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  1. Harmony at Twilight? What's the sequel called? "Adventurer's feast by Moonlight"?
  2. Pole Star is worshipped under three different names (and in three different rulesets). Pole Star is a Spirit of Prax, which means he is worshipped in a Spirit Cult like Oakfed.. He is given a Rune Spell in Tales of the Reaching Moon #14 of Captain Souls which acts as a Mindlink spell. Rigsdal is a Nightwatch God of the Storm Tribe. He can be worshipped as a subcult of Orlanth, Humakt or Elmal or in (rarely) his own right. In RQG, this mainly means he gives a runespell to those gods as an associate. Polaris is the God of Dara Happa. According to Pavis: Gateway to Adventure
  3. Aside from the usual suspects (Argrath etc): Oddi the Keen (Cults of Terror) Oakly Gauntest (Devil's Playground adventure in Big Rubble) Fineman the Broo (also in the Big Rubble lthough this is rather silly and implicitly criticized in Dorastor: Land of Doom) There is an illuminated vampire in Balastor's Barracks but that just seems to be a label that was slapped onto a monster to make it "interesting".
  4. Not quite. http://kiwihellenist.blogspot.com/2020/06/truth-in-myth.html
  5. I once had the theory that Jack O'Bears came about because renegade Elves in the Seven Hills of Dorastor took a snippet of Hungry Jack and grafted them onto headless bears and this was all done in the Bright Empire times. The theory doesn't fit because a) Hungry Jack is from the convergences in the Msilari Mountains and not as I assumed in Dorastor b) there are Jack O'Bears in Koromandol (Guide p289) whose presence is difficult to explain.
  6. It's not clear whether they hold joint services and I imagine the situation is similar to a divorced couple living in the same house.
  7. Etyries is an associate to the Seven Mothers, not one of them.
  8. You could extend this I think to Irrippi Ontor and Lhankor Mhy, Buserian and Whoever-the-Carmanian-Knowledge-God-is. Theoretially it should also be possible for Yanafal Tarnils and Humakt although the requirements each cult is likely to impose upon the other will probably be lethal hazing.
  9. An initiate of Ernalda and a Shaman of the Earth Witch? Yes. A god-talker of Ernalda and a Shaman of the Earth Witch? No (unless the Shaman joined it as an associate cult). A priest of Ernalda and a Shaman of the Earth Witch, No.
  10. Dragon Pass Rune Cults with Shamans Kolat, Aldrya (Gardener subcult), Thed,, ,Malia, Telmor, Gorakiki, Aranea, Kyger Litor Bagog, Basmol, Earth Witch, Jakaleel,.
  11. Umathela's a big place. While Cerngorth and Kormarkan would certainly be worried about Afadjann, for other places worring about Fonrit is like the Sartarites worrying about Ramalia. Likewise the Season Wars were over 150 years ago and is remote from modern Umathelans as Sheng Seleris is. THREATS: CERNGOTH: Fonritans, Malasp, Vadeli EDIRUSS: Fonritans, Vadeli, Artmali HUAMAZ: Vadeli, Silence KALLIMA: Trolls, Vadeli KORMAKAN: Fonritans, Artmali ORIK: Vadeli SULAYZ: Mostali, Vadeli, Malasp THREAT DESCRIPTIONS: ARTMALI: Fonritan oppression
  12. There are the Artmali (Moon), the Trolls (Darkness), Malkioni (Sorcery), Malasp (Sea), Vadeli (Sorcery again) and the Cult of Silence. Mythically Orlanth (or Baraku) would have fought has fought against Artmal, the Trolls, the Dwarves, the Vadeli, the Fonritans, Vovisibor etc. So while there is very little in the way of divine enemies that a Sartarite would recognize, there are plenty of enemies who would give the local Orlanthi a hard time.
  13. Strangers. We fought against them in the past but now they sell us Iron Weapons so they seem to be okay. Their sales pitch need a bit of work though - they think we want to kill everybody else in the whole world Humans are still the same untrustworthy apes that they were in the Storm Age. What has changed between then and now is that Dwarves now have a better idea of how to make humans work for them.
  14. The Vingkotlings freed the human slaves in Ralios. One or more Dwarf conclaves may have been destroyed. They weren't able to defeat the main stronghold due to the Storm suppressing action of Mount Nida.
  15. The rathori sleeping places are in the deepest parts of the woods. Nobody in their right mind would send shield phalanxes or shield walls on raids in the woods. What one would do instead is offer bounties for trappers. Now if you really want to continue arguing about how the meaning of select,. I suggest you describe how you think the White Bear Brotherhood would work rather than find fault in other people's.
  16. I doubt that warfare in the upper fronelan river is anything like Sartar or Tarsh. The Rathori are hunters and skirmishers as there's no way they are going to be so idiotic as to engage in set-piece battles against infantry. They will attack outlying farms, lone travellers, caravan stragglers etc and retreat into the woods before reinforcements arrive.
  17. The only reason given was that he was described as "malicious" (Guide to Glorantha p200).
  18. The Telmori were cursed because they had used the gifts of Nysalor to become werewolves whenever they wished (ie every single Telmori, not just the 5%) and Talor, being a foe of Nysalor and the Telmori, wanted to hurt them. Greg hasn't written much about Talor so there isn't much more to read on the topic.
  19. I would say 5% of Hsunchen in general can transform completely into their totem. They are the Rune Lords and leaders of their societies. As for the Rathori, they were generally quite harmless for most of their history as they had to hibernate every winter which made them easy prey for their enemies. In the Third Age, the Rathori rediscovered* the White Bear and a select brotherhood of them could now fight in winter without having to hibernate. This meant they could now kick ass without fear of reprisals. *They may have known how to do so long before this but the earliest known refer
  20. You are not wrong. Greg just hasn't published very much about it and so it's possible that you could be right. According to what has been written, while Snodal did fight against the barbarians under Black Hralf*, the threat was largely vanquished before the Syndic's conspiracy took place. The cause of the plot was an attempt to save Fronela from the sinking which Zzabur had plotted for it**. *Although this fight occurred at the same time that the White Bear was terrorizing the Arrolians, the Loskalmi don't seem to actually call their foes the White Bear Empire. It could be that
  21. I think it's on a forest by forest basis. There's also the Muri who are friends with the Yellow Elves of Maslo against their common enemy. So a Troll from the Bee Tribe might become friends with the elves of say the Stinking Forest but that Friendship will count for little if he were to venture into another elf wood say Redwood, the Garden or even the Old Woods.
  22. Joy is a state of Henosis, a Neo-platonic awareness of the One Mind, whose existance is deduced through Reason. Because the material world obscures contact with the One Mind, it is necessary to seclude oneself from distractions when trying to reach it.
  23. It stems from the earliest sources (Aether being the first ruler who is succeeded by Yelm - RQ Companion p6 PDF) and is even repeated in Revealed Mythologies itself p104 where only their draconic nature is denied rather than their light nature). Since, as you say, there's no trace of his fiery nature in his myths*, I interpret Vith's nature as being a pure mystical light that is not sensed by worldly eyes but through the soul. Thus no sunspears or fireblades for a worshipper of Vith! His wives, Laraloori and Gebkeran are better understood as being Day and Night through which he progenites m
  24. I don't think the one continuous voyage works as Harrek's circumnavigation includes several stop over three years (Guide p732) whereas Hoom Jhis has already done it three times (Guide p600) and possibly Zedez (Guide p508)
  25. I think it better if the Crimson Bat cultist steering the Bat encourages it to spit up in the air and then makes the Bat fly underneath it.
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