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  1. @MOBShort question: I'm getting notifications already, if new products are available (normally in PDF format). So wouldn't I get a notification for the new RuneQuest Starter Set already, or do I have to register under above link anyway?
  2. Maybe Yinkin? (Because of Schrodinger's Alynx?)
  3. I can confirm, that I see the same omissions in my physical version of The Glorantha Sourcebook, whereas the PDF version contains the full text as cited above by @AndrewTBP. Taking a closer look this seems to be a small formatting issue in the printed version of The Glorantha Sourcebook. The text columns below the map are formatted a bit differently clearly in the first case ...
  4. The latest information, that I have seen:
  5. To my knowledge the next planned books/adventures are The Starter Set. In fact this is a box containing several booklets, and one of them contains several Jonstown based adventures. For more details see the Starter Set Design Diary in the Chaosium blog. This one is not only planned, it's already done and on its way to the warehouses ... God and Goddesses of Glorantha (not sure, if this is still the official title ...) This book contains many, many cult descriptions for all the important Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha. The Sartar Homeland Box A detailed description of Sartar and its denizens. Regarding the latter two it is not quite clear, which will be released first. Depends on the usual production criteria like layout done, illustrations complete, etc. The original plan was, that both will be available until end of this year (at least in PDF format). But as always, plans may change ... Beyond this everything is pure speculation. An updated Pavis/Big Rubble book is in the works. Several homeland boxes have been mentioned (Grazlands, Tarsh, Esrolia). Many other things. But the state of these works is not clear, so no given release time frames are available. They will be done, when their done ...
  6. I think this (4-armed Yara Aranis) stems from the nearly famous cover picture of the Runequest III Gods of Glorantha box, where she is shown with four arms, and which has been used in the Glorantha Sourcebook as well as in the Guide to Glorantha (Vol 2, p.741). But description for this picture in the Guide reads: HeroQuest Glorantha uses the same picture too, and the text description of the picture is the same also, but additionally it says On the other hand the Prosopaedia entry in the Well of Deliath still uses the description from the Prosopaedia of the Runequest III Gods of Glorantha box: So there are enough contradicting sources to make clear, where the confusion comes from ...
  7. My understanding is, that the Heroquest 2 / Heroquest Glorantha books (HeroQuest Glorantha, Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes, Sartar Companion, Pavis:Gateway to Adventure, The Coming Storm, The Eleven Lights) will eventually be re-released with the new QuestWorlds label. I wouldn't expect, that the old Heroquest 1 / Hero Wars books will be re-released, because this is a complete different system, which is not supported anymore. But I may be completely wrong here ...
  8. That was clear πŸ™‚. My idea was to motivate you to publish your conversions in the Jonstown Compendium (although I do not know, if there may be copyright issues). Just an idea ...
  9. Without any further comments:
  10. I think, we need a clarification of terminology here, because there is a difference between the Underworld and Hell. From the Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, p.10: So there are several Hells (certainly more than six, because in addition to the above list the Guide mentions at least the Lunar Hell several times), which are all located in the Underworld. In fact it seems, as if every cult or at least every Pantheon has its own hell. Also from the Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, p.162: Obviously the Underworld is much more than just Hell or even all the Hells, and every known Hell is part of the Underworld.
  11. From Runequest:Roleplaying in Glorantha, p.286: Based on this description I would assume, that a Triaty could very well have a wyter. The only condition would be, that all the members of the Triaty have a strong common Passion ...
  12. With respect to the question about, what is canon, I've detected, that the Well of Daliath can become a bit confusing regarding this topic, because there a two pages, which try to describe canonical documents: Canon Gloranthan Canon The first lists all the Heroquest 2 books related to Glorantha, whereas the latter does not. My guess is, that the first is the copy of the respective page from the old glorantha.com web site, and the latter is an original Well of Daliath page. Therefore the first page may be outdated and superseded by the second, but this is not obvious, as the first page does not contain any direct hint, and it is listed as a related page from the Runes page referenced by the OP.
  13. I think this text reflects the rune descriptions in Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes. Given this book is still considered to be canon (at least with respect to basic cultural descriptions), this book describes Sartar during the time of the Lunar Occupation, i.e. around 1618 ST. Runequest:Roleplaying in Glorantha has 1625 ST as its starting time, i.e. after the liberation, so views may have changed with respect to the Moon rune. Also RiG is not as much focussed on Sartar as SKoH is.
  14. Oracle

    Building Gringles

    This is ... awesome.
  15. Gee, forgot completely about that one ...
  16. One of the points, why Glorantha is so special to me, is the fact, that Glorantha is build completely on Myths and Legends, which are real not just stories. Most of these Myths and Legends happened in pre-historic times (i.e. before the Dawn of Time). And in a Heroquest you participate in one of these Myths or Legends, and in the best (or is it in the worst?) cases you will be able to change these Myths or Legends (and therefore changing Glorantha!). These changes can happen on different levels: personal, community/clan, tribe, kingdom/empire/nation or even world. And that's the power of Heroquests in Glorantha.
  17. By the way: 'The Cradle' is also in the Gloranthan Classic Pavis & Big Rubble, but as this is a compilation (with some minor additions) of the original books Pavis:Threshold to Danger and Big Rubble:The Deadly City, now again available in the Runequest Classic line, it should be identical.
  18. I think, there is a misunderstanding. The Sartar Book (Box?) will be a guide to Sartar only. The Sartar Campaign (which is kind of an equivalent to the Boy King/Great Pendragon Campaign for Pendragon) will be a completely different product. At least, that's how I understand, what I have read here so far. Could well be, that I'm wrong.
  19. I think (pure guessing from my side πŸ˜‰ ), generally sell poorly means published books in Community Content Programs - not just the Jonstown Compendium, but all the Community Content Programs available on DriveThruRPG - and as far as I know there are several of them. I agree, that the quality of the published books in the Jonstown Compendium is very impressive. But that's the only Community Content Program, that I know. Even for Chaosium's other Community Content Program, The Miskatonic Repository, I have no idea, if the quality is as high as in the Jonstown Compendium, and if the number of sold book is in a similar range. Maybe we're just lucky to know one of the better Community Content Programs. Certainly the people from DriveThruRPG have a better idea, what's happening in the different Community Content Programs, and so I have to trust their evaluation.
  20. And here is the official answer / explanation: So the links in the OP need to be adapted accordingly (which is not a small task ...)
  21. The Vault, which contained all the PDFs from Hero Wars and HeroQuest 1, has disappeared from the Chaosium online shop. Could well be, that this happened in the context of the 'Stay In and Game' Warehouse Clearance Sale, but as far as I can say, this has never been announced officially. (I do not assume, that "While stocks last!" applies to PDF only articles πŸ˜‰). Or do I miss something?
  22. The whole Vault has disappeared (which contained PDF's of all the Hero Wars and HeroQuest 1 books). Not sure, if this is intentional or if it is a mistake ...
  23. Which has been integrated already into the Timeline of Third Age Dragon Pass at the Well of Daliath.
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