd suggest rereading KoS.
  14. Yes. The Praxians reclaim the Grantlands not because they are Lunars, but because they are farmers where there should not be farmers. Most are simply driven off their land.
  15. Yep. There are some jokes that need to be retired for extreme old-age.
  16. You realise that joke is now over 30 years old. There hasn't been an official writeup of Kyger Litor since 1988. Might as well complain about skinny ties.
  17. The basic story of the Grantlands is that once the Lunar army is no longer able to protect it from nomads, it isn't protected any more from nomads. What that means differs depending on your campaign. But in one way or another the colony is destroyed. I don't think that means that the nomads slaughtered every settler - rather I suspect most settlers were forced to flee somewhere else. New Pavis, Sun County, Corfu, Horngate, Moonbroth, wherever.
  18. Of course I find the Sturm und Drang over the Grantlands kind of funny, and save my tears for what is happening in the Redlands and Oraya.
  19. More precisely, I wanted to work with Jonathan again. He's great to work with, does great work, and knows Glorantha. So we talked about what he wanted to do and made it happen.
  20. And what bureaucracy there is is far more primitive and personal than that Weber was describing in Economy and Society (which is a great book). Bureaucracy is largely that of scribes, who serve the household of rulers and carry out their wishes. That's what most Lhankor Mhy and Irrippi Ontor initiates do by the way. They record harvest collection for temples and rulers, distribution of food, payments from ruling households, correspondence with distant rulers, and so on. They are important because of whom they serve - the Orlanth Rex of a Sartarite tribe is not going to follow the directives of
  21. Here are some ancient texts, purporting to provide the history of the Artmali and the Sword of Yeetai. I think they are First Age texts with some Second Age revisions and edits. Use them with caution: The Artmali After the War between the Gods, the daughter of Ehilm [Shamal, Yelm] and Nakala [tide and darkness] paced her way through the skies in the footsteps of her father, giving light to the earth during the night. She shone white [blue] and was considered beautiful among the goddesses, and her name was Anehlla. In the sky she was impregnated by Zrethus [sky] Senalfe, and from the
  22. Jeff

    What is canon?

    As I have said many many times, canon only matters if you are: 1. writing for Chaosium, 2. want to do an entirely canonical campaign (which is neither required or expected), or 3. want to discuss the setting directly with Chaosium's writers. Otherwise, use what you want, discard what you don't want, etc. If you want to talk with me or Jason or other writers about specific details, we are likely going to stick to canon - if that isn't what you want to talk about, we'll probably not participate.
  23. I am not going to do that. Art is well advanced and as far as I am concerned that is a key part of the book. We've moved past the point I am interested in circulating the manuscript outside of a core circle (plus those who bought previous manuscripts at GenCon). The book should be out in PDF form early next year. But I will show off a WIP picture: Jeff
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