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    I began role-playing with the Games Workshop edition of RUNEQUEST in 1982. I was a BRP evangelist - boring everyone I met about the virtues of the system! Back in the day, I also played Stormbringer, Traveller, Tunnels and Trolls, and (some) AD&D amongst many others.

    I also ran a Postal Game using RQ rules (1984-85) set in my home-brew world-setting of Enerara. There was also a fanzine I ran as part of the PBM - THE NATIONAL KOBOLD.

    In 2010, I reunited with The Armchair Adventurers, to play Masks of Nyarlathotep.

    Now, we produce The GROGNARD RPG Files Podcast - talking bobbins about Table Top RPGs from back in the day.
  • Current games
    Presently running an adaptation of the Colymar Campaign (HQ) using the Runequest 6 rules.

    Just completed BORDERLANDS using Runequest 2nd edition rules.

    Currently a player character in FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH.

    Refereeing an online game of TRAVELLER
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    Bolton, UK
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    I'm the host of The GROGNARD RPG files. A podcast that looks at RPGs from 'back in the day'. Each episode concentrates on the original rules of a featured game, our experiences of playing the game, a review of five of the most significant supplements, PLUS excellent contributions from @dailydwarf selecting highlights from the halcyon days of White Dwarf magazine.

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  1. "Then the Earth grew old, its landscapes mellowing and showing signs of age, its ways becoming whimsical and strange in the manner of a man in his last years ..." Hawkmoon RPG GROGPOD is here with Loz Whitaker https://thegrognardfiles.com/2020/06/27/episode-39-hawkmoon-rpg-with-laurence-whitaker/?fbclid=IwAR3Jvl6dEqKStEdViyGTbbFiusZt6M0a-yMehAOcR9pNDYAQAHGSC-ACxUI
  2. Hi All I GM’d a version of The Fang and The Fountain from The Perils of The Young Kingdoms for the good folk of Red Moon Role Playing. Extra - Stormbringer Actual Play (with Red Moon Role-playing) It was an intense experience! Hope you enjoy it. Dirk
  3. Hi All The third episode of The GROGNARD files featuring RuneQuest has just been published - featuring an interview with MOB! INTRO: Three years of GROGPODing and Forty Years of RuneQuest seems like a great point in time to revisit the game that we played the most back in the day. RQ3 contributed to us stopping playing, so this is a chance to revisit the game and see what happened when we stopped playing. The sound is a bit haywire on this podcast, hope it doesn’t spoil things too much. OPENBOX: Chaosium’s Vice President tells the stories of his formative years in role-playing
  4. The second part of the GROGPOD featuring Mike Mason is now available. He chats about D&D, almost Traveller and the new Masks of Nyarlathotep. There's also a feature about the scenarios that appeared in White Dwarf and our review of the 7th edition. You'll find it here: https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/11/22/episode-16-part-2-more-call-of-cthulhu-with-mike-mason/
  5. In the latest The GROGNARD files podcast, Mike Mason shares his experiences from his formative years of role-playing and how his fascination with horror, drew him towards Call of Cthulhu. INTRO 00.00.16We are returning to one of our favourite games, Call of Cthulhu, to consider what has changed for the game over the past 2 years, since the last episode.OPEN BOX (with Mike Mason) 06.00At the time of recording, Mike had just returned from his trip to NECRONOMICON and was fresh with the news of the great success for Call of Cthulhu at GENCON.ED’S BRAND NEW SHED 50.00Ed is the first of us to hit
  6. For most of my teenage years I wondered through the harsh hills of Dragon Pass, toured the steppes of Prax and settled on the banks of the Zola Fel. These great landscapes of imagination populated by a richly described weird creatures and people is the place I love to return to with my friends thirty odd years later. Your Glorantha will vary; ours definitely does. Dirk, the Armchair Adventurers
  7. Hi All My group, The Armchair Adventurers, played The Broken Tower on Tuesday at our FLGS. We had cranked up the MGF in a thrilling, tense three hours, which was a chance to showcase of the new features of the game. I'm with RuneBlogger, given the quality of this scenario, I'm really looking forward to the new supporting material. In the meantime, the play report is at theGROGNARDfiles.com Thanks Dirk the Dice
  8. Hi The second part of the podcast on RuneQuest, featuring Rick Meints, is now available: https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/02/15/episode-part2-more-runequest-rpg-with-rick-meints/ There's no Mythras content this time, but you can get details of the Luther Arkwright adventure I'm running at Convergence. I will be using the pre-gens and adventure The Fire Opal of Set (from Imagine #14). There are still places available if you can make Stockport (UK) on the parallel 18.03.17 On another note ... The RPG Academy are looking for a Mythras GM. I ran RuneQuest 2nd edition versi
  9. Hi The second part of the RuneQuest episode is now available. This time we roll on a Plunder Table to explore Rick's high Treasure Factor as he relates stories of his adventures back in the day. We also review our experiences of playing Borderlands - our RPG 'foundational document' https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/02/15/episode-part2-more-runequest-rpg-with-rick-meints/ Thanks Dirk
  10. Hi All I've just posted a RuneQuest Podcast to theGROGNARDfiles.com which features an interview with Rick Meints, president of Chaosium talking about how he started in RPGs and how his love of playing developed into running the company. There's also coverage of the RuneRites department in White Dwarf and an examination of the rules of Mythras. In the next part I'll be selecting 5 items from Rick's collection he played back in the day to discuss his experiences. I'll also be looking at Borderlands, which we played twice, 33 years apart. In other RuneQuest news, I also appear
  11. Great to hear that the podcast inspired the face-lift. It's been great hearing from people who are discovering STORMBRINGER for the first time by listening. I've been surprised by the number of people who are not familiar with Moorcock. Revisiting the game and discovering some of the great scenarios for the first time (The Black Sword is fantastic) as made me want to play the game again on a regular basis. It's good to know that there are still people keeping the flame alive!
  12. Part 2 of the Podcast is now available on iTunes and at http://armchairadventurerblog.com In this episode, we look at some of the classic supplements for the game - including the brilliant Black Sword by Ken Rolston. Hope that you enjoy it! Dirk
  13. Hi I've published the Twitter conversation that I had with Ken St Andre here: http://armchairadventurerblog.com/2016/02/25/stormbringer-in-discussion-with-ken-st-andre/ There's also extra information from Steve Perrin and Rick Meints. Thanks Dirk
  14. Hi All I have published a Podcast today that you may find interesting. http://wp.me/p4DjgL-83 OR https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-grognard-files/id1028591522?mt=2 It features a potted history of Stormbringer, my personal experience of playing, how White Dwarf in the UK covered the game and an analysis of some of the rules. Hope you enjoy it and listen to some of the other episodes. Thanks Dirk
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