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  1. Oh, I know. 😀 The BRP forums are one of the most welcoming forums I've participated in. Some here may remember the flame wars on the Ars Magica Berkeley mailing list or RPG.net in the early 2000s. I don't know what was in the water back then.... 😋
  2. I know, but they were inexpensive (US$4.99 for a pack of two). They can also work for my western frontier games.
  3. These miniatures are from WizKids unpainted line of figures for (mostly) D&D games, but I think they're perfectly usable for Glorantha. Especially for Rune spells such as Summon Cult Spirit (RQG p. 342). Air Cult Spirits. I used real leaves cut to size and glued them on the miniatures for added effect. Sealed with clear matte spray. Hopefully the matte spray will prevent the leaves from decomposing further. Also, I didn't use the small black bases that were included in the package and replaced the bases with clear ones. That way you can put an air spirit on a clear "flight" base to show that it's hovering above the ground (see second image below). Here are WizKids' medium earth elementals, which can be used for Gloranthan Earth Spirits. These WizKids' Oxen can be used for Sartar cattle. And here's a Reaper Miniatures pack mule that's always useful for adventurers.
  4. Another from MadKnight's Broo Warband, Kickstarter "Enemies of Sartar."
  5. Here are the two Rock Lizards from Infinity Engine's Adversaries set. And the Dream Weft. I attempted to make it appear that blue-white light was emanating from between the wraps under the hood and from the open sleeves of the figure. It didn't turn out as I intended however.
  6. Here are a few more figures that I've completed. Here's a Great Troll from Infinity Engine's RuneQuest Sampler Set. There's a very faint Man rune on the shield. "Claw" with necklace of severed hands, and Big Rhino from MadKnight's Broo Pack. I still have a few more of the Broo Pack to paint.
  7. @Dissolv Your painting skills are superb!
  8. Thanks, @pachristian I have some bison from Iron Wind Metals that I'm in the process of painting, but they're just standing still. I like the Acheson Creations bison's pose and will be getting some of those. I've also been on the hunt for zebras. Thanks for sharing!
  9. That's good to know that the Egyptian mythology line is 28mm and it's probably true that the Amazons are at the same scale. I sent a message to Crocodile Games via their "Contact Us" web form and I'll let you know their answer when I receive it. I'd like to get their official word on the miniatures' scale.
  10. Thanks for sharing again, @Sir_Godspeed. I've bookmarked the link. I like the Crocodile Games Amazon Outriders and Raiders. I ordered Amazons from Bad Squid, but could use some mounted infantry. Do you know if the Crocodile Games miniatures are 28mm or 30mm?
  11. I used Zap A Gap Glue (super glue) to attach the metal figures to plastic bases. After I ran out of that glue I used The Army Painter Super Glue and it's working fine. Citadel has a super glue too and it probably works just as well. The key is to file or cut the uneven metal so that it's flat and can be adhered to the plastic base. I bought these round bases that I use for larger figures, but I'm old school and prefer hex bases. Unfortunately I don't know of any manufacturers that make hex bases larger than 25mm.
  12. You and I both @lordabdul . I placed a Lance & Laser order for a large quantity of figures a few weeks ago when their (Glorantha) miniature line reappeared. I just got an email this morning that my order was updated to "Shipped" !!! @Dissolv You may need to resize your images to a smaller file size. I suspect that may be the issue since I'm not seeing your uploaded images either. I had to resize my images from 4MB down to around 30KB. They turned out fine for screen viewing. I may have overexposed some of the pictures, but that's the photographer in me nitpicking my ownself.
  13. I could see a potential Godtime mythic explanation for an upward flowing river. Player characters could go on a Heroquest to make sure that the river continues to flow upward against the onslaught of Chaos which is trying to reverse the river's direction.
  14. Here are a couple Trolls from MadKnight.
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