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  1. They don't fight them. I think it's more like Stonegate is a Bit Too Hard. Let somebody else try to seize it and we'll storm the weakened occupiers.
  2. He was illuminated by the Elves of Brithos.
  3. For the mainstream cult of Maran Gor, that's true. Greg did however write about Maran Devor, which was open to males and big on clubs. It's kinda of in the box of No Longer Important Stuff but it could be resurrected as a Hero Cult.
  4. Playing a dragonewt would be like playing a character in one of the more cryptic David Lynch productions (Twin Peaks, Inland Empire). You don't know what's going on and your attempts to do things that make sense to you baffle onlookers.
  5. The actual statements about the Telmori and outsiders are: Note what is forbidden is not sex with outsiders but marriage. The death penalty can be considered a Dorastran punishment rather than a Sartarite one (as the latter have a pretty well-known counter-example).
  6. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/demi-vierge The definition may be NFSW so be careful. Arraz is King of the Sky People in Dara Happa. He lives in the star known to others as Dayzatara's Eye. He is generally aloof from humanity to such an extent that the Dara Happans don't bother with him. I don't think Harono is a Husband-Protector of Ernalda. He was recognized as one in the distant past but no longer ever since the Vingkotlings took over.
  7. I had the idea that their motivation was that they were trying to enter the Underworld but were prevented by their immortal natures. They are jealous that humans can die so easily and are intent on keeping them away. They are intent on studying/inverting Malkioni mythology (their invasion of Seshnela was a repeat of the Kachasti Speaking Tour) in an attempt to become more human and die more easily.
  8. I don't think Harono = Yelm. To me, he's more like Arraz or Yelmalio.
  9. My original (1st edition King of Sartar) theory about the Battle of Heroes was that this was *the* final series-ending battle between JarEel and Harrek inserted by error into the saga as referring to some brief first-season clash they had before. It would have taken place when Argrath had left on the Lightbringer Quest and Harrek had briefly become King of Dragon Pass (before departing mysteriously).
  10. You speaking about glorantha in general whereas Jeff was specifically speaking about "RQG terms" (ie the political meaning of Mastery is absent in the RQG scheme of things).
  11. Even though that appears under the Emperor's feet, that's not the Footstool but rather KetEnari with her city-crown. The symbolism is that the Emperor's might rests upon the Cities. The Footstool is shown elsewhere on the wall with the Cosmic Pillar attached.
  12. The timeline is tight. Arkat is supposedly born during the Sunstop and turned over to the Brithini at 13 at which point he's already illuminated. That's 388 ST. At this point in time, the Heortlings are not fully subjugated and a Nysaloran rebellion has just broken out in Maniria. We can assume that Gaalth has reached Seshnela at this time (because he's noted as doing so in the reign of King Gwaloring who died in 390 ST). But crossing the sea to Brithos is markedly different than landward travel among the elves.
  13. Cults of Terror p87, Arkat was illuminated by the Elves of Brithos.
  14. The Red Book of Magic as Stasis Rune Spells: Enchant Ice, Mould Rock, Morale, Mountain Leap, Shape Metal, Support and Warrior of Stone. None of which are apparently associated with Yelm (although there's always Shield). I imagine Stasis Rune magic is a rarity because Rune Magic is a change which is the antithesis of Stasis. For example, the Dwarves who are strong in Stasis now about three spells and have to cough up a POW point every time they cast one. How Yelm (the Dara Happan one) wields Stasis magic (as opposed to how Stasis is important to Yelm) is a good question which I
  15. The Yelm in the rulebook is actually Yu-Kargzant, the Imperial Sun of the Grazers. Yelm properly refers to the Sun God of Dara Happa (the God with Fire, Fire, Stasis and Mastery) who is different in some way I hesitate to describe because it will probably be wrong. Both are sun gods in the way that Kargzant (No Yu-), Elmal and Yelmalio are not. The rulebook even points this out when it says: So while the Grazer Yelm has fewer rune spells than the other great gods, his strength is in access to spirit magics (through Golden Bow).
  16. There's undoubtedly potential for a WandaVision scenario using a Glamour Insula.
  17. Thinking a little bit more on this. It seems to me that Arkat the Savior and Arkat the Loser are the same aspect, both representing the period when Arkat was in the underworld. Like Yelm, Arkat is holding fast to his own truths in the Underworld and is returned to life. If true, this fits Erengazor who is currently suffering defeat after defeat as of 1621 and suggests much worse in in for her (perhaps a Lady Stoneheart figure?). That leaves Foyalfine as the Chaosbane,
  18. Perhaps the original twin founders of the Skanthi were caught by Dorastran magicians and perverted to dominate the Skanthi?
  19. The comic suggests that Harrek is the Destroyer. Which he is. He's just not Arkat the Destroyer.
  20. I'm not so sure Malkion the Sacrifice is canon any more. The myth of his destruction while trying to unite the cosmos is. But since Jeff was making noises not so long ago about the God Learners identifying Malkion as Flesh Man, that kinda makes the notion of a sacrifice untenable. I'm not a great fan of Malkioni Saints being validated through martyrdom. They aren't Christians. Hrestol wasn't martyred for professing his beliefs, he was executed for causing major havoc in Brithos (I've been told that one of his followers killed the reigning Talar of Brithos) and elsewhere
  21. Another question is if Arkat is the Seven-headed God (Guide 376-377) why are there only five Arkats now. Where are the other two? Which of the aspects is missing? I'm not a fan of theories that point to extra-ralian figures as aspects of Arkat. For example the Black Dragon Mountain Pictographs XIII and onwards clearly has "an uzko and four men"* as the Arkats. Harrek is depicted elsewhere and so he is not one of the five, The Arkats set up an uneasy polity ("The Arkats wear a collective crown but fight amongst themselves" Guide p748, "The New Archons had proclaimed the Dark Empire my
  22. Supposedly it was meant to a play on "beg not" as it was to be a place where Arim the Pauper would no longer beg. But I dunno if this was even true or no..
  23. I'm not seeing this. There is mention of they interbreed with merfolk to produce a gilled subtyle (Guide p465) but the Piscoi are not mentioned. There's no mention of an association with Piscoi there. The Malasp were enlisted to destroy the God Learners (Guide p104) but a prior relationship with the Waertagi is not described. If there were significant tensions, then why would the Ludoch chose to leave the Kingdom of Night and ally with the Waertagi?
  24. First Man and Uleria reentering the Cosmic Oneness?
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