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  1. Charles

    Ancient West

    I’ve always felt that ‘Giant’ is too descriptive and general and not specific to a single type of being. In my mind, the giants of Disorder are entirely different to Gonn Ort and his ilk. And they are both different types to the ‘Giants’ of the Praxians, which are their reverent name for their Great Spirits / Gods. I’m a killjoy, I know....
  2. I’d guess an ancient agreement. Brithos is not the original homeland of the Brithini but a place of refuge. If the Brithini break the agreement then they start to age. Or worse (whatever that may be for the Brithini).
  3. Charles

    Solar Campaign

    The lineage of Earth goddesses (Asrelia -> Ernalda -> Voria, and their dark sisters) does show signs of being one goddess so vast that people approach the various aspects as if they were entirely separate. However, as worshippers undergo their own transitions, they transfer their initiation without penalty from one to the next.
  4. Charles


    And here it is from Jeff's original FB postings - Belintar took on some of the powers or processes of the OOO.
  5. Charles


    In one publication, can’t remember which, doesn’t Ralzakark opine that it’s not worth becoming a god because of the restrictions of the Compromise?
  6. The community require several of these roles and performances for their ongoing defence and ongoing growth/maintenance, so it can't be disastrous for the individual chosen / volunteering. Any personal consequences will balance (in the long-term and in the average) as a positive for the individual volunteer. Some of the benefits might be the insights gained into the behaviour of the enemies. Maybe the benefits come from the purification? What if the only way to enter the purification is to have become unclean by performing as an enemy? That's not to say that ther
  7. Charles


    Belintar and the Compromise: Heroes that achieve godlike powers are (AFAIK) referred to as Demi-Gods these days, replacing the much abused term Superhero. Belintar and the Red Emperor are quite similar in their manner of maintaining simultaneous godhood and mortal existence (and the last person to refer to this in the court of the Red Emperor disappeared, assumed executed). Other Demi-Gods of the early Hero Wars period include Godunya, Jar-Eel, Cragspider (with her tamed Black Dragon), Harrek (wearing the Polar Bear God skin) and Ralzakark (who may have 'cheated' to get the position by ha
  8. I feel that we have ended up conflating two entirely different topics. This is leading to a certain level of personal criticism in this topic that feels quite off-putting to me, and which likely drives people away from this topic in particular and maybe from the lists entirely. Is it worth it? It is very unlikely that we will change anyone's mind in this debate. Many of us set our opinions a long time ago. I was recently shocked when I read a very old posting of mine (from more than 30 years ago) to find that I had already then come up with a variant Gloranthan idea that I still hold
  9. PS. Some mortals that ascended to godhood may not have died in the process, which might possibly leave them with some agency. The most plausible candidate is Sedenya, perhaps with the aid of Illumination and Chaos. I have my suspicions that Arkat did not die when he gave up his dark empire to ascend. Another lesser possibility is Pavis. Sartar died as part of the process of lighting his flame, and most other ascensions that I can think of too.
  10. I have a variant view of why and how the gods are dependent on mortals. The god exists as an entity with attributes, areas of interests, patterns of behaviour, but without any agency or even will. A god with no worshippers cannot do anything. When mortals use a god's magic, they temporarily manifest and become the god. When they quest in the god's path, they manifest and become the god for longer periods. To achieve this, they must adhere to the attributes, areas of interests and patterns of behaviour of their god. Over time, their community (clan, tribe, kingdom, empire, continent, whate
  11. Start with the story. Then work out the mechanics. Issaries is a Lightbringer and is among the key figures of the Orlanth and Ernalda pantheon, so I can't see fundamental religious opposition among Orlanth initiates to this (but there may well be jealousy at a personal level). Issaries is a talker, newsbringer, negotiator, and storyteller, so cultists may well know more than usual among non-Orlanth initiates of the powers and hints of Orlanth's secrets. On the other hand, they absolutely do not know the secrets of Orlanth or of Orlanth's cults. So I'd suggest that the character can u
  12. I think that there's no edge (or no way to get to the edge). Sramak's River becomes exponentially more violent as characters try to sail further out. Depending on who they are and what they intend, they may find a way to sail up into the Sky world or down into the Underworld. This is likely much easier than trying to survive the torrent.
  13. Tatius is one of the highest priests of Yelm, has the backing of a large proportion of traditionalist Solars', and has sufficient lineage to try for the 10 tests, and is blocked by the Lunars. In Sartar, he found an immense source of power that could not be classified as Theistic, Sorcerous, or Spiritist. So he built his New Model Temple Of The Reaching Moon on it. Taking the Throne was his primary goal. Killing Orlanth and dominating the Orlanthis was a significant secondary goal. Using Chaos was just a means. Many years ago, Nick suggested Darth Vader as a model for Tatius. He could no
  14. Charles

    Spirit world

    I wouldn’t read too much into that as a guide to personal access to ancestor Heroes, as it’s more about the Heortling respect / worship of ancestors as a group or even as embodied tradition. From some of Greg’s stories, anyone that can recite their (believable) ancestry to a Hero can learn to summon / incarnate / use their magic. However, given the disruptions of each Age, I doubt that few in the greater Dragon Pass region (and I mean almost none) can truly recite their ancestry back to the Dawn or before. But some appear to do so. I think that there’s a bit of a trick to it 😀 I
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