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  1. Ahh, okay, my Orlanthi warrior does that all the time 😈
  2. RQ experience occasionally does very weird things, my Issaries merchant who was born in Pavis, had 15% swim when starting, as opposed to everyone else who started with 10%, so when we ran into a situation where someone had to swim, he was it. After finally rolling under 15%, while being dragged out of the water on a rope before drowning several times, he then rolled a 6% increase. Exactly 11 short swims later, he had a Swim of 75% and was averaging 5 on his experience roll. It did come in useful when we ended up in a competition with a Praxian clan at an oasis and I challenged them to a swimming competition!
  3. I think the difference in RQ Glorantha, is that a character who is in this position is going to say "I'm going to head off and do Yelmalio's Golden Bow heroquest" which rewards the quester with improved skill in the bow and even a mean GM is going to let them do that after 6 months, rather than force them to make that roll (which would probably be 4% anyway). I think the Lunars are almost certainly pretty good at fast-tracking through HeroQuests promising candidates to Rune Lord and Rune Priest and I'm sure Argrath learns to do it as well.
  4. The issue here is that a PC has been tainted by Chaos and the rest of the party knows that they have been tainted by Chaos, and the question is "Can we still keep playing this character?" Now, one answer to that is No, you're playing in Sartar, all Sartarites hate and fear Chaos, so the party just kills them outright or the PC commits suicide. Perfectly within canon, but pretty boring unless the player wants a new character and doesn't feel like doing some grimdark anguished roleplaying. But if they do want to do some grimdark anguished stuff and don't want to roll up a new character, then as a GM, the best answer as always is Yes. Once you get to that, then the question is how do we do it? Which is what the OP asked. Now, we know that an Orlanthi all is 85%, so that means there are people who are willing to go beyond that good old Storm Bull maxim of "Any Chaos is All Chaos". So followers of which gods could tolerate a chaos-tainted party member, especially when that person is a friend/ally who hasn't actually done anything wrong (all IMO, of course😞 Eurmal - Hey, sounds like fun! Orlanth - this could be difficult, hopefully he doesn't have a Hate (Chaos) passion, but if Orlanth can tolerate Eurmal, then they can probably come around for a friend who hasn't harmed anyone and of course won't hesitate much to kill him if he shows any signs of chaotic behaviour Ernalda - Is he useful? Can he be controlled? Can we eliminate him if he causes trouble? Can we hide this from the rest of the clan? Yes, to all of that means he can live Humakt - Are they violating anything to do with my Code of Honour? No, then he can live until he does Lhankor Mhy - I'm sure I can come up with a way to cleanse my friend of the taint, lots of interesting things to test on him until I find the cure Issaries - He's my friend, he's helped me lots of times, he's not doing anything wrong at the moment, it's a fair exchange to allow him to live for the moment Chalana Arroy - he's not harming anyone, so let him live Babeester Gor - is her harming the Earth? No, then I'll go with the Ernaldan Storm Bull - He dies, now! Alternative, he fumbles his Sense Chaos role and becomes convinced that his friend isn't tainted. Lunars - Welcome to the club! So, lots of rationales for allowing him to live, all of which will lead to hellish complications and difficulties for the party, sorry, I meant interesting plot developments
  5. Chaos itself is not really a problem for Humakti, the things they do are the problem, so if the character isn't doing those things, a Humakti can probably live with that. Storm Bulls on the other hand are a very different beast, if there is a Storm Bull in the party, then the player is screwed
  6. I agree entirely and I don't think I said anything to the contrary, I think it's much more interesting in the above situation to keep playing the character and have them struggle to control their chaotic desires and being tempted to use the +4D6 to Strength when things are tough but being aware that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and knowing that the rest of the party has their eye on them and only need a small justification to kill them. As I initially said: "Then the desperate struggle not to be caught out as a Chaotic being can begin 😈" but that can be the struggle to not become a Chaotic being. There might even be a kind Lunar who might help them with that struggle - Why must one consider the cheese carefully? The alternative is to just kill them or commit suicide, which as you say is hardly inappropriate as nearly all Orlanthi think Chaos = Evil, but not as much fun for the GM and maybe the player?
  7. I thought we were agreed, that there is no big E evil in Glorantha. Zorak Zorani - mad, bad and dangerous to know and when Chaos comes calling features 1) and 2) become applicable, but otherwise they're really bad neighbours. I guess you could make a case that Tusk Riders and Vadeli are veering in to Big E evil, they seem to have no redeeming or even useful features and can't be negotiated with, but on that basis you would say the same about broos, ogres, vampires, krarshtkids, walktapi etc.
  8. Yes, no Evil as such, but the great majority of beings touched by Chaos are definitely evil and often twisted and perverse. It's clearly very difficult to have the Chaos rune and remain a reasonable sentient being and yes, I agree a lot of Storm Bulls are evil but not Evil, their two redeeming features are 1) they are not as bad as the things they go and fight and 2) they are sort of on our side
  9. "We do this by making our game world the best simulation it can be" I disagree with this, in many cases too much simulation actually detracts from the immersion. One example would be massive info dumps in novels, which while making the reader well-aware of the details of the world, i.e. improving the simulation, yet for most of us end up taking away the immersion. Another would be Monet, if you've seen his paintings and visited his cottage, you know what a wonderful evocation of the gardens comes from his paintings, far superior for me to a photo, but in terms of simulation, not really. Now, everyone has their own scale on this, some people hate simulation with a passion, others adore every last word of the info dump, each to their own! But Jeff doesn't feel that bastard swords fit into Glorantha and neither did Greg, so that means if you end up writing something for Chaosium, don't give the Orlanthi chieftain a bastard sword skill. For all of the rest of us, that just means we add a new sword skill if we want that does 1D10+1 etc. which is a truly tiny YGWV. Now, it would be interesting to see from people who actually know their stuff some info on how to make Glorantha truly Bronze Age as a variant Glorantha for people like Ali who like the Bronze Age thing. What goes, what needs to come in, but it's almost certainly a niche thing.
  10. Give him a Chaos rune, default starting at 5, maybe more if he really played around with the Chaos. If you think he would change personality, then give him a Passion at 60% relevant to the type of Chaos e.g. if it was Ogres, then Love (Murder) or Love (Cannibalism) Then the desperate struggle not to be caught out as a Chaotic being can begin 😈
  11. That bears no relationship to reality - Winter in January/February?? Hello from the Southern Hemisphere 😆
  12. So I've looked but cannot find who the gods are on the cover of the rules. Some are obvious, some I'm guessing, some I have no idea 🙂 Best guess attached:
  13. No one ever gets out of Dorastor 😈
  14. I do have all the Sandheart volumes, but I meant The Coming Storm. But that's a good tip and there was a later version with your family history in it, that wasn't there when I first got it, so happy now 🙂 Thanks
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