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  1. Yelmalio's always been a stand-offish guy. The lack of associate cults is not a flaw but by design. He's still got more friends than Humakt.
  2. She's not a Sun Goddess, but the Morning Star. I don't think she was important to the Orlanthi but the God Learners called them that because they were so influential in the Dawn Age.
  3. Anything that goes bad in Orlanthi history is probably blamed on an Eurmali. God Learners? seduced by one of Eurma's tricks etc. Historically on the other hand, no tricksters may have been present at any time. The best understanding of the contradition is perhaps is that Eurmal as a Great God is present in every new thing and that if the New Thing goes bad, then he is to blame. Another way of looking at it might that Loki (the TV show) caused the rise of Kang the Conqueror even though he never met Kang.
  4. I kind of doubt it. I think they were Malkioni who abjured the Wizards in order to save their sorry hides when the Gift Carriers came calling. Since the lower castes had worshipped Orlanth and other gods anyway, they became Orlanthi at the end of the Imperial Age. Ehilm is mentioned as one of the Gods that led the False Gods revolt (Guide p622). I think rather than import a Seshnegi version, the God Learners imported a Fonritan version (Varama - Guide p553) as a counterpart to the Storm worship that naturally grew there. The cults of Ehilm and Halamalo would probably have problems with each other.
  5. The myth of Zorak and Shargash can be see in Trollpak p8 titled "Three Curious Spirits".
  6. No longer the case. The Esrolians have accepted Orlanth for a long time. The few statements in Esrolia: the land of 10K goddesses were apparntly references to their view of Orlanth in the Dawn Age.
  7. Really one for the other forum, but there was a Waertagi population (known as the Blue People) that caused major havoc in Peloria during the Flood. Castle Blue and Vyran are relics of their mythical kingdom.
  8. In 1964, it became the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and in 1985, Sacred was dropped from the title in a general rebrand. But Holy Office is good shorthand.
  9. Actually Gaiman credits that line to Gene Wolfe
  10. An illuminated Eurmali is someone who appears rational and sane. Known Eurmali behaving in such a fashion ire quickly killed for they are obviously up to no good.
  11. Unicorns were made by the Remakers whose clients wanted a prettier rhinocerous. The breed was due to be scaled up but the Blue Moon Assassins halted the project.
  12. The Aeolians only have three castes - Nobles, Zzaburi and Commoners. Given that other noble castes can and do fight elsewhere, I'm a bit doubtful that the Aeolian Talars do not (it's possible that they are influenced by God Forgot but the omission of the warrior caste makes this hard to sustain).
  13. Possible lunatic theory: The 1601 assassin got drawn into the Tournament and ended up becoming the God-King. That's how Belintar had the special knowledge for the Building Wall battle.
  14. Given Lunar assassins were active in the Holy Country at this time, I wonder if one had the bright idea to off the God-King.
  15. Loskalmi art is classical nudes. An example is here: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/moondesign-com/jeffs-old-blogs/loskalm-art-direction/ or the Guide p201. I don't have any notes on the archtectural style (we have a piccie of Akem which is similar), which can be seen here (courtesy of Redbubble sotre) https://images.app.goo.gl/qkkGJRtMgRszp3iB7 As for the names of the Masters in Loskalm, we have:
  16. He Who Moves had a brother known as He Who Remains.
  17. IMO Ralians would worship Arkat to become Illuminated (Arkati illumination not Nysaloran). These cults would provide magics to non-illuminates but they would not ptocede from Arkat but from allied cults (ie Arkat the Troll might have magics from Zorak Zoran and Argan Argar). From the cult description in the Smoking Rules and Other Stories, that Arkati of Arkat's Hold only teach sorcery to illuminates. Many Arkati societies in Ralios may teach sorcery to non-illuminates but the big sorcery secrets will still be reserved for illuminates. Jeff recently spoke of the Rightness (ie Caste-based) magics of the Malkioni. For the Arkati, I feel these would be a combination of innate sorcery spells and the sorcerous equivalent of Shamanic Gifts. Arkat the Troll/Destroyer: Command Shades. Affinity with Darkness Magics. Bonuses with blunt weapons. Darksense. Arkat the Savior/Loser: Bonuses with Axe. Command Gnomes. Shield. Arkat the Liberator: Bonuses with Spear. More adept with sorcery than other aspects. Not so much exotic magics. Arkat the Devil: Command unintelligent chaotic monsters. Chaotic blessings and curses (like Curse of Thed and Chaos Gifts). Arkat the Peacemaker: Inhuman senses such as Darkness, Motion, Elfsense) and perhaps Speak Auld Wyrmish (although I think this has probably been lost). Makes Peace. Alchemy, Botany etc. Arkat Chaosbane: Bonuses with Swords. Command Sylphs. Thunderbolts. Diminsh Chaos. As for Great Arkat, I doubt a separate aspect exists and that this aspect is more like Orlanth Rex. The leading Arkati in any city is recognized by the other Arkati of that city as their Archon and probably has Command Arkati (which works on Arkati that acknowledge his authority) and Repel Deceiver (which works on Arkati that do now acknowledge his authority). Lastly there is Heroquesting which the Arkati would use to inflict curses on enemy cities and blessings on their own. Cities within the same country are rivals and cursing them is bad form.
  18. Not necessarily. Most of the Praxians could have been eaten by Cwm allowing for a weakened influence in New Pavis.
  19. Depends on what you mean modern cult. Sun County in the wastelands does not. The Dragon Pass Sun Dome temple is not known for having either. Other temples may.
  20. No, because the Gods Wall depicts the Gods of Dara Happa and not Geert's Garden. Yamsur is not there for the same reason that Pamalt, Vith and Malkion are not. It would be like wondering why Marduk is not depicted in Pharaonic art.
  21. People hate Kallyr for the same reason people hate Field Marshal Haig - they both got a lot of people killed.
  22. Within four generations of a God or another Emperor is the Dara Happan standard.
  23. Not shown are the Sun Dome priests simultaneously shielding their eyes with their hands and trying to peer around the same.
  24. Edited in KoS 2nd edition in some places (but not all) to Triarchies.
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