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    I discovered Glorantha when I was 17. I'm 41 and I still love this setting. I played a lot of different RPG over the years, but I've never stopped GMing in Glorantha.
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    I don't actually play in Glorantha and I regret it. In my gaming group a friend currently run a D&D5 (yurk!) and a Star Wars campaign.
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    Cogl├Ęs, France
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    Some Day, I will run a new game in Glorantha...

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  1. It works fine with chrome.
  2. I hope you will excuse my poor english, I never speak or write that language. We use foundry vtt and roll20 with my gaming group. Since there is no rqg system for foundry and I have no coding skills, I will run a Glorantha campaign with Fate Core. It had me work a bit to adapt the rules to Glorantha and I'm not entirely satisfied yet. And I mostly play rpgs with good vtt integration with my friends. Currently, warhammer and d5 and I'll perhaps join a degenesis campaign with foundry. It would be great if Chaosium found a way to permit fan communities to implement basic systems on othe
  3. Hello, I need to know what are the runes for Ygg, one of my pc wants to create an Yggite character. Is the cult description in HQ1 still valid? And does anyone know what other cults can be found on the Ygg Islands?
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