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  1. That's really a funny idea! As much as this is a great April Fools' joke, I would really like to see this for real (at least for the Quickstarter rules) 😉.
  2. See, what the Packet Delivery man dropped today at my door: which is a great addition to: That's the biggest compilation of information on the Lunar Empire, that I've ever seen. And certainly it will shorten the time until the Starter Set is released. But what I would like to see as an additon, is a complete list of all the cameos in Life of Moonson (which pretty sure will cover all the cameos in A Rough Guide to Glamour too). Some are quite obvious (Elvis, Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie), others not so much (Marilyn?), and others again are a mystery (a least to
  3. The Guide to Glorantha covers much than the Glorantha Sourcebook, because it covers Glorantha as a whole world including history from the God Time until 1621, including the Sky, including all the Pantheoi, but all this in a more high level view, whereas the Glorantha Sourcebook covers mainly the Dragon Pass area and the Lunar Empire, the history of these areas after the Dawn, the main Pantheoi worshipped in these areas, and all this in more detail than the Guide. I would strongly recommend to follow Andrew's advice above: start with the Sourcebook and let the Guide follow later.
  4. Sadly no. It has been made clear at the last Impromptu Con, that the Starter Set will be available in PDF at the same time as the print version ...
  5. You tease me with all this fantastic stuff, and then you tell me I have to wait until summer? (Which means June at least.) Shame on you! 😉
  6. I've bought The Company of the Dragon on the first day, that it was available, and have completed my first (cursory) read ... and what shall I say ... it's awesome. And seeing this is a fan publication, makes me wimp out of the idea to create my own publication at some time ... but maybe I will recover. Anyway it's a truly great story, and I cannot wait to really play this fantastic campaign.
  7. Yes, but Ronegarth is not Sun County, right?
  8. As far as I know, not (yet?) ...
  9. Done. Bullet titles (e.g. Episode 1 or Episode 14, etc.) are now direct links to the respective YouTube video. I thought about doing this myself already, and with this thread being pinned now, this is definitely a useful enhancement.
  10. While being a player in @jajagappa's PbF game I've never had an issue with using them as personality trait as well as a magical base. And this makes sense with respect to, how Glorantha is defined: Everything is based on the Runes. Runes are for Glorantha, what atoms are for our world. So they influence everything, regardless if it is magic or a personality trait.
  11. A Rune Master was not a Rune Master since his Initiation into the respective cult. So he has learned the respective spirit spell sometime on his way to becoming a Rune Master from another Rune Master - maybe at a different temple, and maybe even after he has become a Rune Master. That a Rune Master was not available over all this time is quite improbable. And if it was the case indeed, than he was not able to learn that spell, and therefore he is not able to teach it.
  12. Patience is a virtue - and it seems to be the most important geas for all Runequest addicts ...
  13. Yes, these are the text passages, that I was referencing to. So the only remaining open question is still, if this concept is used officially in Runequest:Roleplaying in Glorantha. But if we do not get an official answer (hi, @Jeff😉) here in this thread, it could well be possible, that the answer could be found in the upcoming Starter Set (which, as far as I know, will include a guide to Jonstown and therefore a description of the Jonstown library, I guess).
  14. That triggers another question: for some reason I was under the impression, that the Alien Combination Machine is *not a unique* tool - very rare, yes, but not unique. Not sure, if I have read that somewhere, or if this is just my own imagination. According to the Sartar Companion, there is on in the Jonstown Library. According to Pavis:Gateway to Adventure there is another one in the Lhankor Mhy temple in Pavis. So if there has been another one in the Holy Country, that would be three already. But I may be wrong here ... Anyway once again I would like to know, what the official, can
  15. I interpret this, that I should read these two books again (I really liked them, when I did it several years ago) for getting some hints regarding our current campaign ... 😉
  16. One of the concepts, that I really like in Heroquest:Glorantha, is the Alien Combination Machine, which made it possible to give the Orlanthi access to Sorcery, which normally is seen as corrupted and dangerous, and therefore has to be avoided. I think it would be a great explanation, why Lhankor Mhy sages in Runequest:Roleplaying in Glorantha are now able to use Sorcery, but so far this Alien Combination Machine has not been mentioned in any of the new Runequest books. It's clear, that I could use it in my Runequest games exactly for this, but I would like to know, what the official
  17. So that means Sacred Time between 1626 and 1627, right? Or does it mean Sacred Time between 1627 and 1628?
  18. Wait, the Cinder Pits are an entry to hell? Which one? Or just an entry to the underworld.? Anyway, is this canon? Can you provide any source for this information?
  19. On Facebook @Jeffhas been asked, if episode 29 has been the campaign finale, and the answer was a clear 'nope' . Also the Twitch schedule shows a session entry for next Saturday. Both points are clear hints, that we have a break currently, but we still can expect more ...
  20. Done at last! Thanks to a current break in the session sequence of this campaign, I was able to catch up a bit sooner than expected. From now on I will add new entries for every new episode as soon as possible after they are available at YouTube.
  21. I had pictures of Captain America using his shield in defence as well as for attacking in my head immediately ...
  22. Session 4 of the White Bull Campaign (Chaosium's current Runequest House Campaign) on YouTube has Cwim in the battle between the Lunar Army and Argrath's army of Praxian nomads.
  23. Just realized, that the Spring Equinox is marked on two days in the Gloranthan Calendar, which is part of the Gamemaster Screen Pack for Runequest:Roleplaying in Glorantha: on day 30 (Waterday/Stasis Week) of Earth Season as well as on day 9 (Waterday/Fate Week) in Sacred Time. My understanding is, that the latter is correct. The former should be the Autumn Equinox, as far as I know. This error appears in the printed version of the calendar as well as in the latest version (1.01) of the PDF.
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