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  1. So, while they're a number of women Heroes and Superheroes involved in the Hero Wars (Jar-eel, Kallyr, Gunda, Leika), but who are the Ernaldan Heroes that play a part - Entarios the Supporter? The Feathered Horse Queens - Vistera and Inkarne (Single Matron Woman?). Any ideas?
  2. Thanks Joerg, some neat and evil ideas there 😈
  3. Hi, does anyone know anything about this? It's mentioned in the Sartar Companion and it's one of the versions of Trickster studied at the Trickster College in Slontos before it was destroyed cheers Martin
  4. As a player, I'm finding myself way more likely to use RP than I was ever likely to use my Rune magic in RQ2 OR RQ3, partly because I never made Runepriest/Runelord, and so it was never reusable and partly because my rune spells were far less flexible than RPs. I think RPs are a more fun alternative to single use rune magic
  5. So in RQ2, allied spirits could be disembodied, but in RQG is doesn't seem to be an option, all the examples are embodied. Does this mean that the standard spirit rules don't really apply? I've looked in the preview Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha and it doesn't provide anything more on allied spirits. I think there needs to be a bit more on how allied spirits start out and grow and what they can and can't do in the rules. They are a pretty important thing in the game and in Glorantha when you get to Rune levels, so they need a bit more explication IMO
  6. A few days ago, someone on the Facebook group commented that they found the canon end-stage for Glorantha (as per King of Sartar) to be quite depressing (and I can't really disagree), and they wondered about a positive end and this is what I wrote for a happy ending. The Lunar Empire is cleansed by the White Moonies and Orlanth, Ernalda and the White Moon Goddess end up in a happy threesome, spiced up by Draconic powers and a bit of Chaos, with Harshax as their love-child. Sartar is the priest at the wedding as the players have resurrected Larnst and taken Sartar's unifying peaceful magic
  7. I'd go with Mastery as the Free Will Rune
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