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  1. I think it's great when family games together. This first session I GMed was with my sons. Did you run a published adventure, or create one of your own? How many players did you have? - - - - I'm not a experienced Runequest GM, but I started playing RPGs in the early 80s and have GMed a wide variety of games since then. I'm used to large groups of players. During the 90s I had a regular weekly gaming group which consisted of 7-9 consistent players, and on occasion when we one of us visitors from out of town we could go up one or two more players. I recall one session with a total of 12 players (including GM). And during that time I ran an AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun campaign every other Friday for a year and a half. Dark Sun is a complex setting to game master since it includes psionics along with the standard D&D combat options - magic spells, priestly spells, melee, missile combat. I do have interest from a couple new players for a RQG campaign and hope to get at least 2-3 more from my current gaming group. I may open it up to others to fill in group.
  2. @Dissolv I'm glad you like the runes. They're not easy to do, and with my aging eyes I have to use a large magnifying lamp to assist with painting. I also use the Citadel painting handle which helps tremendously with steadying a figure and keeping hand muscles relaxed. I'm probably good for a few more years unless arthritis sets in.... My basing is not specific to the Big Rubble, but I am looking forward having the Runequest Glorantha game I just started with my sons to eventually go there. They're in the area around Clearwine Fort right now since I just ran them through the Broken Tower quick start adventure. I agree, the Lance and Laser figures are still some of the best around, whether it's their Hero Wars line, or others. @Sir_Godspeed I like the thumbs up "Fonzie" Broo too. All he needs is a motorbike! I believe he's supposed to be holding the pike with the impaled human victim figure that was a part of Mad Knight's Broo pack. I'll get a photo of "Fonzie" with the impaled victim uploaded to the thread.
  3. Here's my pic dump of recent completions. The first two are the front and back of the Lance and Laser Hero Wars figures for Lunar Warband #2, Yanafil Tarnils Warrior (note the red skin), and Lunar Officer. Pics 3 & 4 are the different sides of the Lance and Laser Hero Wars Babeester Gor Axe Maiden, Bad Squiddo Miniatures Hera Amazon Champion, and a Wizkids Unpainted miniature for a Female Human Sorcerer (IIRC) that I made into an Ernalda Earth Priestess complete with bodice allowing breasts to be exposed. Pic 5 has two Lance and Laser Hero Wars figures of Minaryth Purple and an Orlanthi Priest. Pics 6 & 7 show one of the Mad Knight Broo pack with some Wizkids Unpainted wild boars that could be used as juvenile Glorantha Tusks.
  4. Beautiful paint on your figures @Dissolv The white shields on the Sun Dome Templars do shine brightly. The werewolf, spirit wolf, and jack-o-bear are excellent! I like the Yanafil Tarnils incarnation. Both it and the large Orlanth one are nice figures and fit in quite well for Glorantha.
  5. We started the game and it was extremely fun. We made a few mistakes during combats, such as allowing more actions (mis-calculated strike ranks to reload a self bow, for instance) or allowing mixed actions (magical and melee attacks) in the same round, but we fixed it along the way. We're not new to RPGs, but just new to Runequest. We played through The Broken Tower quick start and made it last 4 game sessions! Mainly because we only played 1.5 to 2 hours each night, and also because I extended the encounter with Carthalo and interspersed bits of Glorantha mythology and the Runes during his frantic and mad dialog with the PCs. The first session was also used so that I could add in details about the tribal and clan structure of Orlanthi/Sartarite society. This really helped to set the mood with my players. I played an NPC which I created during our character creation session, but didn't provide too much in the way of hints during the sessions. This allowed my teenaged sons to do all of the roleplaying. THE BROKEN TOWER Quick Start scenario SPOILER AHEAD.... (Highlight quote to see the white text) I've purchased the Pegasus Plateau and will probably look at those adventures next. I've not started reading any of them yet. I also have the Game Master Pack, and while I like the scenarios, I think that the Apple Lane one (which reminds me of a Gloranthan Seven Samurai) will be overpowering for 2-3 PCs. I may use that one if we have some other players join us via a Virtual Table Top (VTT). I've proposed it to my regular gaming group (we've switched some of our games to online) and two out of 8 have expressed interest in RQG. I may start a discussion thread asking for tips on running RQG via a VTT. I'm thrilled that I'm finally playing/running Runequest, a game I've wanted to play for decades! My goal would be to have a group of 8-9 players in an ongoing campaign; maybe 5-6 regular players and a few others that are able to make it irregularly.
  6. I've looked at Victrix's "Warriors of Carthage" set at a FLGS and have considered purchasing it. I may at some point, but I have such a large backlog of figures to assemble and paint that it may be a while before I make that purchase. I do have Victrix's Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry set and will eventually use the set for Glorantha figures. I just started a "quarantine-enforced" RQG game this week with two family members that is going very well. One day was for character creation. And we played through two sessions of The Broken Tower quick start. We're taking our time and adding in more details during the sessions, such as the encounter with Carthalo, where he enlightened the PCs about the cosmology of Glorantha in his mad and haphazard way while also adding in clues and details pertinent to the scenario. We're continuing tonight.
  7. @Dissolv I LOVE your Orlanth! The Beryl and Quartz Phalanxes look great too. Are these Hoplite miniatures from the Victrix ancients line, or another manufacturer?
  8. I'm happy to report that two members of my family and I did a two and a half hour Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha character creation session yesterday. I'm running The Broken Tower quick start scenario tonight. Since there's only three of us, I'll be playing an NPC from the character created yesterday. Back to the topic of this thread, "first impressions." The two players loved the depth of the RQG character creation process and were amazed that Starting characters had lots of powerful abilities (Rune magic, Passions, Spirit Magic, skills) that 1st level D&D characters don't have Everyone is able to use magic, unlike D&D classes Characters fit into a society - a family, a clan, a tribe, a cult, with runic and god associations that bring meaning to their lives. They're not "murder hoboes" like in D&D. They're excited about starting the game tonight.
  9. I'd love to read the Beaumains issues too. Please consider putting PDFs up on DriveThruRPG.
  10. Has anyone purchased miniatures from Tabletop Art? I just found their set of Giant Boars and think they would work very well for Tusk Riders.
  11. @Dissolv Thank you for the praise on the Walktapus conversion. The two figures by themselves were unremarkable when I saw them in a local game store, especially the D&D Stone Giant. I knew I could do something interesting with it and then saw the giant octopus... The colors I chose may not be "Chaos" (initial thoughts are black), but in my Glorantha I tend to choose unusual or garish colors for chaos beasts such as spots of hot pink. Chaos works that way, you know. I'd love to see your GW Beastmen and Scorpionmen conversions. Please share photos. I thought the photos of the ancients battle may have been set in Glorantha because of the photos with the earthen ramp and advancing battalion. When I saw the earthen ramp in one picture near the wall and then adjacent to the wall in the next picture I thought a Rune Lord was invoking Ernalda to build a ramp during the battle. I love the detailed explanations of the Runegate scenario and the other one with your Glorantha campaign players engaged in a miniatures battle along with their characters. This goes back to the early Arneson and Gygax days of our hobby.
  12. @Dissolv Those pics of the massive Gloranthan Hero's Wars miniatures battle are awesome! Please provide more as you play out the battles. Is the earthen ramp that the advancing arming using to advance toward the wall being magically created during the battle? Please describe more about the scenario and what's happening.
  13. Ok, here's the large figure in the background of the pics in the previous post. I took a Stone Giant from the Wizkids D&D miniatures line, cut the head off and replaced it with the Wizkids Giant Octopus, thereby making my Gloranthan version of a Walktapus. Here are the two figures, unpainted. Stone Giant's beheaded body. Instead of gluing the Octopus on the Stone Giant body I used a piece of wire so that I could place the Octopus head on it by drilling a small hole on the underside of the Octopus. It makes it easy to store and transport to game nights. Here are a couple pics of the final figure from different angles. And with two-headed, vine-infested Broo for scale. Close up of the head. I did use glow a few layers of semi-transparent glow-in-the-dark paint on the suction cups. The effect is faint, but still pretty cool. I've not been able to get a good photo of it though.
  14. Slowly continuing to paint Glorantha miniatures. Here are a few recent ones I've completed. Another Broo from MadKnight's Broo Pack. This is the two-headed one with the flowery vines growing out of his body. Infinity-Engine's Rock Mostali from the RuneQuest Sampler Set. I tried to paint the "skin" (or is it more properly called a "crust") in metallic green with white highlights to make it look like his crust is Malachite. This is a Human Female Sorcerer from the Wizkids Pathfinder Deep Cuts Unpainted line. It contained two figures of the same sorcerer. I posted a picture of the other figure up-thread. I thought this figure could be used as a Rune Priestess of Ernalda.
  15. I wasn't aware of the health issues that have affected Rapier Miniatures. I send good vibes toward his health. I last ordered figures from him about a year ago. Shipping was expensive since I'm in the U.S., so it was a large order and included some of his excellent Morokanths, Scorpion Men, Minotaurs, and Ducks. They're still in my backlog of figures to be painted, but I'll get to them eventually.
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