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    I don't believe there were constant thunderstorms, just constant battering winds that just stop at the interface, as the currents of air will converge and get compressed together, so wind speeds will increase the closer you get to the boundary. Gloranthan physics isn't the same as terrestrial physics, but thunderstorms need warm air to rise and cool, and that isn't what is happening, though it might in places as cold and warm air mixes; instead the winds aren't rising up, they just vanish.
  2. Thank you. Before I started, I was a little cool on the West, but the further you dig the more interesting it becomes. Be warned that whilst it is based on canon, some old (some very old) material was used, though that is often flagged in some way, and the rest was... made up. Thank you. I am very surprised.
  3. They aren't canonical...
  4. Now up for sale. Men of the West The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period. Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict. This volume is a companion to The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass. Many mercenaries and adventurers from the West have been drawn to the conflict in Dragon Pass. Their homelands of Seshnela, Fronela, and Ralios are also fighting their own Hero W
  5. Am going to put in an order for preview hardcopies in an hour or so. And ordered. With the index, it works out at 182 pages plus covers. Tomorrow I will create the PDF for DriveThruRPG.
  6. Star Trek, the Original Series, was an extended Malkioni heroquest, led by the Talar Kirk, wearing gold, his zzaburi wizard Spock, wearing blue, and numerous red-shirted horali...
  7. Tar seems to mean high, so Tarumath is 'High Storm'; Tarsh probably means the 'Heights'. Tars elsewhere, such as Seshnela seem to come from another language family, probably Pralori.
  8. Just starting the third pass of proofreading.
  9. Well, Esrolia is almost an anagram of Israel, just an extra 'o'.
  10. Initial mock-up of front cover. Font isn't the one I will use. This is very plain compared with other JC publications.
  11. There are also the egi who contribute to the persona of the Red Emperor. I'm afraid that I suspect that -i, -ia and also -ling are terrestrial translations of a Gloranthan term.
  12. One thing very apparent in Glorantha, is that despite the numerous variations in languages, there are often prefixes and suffixes that seem very old, and very common. The most obvious are -ela, meaning 'land of', -os, meaning 'island/coast', -egi, meaning 'people/people of'. There are a few others. Several ancient names, Entruli, Enerali, Enjoreli, include what looks to be an en- prefix, but I cannot fathom any meaning. Are there more?
  13. Latest. Not sure about the 'magic effect.' May rework. And I did... This is the final sketch for my current project unless chapters grow during the second pass of proofreading, so it may be the final one, as I don't have any other projects planned.
  14. Thank you. Trying to show that 1st Age Orlanthi weren't the same as those of the 3rd Age. Wanted to show both a level of sophistication and less developed armor.
  15. Thank you for the comments. Now about half way through the first pass through of proofreading, and realised I needed an illustration... (I had unashamedly used an existing piece from Armies & Enemies but realised it didn't fit.)
  16. Well, the shaman has been reworked today, the formatting altered to make everything fit, an index generated, so here it is, sans front and back cover. Now just to get approval and do another round of proofreading. There are other things I could have sketched, but I don't want this to turn into a monster like Armies and Enemies, and I am presently out of material/ideas for more text. Not certain what my next project will be - there's insufficient seed material for a similar book on the east of Genertela.
  17. Latest. Needs a little more work... May be room for one more... Hmm, the sketch does need a few changes but... it is also larger than anticipated as it drives the chapter over another page, so I am going to have to eject something else. Maybe I should remove the horns from the headdress...
  18. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-canon/
  19. Latest. Latest estimate: one more for Ralios. Possibly a few fillers, but most chapters are now full (the Ralios one is as well, but there are five pages without an illustration).
  20. Latest. Current estimate: two or three more needed for Ralios; one for Seshnela.
  21. Another Loskalmi Guardian with another variant of armor. Wanted to to show at least two variants, as ancient armies (even the Roman) weren't uniform in equipment or appearance. After adding this to the document, and the inevitable adjusting of existing maps and sketches - with this the Fronela chapter is complete.
  22. Assessing the chapters: Introduction – complete Cataphracti – complete Swords of the West – complete Western Magic – complete People of the West – complete Seshnela – needs more: one or two sketches Fronela – sketch in progress; will need another Ralios – sketch planned; may need another two Slontos – complete Appendices - complete At present I have drawn 63 new illustrations, and five maps. Present page count: 166.
  23. M Helsdon


    The destruction when Slonta 'turned over' would have left most Zistorite relics buried and/or drowned, though the few survivors who fled to what is Ramalia might have taken things with them, and some things might have been cached and forgotten. Ramalia would be a very challenging and dangerous region for any treasure hunting. Most of the ruins where things might have been found will be buried under strata of mud and rock, and most will be underwater. The movement was very important, responsible for various war machines, including the Bronze Turtle Galleys, that were used in the MSE's
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