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  1. I got my large order of Infinity Engine miniatures, which also included the Dragonnewts from the kickstarter, and I'm totally loving them. These are some hella sculpts! Bravo to Richard and company for producing a fine series of Glorantha miniatures.
  2. I got my order of Morokanths and many more Rapier miniatures (it was more economical to place an oder for multiple miniatures due to international postage) and I'm extremely happy with all of the figures. The sculpts are marvelous! I'm now saving up for an order of the Scorpionmen and others.
  3. @Guthroth I too have been building up my collection of Glorantha miniatures, albeit not necessarily for skirmish games, but for Runequest roleplaying. Here's a link to the Glorantha Miniatures thread where we've been adding links to many different collections of minis. Some are not licensed Glorantha miniatures, but they are Bronze Age (Ancient) lines that would work well for Lunar armies. Check out the discussion thread.
  4. I purchased a pack of Oxen miniatures (2) from the WizKids Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniatures line that could work The Broken Tower Runequest Glorantha QuickStart adventure. I should probably pick up a couple more packs of Oxen that can be used with any other encounters with Praxian Tribes. A few bison would be useful too. I need to get me a few of the War Llamas.
  5. @g33k I don't know about distribution agents, but the U.S.-based retailer Noble Knight Games has a very large mail-order operation and may be interested in bulk orders. It might be worth us contacting them so they know we're interested. They've always been open to customer requests for new products.
  6. There are lots of great suggestions in this thread for miniatures that can be used for Glorantha. Keep 'em coming!
  7. @BalazarLightson Thanks for the narrative hook suggestions for players that will use their own characters rather than the pre-gens. @Erdrix Maybe assistance with any upcoming adventures that the PCs will go on into Snake Pipe Hollow, or some of the adventures in the Game Master Pack. @
  8. @seneschal I like those ducks more than the 15mm ones.
  9. Thanks for sharing @JDM I'll take a look at them. The Trojan civilians look like they could work as Esrolian citizens. Enticing! @Helliwell I sent reply message to your response on the Infinity-Engine form with details of what I'd like to order for the miniatures and the Strike Rank Tracker additional player sets.
  10. I have a similar project @Cultist of Sooty to build up a set of Glorantha miniatures for my upcoming RQG campaign. The links provided are very helpful. It's unfortunate that there are very few female character miniatures, and especially any that could resemble Gloranthan cultures such Sartarites, Praxians, and especially Esrolians. I'd love to find some miniatures to represent the urban locales of Esrolia or Lunar Tarsh. Perhaps the current Runequest miniature licensee holders would be interested in producing more female Gloranthan characters, with a priority on the Esrolians and Lunar Tarshites.
  11. @BalazarLightson Thanks for sharing your experience with running The Broken Tower. I too plan to proceed to the scenarios in the GM kit once the group has completed The Broken Tower, and determine who liked RQG and is committed to playing in an ongoing campaign.
  12. Thank you, both for replying to this thread. I suspected that the website contact form may not be operating as Issaries intended, and I'm thankful for @David Scott for mentioning nudging you on this discussion forum. I look forward to hearing from you @Helliwell
  13. Thanks @David Scott I'll contact @Helliwell or @Stormwalker this weekend if I've not heard back from the email that was sent via the contact form. I planning to purchase the Strike Rank Tracker with a few extra player sets since I plan on having up to 10 players. The Rune Biscuits look great and I'm planning to purchase a set of the Ivory ones since they look better than the biscuit ones. Maybe the biscuit ones could be stained with a red dot in the middle to make them look like Gloranthan Jammie Dodgers! 😀 Thanks for the Lunars and Sartarite miniature suggestions from @SDLeary & @BWP And, @Estarriol I'm looking forward to receiving the current figures and will be ordering the new ones you develop.
  14. Is there an update on the production of these Gloranthan coins?
  15. Yes, thanks Chaosium. Let's see more of Andrey Fetisov's art showcased in upcoming RQ publications! And I too would like to see his illustrations rendered in 28mm miniatures.
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