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  1. I don't believe the photograph was of an actress - and I have altered the nose and lips... and the shape of the face reflects what I drew, not the face I took the nose and lips from. Today: mount inked, scanned, and shaded. More shading done this this was posted, as my desktop screen gives better resolution than the laptop so I am able to smooth the shading.
  2. Thank you - but I'm more a mechanic - you are an artist. This sketch includes a cheat, only used a few times... Couldn't get the face to work until I used a photograph, tweaked, to get the mouth and nose right (read an article by a professional digital artist a while ago, where they described merging photographs into their work). Only resorted to that three or four times before... These sketches each take a day to three days of spare time: drawn with a fine pen on shiny paper (discovered it was possible to rub out the 'permanent' ink on the surface), then scanned, contrast and bright
  3. No. No. What these comments highlight, and I am not the only person receiving them, if that the expectations of fantasy artwork are now very high. If you look at games back in the 70s and 80s even professional games often had very different art in both quality and quantity to what is the norm today.
  4. Yes, though there are indications it was only used as parade armor. I gather that a number of JC contributors have received similar comments. Thanks. It happens - comments on layout, artwork etc. I have made some changes to the Snake horali, adding more shading to the face and evening out some of the other shading. This afternoon have roughed out a Safelstran mercenary cataphract (though the horse is only partially armored).
  5. Latest. Second attempt and I am not satisfied with it. A comment that has appeared several times on Armies & Enemies is that the art isn't up to Chaosium's standard, but I'm an amateur, and if I don't draw the sketches, there won't be any illustrations; this is making me very conscious of flaws.
  6. The southern fringes of Fronela, in the forests and foothills of the mountains. This hunter-warrior is wearing winter garb. His throwing spears have flaked stone heads; his other spear is bronze, either obtained in trade, or more likely as plunder.
  7. I am unashamedly using the cavalry pictures twice - once as full-sized illustrations, and once to illustrate the evolution of the Western cataphract. At least two more to do...
  8. Just roughing out the next two. Lion and Snake War Societies. The Lion should be on a horse, but these mounted sketches take up a lot of space (an infantry figure takes a day or two to finish; a cavalry figure two to four days... I am using pen and ink, and then making digital changes, mainly for skin tones). Am deliberating whether to give the Snake soldier crocodile armor, as I believe they are found in the Lower Tanier River.
  9. The bronze cuirass, scale skirt and lamellar limb armor is all derived from sources plus or minus two centuries of 0 AD, though some details may be later, with some added fantasy. The horse armor is bronze for the chamfron and criniere, and the barding is lacquered cuir boilli plates on a leather backing. Whilst this noble has a lance, cataphracts go back a long way. Most of the other cataphracts I have drawn are wearing face masks which are distinctly Persian, but for this one I decided he should be bare faced, as lions rarely loose arrows.
  10. One of my Western sketches in The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass sequel. This noble is equipped for lion hunting.
  11. Yes, in part. I always study canonical art and attempt to include aspects of it. In this case, the armor I drew is only partly Central Asian in character, as it mixes a bronze cuirass, scale skirt, and lamellar manica and leg armor (I used Jeff's Seshnelan art direction, which the artist above deviated from to use entirely Central Asian style armor - I have copy of a book where the cavalryman appears, in almost exactly the same pose he used, the only obvious difference being the crest he gave the horse...) One thing I wanted to make obvious in this case, is that although the rider is a No
  12. With straps to the belt. Sadly not very apparent at this resolution. Will see if I can enhance. No. That area is in shadow, so it isn't feasible to adjust it.
  13. Latest. He is, of course, Seshnelan.
  14. Not at all. For some reason I have written holari instead of horali almost all the way through...
  15. Sigh. Yes, it is wrong.
  16. It's based on the art direction Jeff gave an artist for a piece of artwork for the Guide which resulted in this outline. I have a copy of the reference piece. However, I made the sword smaller, instead of the ancient Indian-style two handed sword in the reference.
  17. Yes, they have hoplite phalanxes, both Dara Happan, and Lunar, and some of the Provincial armies include Yelmalion phalangite phalanxes. The Lunar army is very diverse, much like the Achaemenid (which often also included phalanxes of mercenary hoplites) or the Seulucids. There are numerous different types of troops in the Lunar Army: Lion Men, Bison riding Yelmalions, numerous other types of infantry and cavalry) [And whilst it is non-canonical, you, shameless plug, find The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass of interest.]
  18. There are no obvious inconsistencies there. Their history seems to be that before Time 'they' stole secrets from the dwarves, who later destroyed their 'empire' - which was probably fairly small - causing them to become nomadic smiths. Tastolar may be their long-lost homeland. Three-Eyes Piku was, perhaps a particularly powerful TEB sorcerer, sufficiently powerful to become a demigod and bind the dwarves of Kitor. There are many groups of TEB, most nomadic, and it seems likely that some added themselves to the train of Syranthir's army of Ten Thousand, providing their skills to the sol
  19. A wizard will probably perform sorcery for the other castes, but as only talars and zzaburi are literate (with a few exceptions, especially Readers taught to read appropriate extracts for their caste), but it is very unlikely that Workers or Soldiers will cast sorcery themselves. Instead, they may utilize magics derived from spirits and (say it quietly) gods. In Seshnela the holari of the War Societies probably obtain magics from their totem Beast, and Workers from the pagan cults of the land; so long as these don't do anything non-caste specific, the Rokari will probably, mostly, turn a blind
  20. Yes. It proved difficult to describe warfare in the West without going into its history. Most of the 'historical' sketches illustrate not only chapters but an assessment of the evolution of the cataphract.
  21. Reworked (and minis of all done so far).
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