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  1. Actually Loz describes their operation as a two man show, not me... I actually think RQ6 is by a siginificant margin the best fantasy tabletop RPG that tackles realism that there is, and I have the greatest respect for those who crafted it, and their creative output going forwards. But that isn't the point. On that second and related point, a common core system would have meant far more time to dedicate to alternate world and genres, rather than all the reinventing of the slightly different wheels all trying to do the same thing that is going to happen. Regardless of how many people
  2. There is nothing natural about it, excepting that those most invested and interested in Glorantha as THE home of RuneQuest have gone about having their cake by taking it away to some extent from everyone else. There is no common sense reason to confine a system so brilliantly capable of running any type of game to just one game world. There was every reason to make the core of RQ6 the engine of the game and then add Glorantha in all it's glory to it in a way which didn't choke off development or conversion of other worlds etc. Anyway, I think I've made my point. I am just so very dis
  3. Of course, but DM is a two-man team and as the RQ6 system won't effectively replace the dated BRP, the proliferation of genres and campaign worlds I had hoped to see firmly coupled to this excellent system will now not happen. There will be a trickle from DM and a melange of not-quite compatible material old and new serving various needs without a common core. It's a terrible shame, and a missed opportunity of significant proportions as I see it. I have spoken to one of the lucky 100 who got AiG, and they think it's a very fine piece of work. There was no reason whatsoever not to rew
  4. Ridiculous decision making. If you want to expand the fans and users of the RQ system you make a generic set of base rules - a non-specific set based on the superior RQ6 chassis, and then release significant and weighty genre and campaign world expansions to suit everyone's tastes. You don't recouple it to ONE campaign world and abandon all those who love the system but don't play in Glorantha. This is backwards thinking at it's most myopic by fans of Glorantha, not clear sighted fans of the SYSTEM. I have played every iteration of RQ and like to Homebrew. I enjoyed Glorant
  5. Very interested to know when this will be out, and most specifically, what form it will take. Is it going to be a standalone complete set of rules or a supplement for RuneQuest 6 in it's current form?
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