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  1. Charles

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    If I remember correctly something @Jeff said a while back, there are some consequences to becoming a demigod. The two that I remember is that the aura becomes visible to all, often/usually as a golden skin, and it becomes increasingly difficult for the demigod to lie and, in particular, they are bound to perform any action that they say they will perform.
  2. Charles

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    And why shouldn’t a really powerful sorcerer become the equivalent of a demigod? Delecti was pretty advanced in the EWF, so likely achieved draconic illumination. Which would mean that he has at least some access to forms of magic other than sorcery.
  3. Charles

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    Delecti’s roles are a completely different topic that is under-explored in my opinion. Delecti has taken the role of Nontraya, but whether this is deliberate or a consequence of his choices is uncertain to me. When I looked at running the campaign of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, it struck me that the women would likely continuously agitate for action against Nontraya/Delecti and this might be a partial explanation for the relative isolation of the Colymar from the rest of Sartar.
  4. Charles

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    Interesting idea. In The Sartar Companion, in the big quest with masks (on a train, no books), the heroes are stuck in a this world quest for long after, until a holy man ritually closes it off. Similarly in Harmastsaga, Harmast is stuck in his initiation quest for long after it should have finished. So the mechanism could be to deliberately make one’s whole existence a HeroQuest, which is pretty much another definition of a demigod. However this is different in my opinion, in that in heroforming, the hero is only in control of a small part of the unified being, the heroformer is in the lead.
  5. Charles

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    None of them are the same as the other examples but there is clearly (to me anyway) some structural similarity, some core principle that they hook onto. What I'm really interested is whether anyone is aware of any further entities beyond Belintar, the Red Emperor, and Great Sister?
  6. In another topic: What demi-gods do this? - Delecti re-incarnates into corpses Are there any more?
  7. Charles

    Questions about the Lunar gods and the first Moonson

    I am skeptical about mapping the Seven Mothers Quest too closely to the LBQ. But I do think that they both tap into an underlying structure that works: six meet (*1); go to the underworld; attract a mysterious seventh to be their wyter (*2); and collectively achieve much more than the sum of their parts. But otherwise their membership, methods and goals are quite different. However, Moonson and Great Sister both appear to tap into a similar structure as Belintar, where the demi-god reincarnates using the body of a powerful worshiper; uses it up and then reincarnates again. No-one would suggest that they are identical. *1 - six to seven seems to be an ideal; LBQs have been performed since Time with other numbers of questers *2 - Ernalda worshipers hint that it was Ernalda that set the whole LBQ up; and then joined as the mysterious Ginna Jar; and then by some sleight of hand became Arachne Solara. Personally, I take that last transition as evidence that some of the priestesses indulge too much in recreational drugs that are sometimes also used for worship and prophecy
  8. Charles

    Questions about the Lunar gods and the first Moonson

    The Lunar myths are 'in-Glorantha'. So be aware that they could be part propaganda. Or even largely propaganda with core truths.
  9. Charles

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Several of mine were suggestions rather than here's something wrong.
  10. Charles

    Mallia before joining the Unholy Trio

    From Storm Tribe, so not necessarily canon. Page 42: Mallia became evil and part or her, now named Pranjala, pulled away and joined Chalana Arroy.
  11. Charles

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 198. "whereby the gods that still were voluntary abdicated their free will within the temporal world rather than lose their All into the maws of nonexistence." were voluntary -> were, voluntarily Page 204. "The world was built by the gods, and they still lived nearby. They no longer walked and lived among men, but they could be sought and found by the devout, and there was great interplay of energies between mortal and deity." Maybe still lived nearby -> still live nearby Page 204. "The followers of the deity were bound to adopt and maintain the attitudes of their immortal source of power, which meant that the deity still exerted influence upon the changing world of men. The cult members carried on proxy wars for their divine lords." maybe - The followers of the deity were bound -> The followers of a deity are bound - which meant that the deity still exerted influence - > which means that the deity still exerts influence - cult members carried on proxy wars -> cult members carry on proxy wars Page 204 "Yelm is the Sun God, son of the Primal Aether and Lord of the Middle Fire. His rival was Orlanth, son of Umath the Primal Storm and King of Storms." His rival was Orlanth -> His rival is Orlanth (or change to "Yelm was" for consistency )
  12. Charles

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 172. Box. Is the Lunar sacred time only 7 days?
  13. Charles

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 49. “Dryads: These tree spirits are very much like the dryads of classical Greek mythology.” - this grates. All the rest of the book is in-Glorantha (that I have seen so far)
  14. Charles

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Page 131. laid greet schemes - greet -> great