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  1. Thanks for your thoughts and the details that I haven't looked up on the product page about the figures being mounted on 25mm bases. I think that you're judgement is probably right and I'd never say you or anyone else is wrong with using whatever miniature figures you want to use for YOUR Glorantha game. I'll probably seek out a set of these GW Kharadron Overlords the next time I stop in my FLGS that stocks GW figures and models. It will just add more to the growing pile of figures I currently have on my backlog of miniatures to paint. But there are worse fates to have in this world than
  2. The standard size for minis have been increasing in the last decade. I like the 28mm size, but it looks as if more and more manufacturers are going toward 32mm. With regard to the GW Warhammer line -- are these Kharadron Overlords true to the 28mm base scale or are they closer to 32mm? I like the look of them and agree that they could be used as Gloranthan Iron Mostali.
  3. Pledged! I've gotten further behind in my minis painting due to switching jobs three times in the last year and having to spend more hours learning the new responsibilities. But, I'm excited that MadKnight is still producing figures and I'll continue to support them. I'm finally going to paint some figures tonight after months long hiatus. I'm glad he's doing some Ducks this time and cavalry too. That wyvern looks awesome!
  4. I'm interested in helping out and have sent an email. I'm the content administrator for Project: Redcap so have experience with content creation and management.
  5. It's not the official Terra Map, but there's an image of the Théah continent in the virtual backgrounds download page.
  6. That's the way I understand how to roleplay villains from my read of the rules as written. I've not actually played 7th Sea (yet!), but I'd run it that way at first and see how it plays out. Then if it doesn't work well at the table using RAW then I'd make adjustments with house rules.
  7. This Kickstarter for Pig Orc miniatures isn't Gloranthan, but I like the old school look of the figures. It's how I've always envisioned Orcs. Maybe one day the company will consider doing a set of authentic Dog-Lizard Kobolds. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boxturtlereb/28mm-old-school-pig-orcs-by-the-legendary-kev-adams
  8. @Sir_Godspeed Thanks for sharing the links to the Mierce Miniatures that could work for Glorantha species. I love the Scorpionman!
  9. MadKnight has launched a new Kickstarter project to fund additional Glorantha miniatures!
  10. @Dissolv Beautiful miniatures, as always. I love the Prax tribes on the march and especially the High Llamas! I picked up a couple of the High Llamas and have applied primer, but haven't had a chance to paint them yet. I've been busy with the day job for a few months and haven't devoted any time to painting miniatures. I plan to spend some time painting this weekend since we're expecting rain and it will be a good time to stay in and work on my Glorantha figures. On another note -- Today's Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA features the Crimson Bat!
  11. My next step in "campaigning" RQG with my gaming group is to run The Broken Tower with interested players. I'll permit players to create characters, as I did with my family when I ran The Broken Tower (see my prior post in this discussion thread), or they can play one of the pre-generated characters. I originally scheduled to run The Broken Tower at this year's DragonCon convention, but since it's essentially canceled (there are some online events happening), I can focus my energy on my regular gaming group. My hope is that after experiencing RQG through this quick start adventure some of the
  12. @jajagappa Thank you for compiling and sharing these notes. I don't use FB so it's very much appreciated!
  13. I think it's great when family games together. This first session I GMed was with my sons. Did you run a published adventure, or create one of your own? How many players did you have? - - - - I'm not a experienced Runequest GM, but I started playing RPGs in the early 80s and have GMed a wide variety of games since then. I'm used to large groups of players. During the 90s I had a regular weekly gaming group which consisted of 7-9 consistent players, and on occasion when we one of us visitors from out of town we could go up one or two more players. I recall one session with a tot
  14. @Dissolv I'm glad you like the runes. They're not easy to do, and with my aging eyes I have to use a large magnifying lamp to assist with painting. I also use the Citadel painting handle which helps tremendously with steadying a figure and keeping hand muscles relaxed. I'm probably good for a few more years unless arthritis sets in.... My basing is not specific to the Big Rubble, but I am looking forward having the Runequest Glorantha game I just started with my sons to eventually go there. They're in the area around Clearwine Fort right now since I just ran them through the Broken Tower
  15. Here's my pic dump of recent completions. The first two are the front and back of the Lance and Laser Hero Wars figures for Lunar Warband #2, Yanafil Tarnils Warrior (note the red skin), and Lunar Officer. Pics 3 & 4 are the different sides of the Lance and Laser Hero Wars Babeester Gor Axe Maiden, Bad Squiddo Miniatures Hera Amazon Champion, and a Wizkids Unpainted miniature for a Female Human Sorcerer (IIRC) that I made into an Ernalda Earth Priestess complete with bodice allowing breasts to be exposed. Pic 5 has two Lance and Laser Hero Wars figures of Minaryth Purple
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