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  1. Hi All 

    The third episode of The GROGNARD files featuring RuneQuest has just been published - featuring an interview with MOB!

    INTRO: Three years of GROGPODing and Forty Years of RuneQuest seems like a great point in time to revisit the game that we played the most back in the day. RQ3 contributed to us stopping playing, so this is a chance to revisit the game and see what happened when we stopped playing. The sound is a bit haywire on this podcast, hope it doesn’t spoil things too much.

    OPENBOX: Chaosium’s Vice President tells the stories of his formative years in role-playing and how RuneQuest in Glorantha was so important to him. He was instrumental in keeping the flame alive as a fan as he wrote and developed Sun County, the first RuneQuest supplement produced for 8 years, following Avalon Hill acquiring the game in 1984. He wrote a report in the early nineties for The Tales of the Reaching Moon explaining how the game could be revived.  This is a great chat about the nineties renaissance.

    THE WHITE DWARF: A survey of RQ3 as it appeared (and disappeared) from White Dwarf, written by the wonderful @dailydwarf

    JUDGE BLYTHY RULES! Dirk and Blythy pick over the bones of RQ3 and there’s a monster quiz!

    OUTRO: Check out the RuneQuest Actual Play with The Smart Party   . If you’d like the GROGZINE 19 and The Collected Daily Dwarf Vol 3 and Judge Blythy’s Book of Judgments — then please chuck us a tip in the beret and join the Patreon campaign

    Part 2 will be out late August/ early September.

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  2. In the latest The GROGNARD files podcast, Mike Mason shares his experiences from his formative years of role-playing and how his fascination with horror, drew him towards Call of Cthulhu.
    INTRO 00.00.16
    We are returning to one of our favourite games, Call of Cthulhu, to consider what has changed for the game over the past 2 years, since the last episode.
    OPEN BOX (with Mike Mason) 06.00
    At the time of recording, Mike had just returned from his trip to NECRONOMICON and was fresh with the news of the great success for Call of Cthulhu at GENCON.
    Ed is the first of us to hit 50 and his family have treated him to a brand-new metal shed. He talks us through his Fungi From Yuggoth scrapbook. You can get Mutable Deception from Drive Thru RPG.
    We’re on a Jolly Boys outing – this is the player reflections on playing the Fungi … campaign

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  3. Hi

    The second part of the RuneQuest episode is now available. This time we roll on a Plunder Table to explore Rick's high Treasure Factor as he relates stories of his adventures back in the day.

    We also review our experiences of playing Borderlands - our RPG 'foundational document'




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  4. Hi All

    I've just posted a RuneQuest Podcast to theGROGNARDfiles.com which features an interview with Rick Meints, president of Chaosium talking about how he started in RPGs and how his love of playing developed into running the company.

    There's also coverage of the RuneRites department in White Dwarf and an examination of the rules of Mythras.

    In the next part I'll be selecting 5 items from Rick's collection he played back in the day to discuss his experiences. I'll also be looking at Borderlands, which we played twice, 33 years apart.

    In other RuneQuest news, I also appeared on the Dissecting Worlds Podcast and ran an actual play of Gringle's Pawnshop for the RPG Academy, as part of their 'Trial' Series (coming soon - you can see a recording of the Twitch broadcast on their YouTube channel).


    Dirk the Dice


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  5. Great to hear that the podcast inspired the face-lift. It's been great hearing from people who are discovering STORMBRINGER for the first time by listening. I've been surprised by the number of people who are not familiar with Moorcock. 

    Revisiting the game and discovering some of the great scenarios for the first time (The Black Sword is fantastic) as made me want to play the game again on a regular basis.

    It's good to know that there are still people keeping the flame alive!

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