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  1. A few days ago, someone on the Facebook group commented that they found the canon end-stage for Glorantha (as per King of Sartar) to be quite depressing (and I can't really disagree), and they wondered about a positive end and this is what I wrote for a happy ending. The Lunar Empire is cleansed by the White Moonies and Orlanth, Ernalda and the White Moon Goddess end up in a happy threesome, spiced up by Draconic powers and a bit of Chaos, with Harshax as their love-child. Sartar is the priest at the wedding as the players have resurrected Larnst and taken Sartar's unifying peaceful magic and spread it across Genertela with the help of the re-incarnated Pharoah and the Only Old One who have become drinking buddies along with Cragspider. Jar-eel and Annstad live happily ever after. Argrath dies a bitter old drunk in a Kralorelan port talking about he could have been the champion. Harrek is poisoned by Gunda the Guilty as she fell in love with a Holy Country PC who was killed by Harrek. Sheng stays in Hell because the PCs interfere in Argrath's Lightbringer Quest and have him bring back Sartar instead or maybe Harmast. Pavis finally (with the help of PCs) regenerates Prax and the Desert Trackers actually manage to put Genert back together and the Wastes start to come alive again. Elder Sister spends several centuries chasing the Red Emperor across the White Moon and haranguing him about it's all his fault and how he should've listened to her. YGWV (sometimes drastically). I love canon, I love reading about it and I love breaking it and Glorantha has lots of great canon to break. King of Sartar is a tragedy, but your roleplaying campaign doesn't have to end up a tragedy, the PCs can pull out a happy ending at the last minute if they and you want it to happen. Lord of the Rings was about 30 minutes away from a TPK and I'm sure Greg wouldn't mind at all. A while back someone described an amazing campaign where Melo Yelo ended up as the Emperor of Dara Happa, about as far from canon as you can get and it sounded like a very fun campaign.
  2. I'd go with Mastery as the Free Will Rune
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