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  1. Hmm, looking though the lists of deities of the Orlanthi pantheon, and enemy deities of the Orlanthi pantheon in 'King of Sartar' there's: Aldrya, Arache Solara, Asrelia, Babeester Gor, Brastalos, Chalana Arroy, Eneria, Ernalda, Esra, Esrola, Ginna Jar (?), Glorantha, Grandmother Mortal, Huraya, Inora, Iphara, Kal, Lady of the Wild/Verala, Mahome, Mallia, Maran Gor, Pelora, Ty Kora Tek, Uleria, Vinga, Voria; Artia, Deloradella, Ithas, Kyger Litor, Mallia, Rausa, Shepelkirt (the Red Goddess), Sinjota, Thed.
  2. Bear in mind that I used the pronunciation guides in Cults of Terror, Trollpak and the Prosopaedia in ‘Gods of Glorantha’ to create that list, and the information may no longer be valid. I would also suggest that the pronunciations given are valid only in a particular region - perhaps Dragon Pass, as even within the Theyalan languages there will be variations and different dialects.
  3. Word versions of the three documents now exist, derived in part from OCR scanned versions...
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