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  1. Charles

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    I think that it the 7M goddess quest taps the same underlying truth as the lightbringer quest without directly re-using any of the actual ritual elements. My guess is that it’s something like ‘if you can assemble and bind a team into something like a clan, at least some of whom will risk complete and permanent destruction in proofs of their rights to pass, then there is the possibility of bringing back a world renewing change’
  2. Charles

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    My understanding is that Existence in Glorantha since Time is a balancing act between Stasis and Chaos. Too much Stasis leads to ossification, everything stops. Too much Chaos leads to complete degeneration, everything separated, everything flies apart and there is ultimately nothing. Existence continues and will continue for many Cycles (or Ages) - something like 13 to the power of 13 Ages according to one prophecy that I half recall. The source of Chaos and newness in Glorantha is the Chaosium. I even suspect that the new ideas that arise in each Age originated in the Chaosium - it’s not just the source of Chaotic entities, it’s also the source of small new Creation. I’m not sure of the source of Stasis, though I understand that the Dwarves and Mostali are its agents. I’m not sure if it’s a thing, or a joke, or both: their operations centre is the Lead Zeppelin that they placed at the Zenith in the Sky.
  3. Charles

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    The rise of the Boat Planet is stated (in Gathering Thunder, if I recall) to be the result of multiple quests, across multiple cultures. Likely Harreck, Hoom Jhis, the Cradle, and many more, contributed.
  4. Charles

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    I agree that these were always part of Chaos, but more as a side-effect of other things. After Wakboth took charge, they became the purpose.
  5. Charles

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    There is some suggestion that the Unholy Trio did something that substantially changed some aspects of Chaos. ‘Before’ their ritual, Chaos was Creation and Entropy; Construction and Destruction in equal measures. Chaos did these things because that was their purpose, their quality of existence. ‘Afterwards’, Chaos was led, herded, and bullied by Evil, the Devil, something that chose corruption, pain, horror, and destruction as their goal, not just as a means or even byproduct. And, it seems, that the Compromise locked this behaviour into Glorantha.
  6. Charles

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    Many of the great gods and great spirits are called giants by their worshippers, in particular the Animal Nomads of Prax. It is possible that the war was between one of these groups of ‘giants’ and the dragons.
  7. Charles

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Reading through this and elsewhere, I’m struck by two things: how many of us had deeply personal experiences with Greg; and how he remembered each of us and quite a bit about us and who we knew.
  8. Charles

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My condolences to his family, though what words will make a difference? Greg gave me several of the most important moments of my life. When he asked me to work with him on one of my little corners of Glorantha, when he published the result as a joint article; when I asked him to tell a story from memory and then he thanked me because it worked better than the story he had just read aloud; when I received a authoring credit with him (let’s be honest, mine was a tiny tertiary credit). The hours (days? weeks?) reading his creation of Glorantha. The vast amount of time online reading others’ interpretation of his vision and arguing the details. And the friends that I made around the world due to him bringing us together. Greg, your going leaves a big hole in my world. Safe Travels.
  9. Charles

    Vamargic Eye-necklace and cave trolls

    Generally the sourcebook and the guide override earlier sources. Of course, it’s not impossible there’s a mistake...
  10. Charles

    Esrolia, Grandmothers and Imarja

    I don’t believe that the Grandmothers’ behaviour in Esrolia really has anything to do with Imarja. Ernalda is known for being manipulative. In fact, like Orlanth’s violence, it is not only admired but celebrated among the Orlanthi (Esrolia is still part of Orlanthi culture, even though they reject Orlanth as a ruler). I’ll have to look up the events and dates in E:LoTTG (later) for the exemplar of this. It was only when a Grandmother took her manipulations to such extremes that she started destroying the land, that the Priestesses and Ernalda took action to stop her. Not because of her treatment of her relatives but because she burned the crops and fields and thus rejected an even more core value of Ernalda.
  11. Charles

    Esrolia, Grandmothers and Imarja

    Continuing from where this diverged in another topic
  12. Charles

    About slavery

    I think the discussion has moved so far, it should go into a new topic 😀
  13. Charles

    Distinction between Sartarite Carls and Cottars?

    Cannot? I’m not sure that I can agree. My idea is that the role of a priest is to lead religious ceremonies and rituals of (hopefully) large numbers of worshippers, where the number of worshippers is the key determinant of success. Other factors affect the success but are less important than that number. So a sociable but magically subpar priest that attracts the whole community will be more effective than a strong magician that can only get a few to attend. OK, I get that I’m making an extreme example. And communities will usually balance their concerns and choose someone that is effective in both of these dimensions (and likely many more dimensions) to be their priest. In Orlanthi religion, only a very few worship only their initiated deity and never any other. ‘Everyone’ sacrifices to and worships Ernalda and Orlanth regularly, even if initiated to, say, Lankhor Mhy, and during the Sacred Time ceremonies and rituals, there is worship and sacrifice to all the major deities and everyone takes part to ensure the world continues. Of course, there are the unresheathed Humakti, “but anyway they’re already dead”, and maybe one or two disciples (using a Hero Wars term) or other weirdos who do not take part, “but they are our weirdos”. So most clan level priests will find themselves leading important events where there is no initiate of the relevant deity present. And this is completely normal and usual.
  14. Charles

    Distinction between Sartarite Carls and Cottars?

    Agreed. I'm home now and can check maps Greenstone is a temple on Malani lands. Having said that, there is the possibility that the Malaini are the clients of the temple rather than the other way around So basically no truly independent temple with a large priesthood in Sartar...
  15. Charles

    Distinction between Sartarite Carls and Cottars?

    Do you mean the Clearwine and the Colymar? I immediately eliminated that, but didn’t remember or have the time to look up Greenstone. On the other hand, I’m moderately sure that Old Wind is independent