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  1. Bohemond

    Chalana Arroy's Mirror

    It sounds as if Great Ungaron is the demon in question. It let them pass "for her sake", which suggests to me that her Mirror in some way enabled her to convert the demon from foe to friend. That very much sounds like Harmony magic, such as Reassure Stranger. In some way, the Mirror showed Ungaron that it and Chalana Arroy were the same, wanted the same thing, or suffered in the same way. Perhaps Ungaron is a manifestation of the world's pain, and by showing it that she felt that pain, she showed it that they were friends.
  2. Bohemond

    Urox and Lunars

    David, many thanks! I had missed the section in P:GTA. That is basically what I needed. When my Uroxi skulked around the 7 Mothers Temple in Swenstown, I told he 'felt itchy', which seemed like reasonable temporizing as I figured things out. And it works well enough.
  3. Bohemond

    Day's Rest

    David, speaking of your Prax book, any word on when that might see publication? Asking for a friend...
  4. Bohemond

    Urox and Lunars

    Uroxi can sense chaos, and have magic against chaos. So how does this apply to Lunar deities? Most Lunars are not, obviously, tainted by chaos. The major Lunar cult strictures heavily discourage using chaotic magic. But that connection to chaos is still there. The Lunar cults are sort of chaos-adjacent--they have the ability to convert a rune into chaos, after all. So what does an Uroxi sense around Lunar holy places and artifacts? Do they feel chaotic? One reason I'm asking is my players are in a situation where they're trying to steal a relic of Yara Aranis from a Lunar temple. I need to figure out what my Uroxi player senses and how applicable his Eternal Battle rune might be toward the cults he's encountering.
  5. Bohemond

    Treasures of Rainbow Mounds

    Those seem like perfectly good ideas to me. Those items have always struck me as something that was put in more for flavor than for meaning, and I don't think anything canonical has been done with them since Apple Lane was published, so your guess is as good as anyone else's. You have an interesting dichotomy of Light Earth (the statue) and Dark Earth (the rod) there. Perhaps you could build a scenario when an Ernaldan is being called by both the Light and the Dark side of the Earth, and the choice she makes about which item to bring back determines which direction her soul takes.
  6. Bohemond

    Hunting on a heroquest

    Yeah, I agree with Soltkass. If you really want something to come back from the quest, bring it back, even if it involves bending the rules. It's clear that entities can come back, and some entities need bodies, so it's not unreasonable that a strange animal could come back. Perhaps it's giant on the Other Side but merely large on this side. Or maybe it comes through as a spirit but wakes/resurrects/summons a relative/descendant in this world. If it makes for a better story to have an animal come back, have the animal come back.
  7. Bohemond

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    I'm actually not interested in the rules. I'm wondering what sorts of things people have come for that situation.
  8. Bohemond

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    My Ernaldan PC decided last night that she wanted to become a devotee of Orane. It was a bit spur of the moment, so I hadn't prepared anything. The rules say that the PC has to overcome a Plot Obstacle. So I ruled that she had to decorate herself as Orane and then go out and gather the components of her Necklace of Enlivenment from members of the community. If I'd have had a bit more lead-in I could have developed it into a more elaborate scene, but it worked well enough. I'm wondering what sort of Plot Obstacles people have come up with for devotees of various cults? Just curiosity, mostly, but also looking for ideas for when other PCs devote to gods.
  9. That's...not where I had expected Genertela to wind up.
  10. Bohemond

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    This makes Rinliddi avilry make more sense.
  11. Bohemond

    What's the effect of obsidian in Glorantha?

    Obsidian is associated with Lodril, isn't it? He built the Tower of Black Glass on the Shadow Plateau for Argan Argar. It's also probably associated with other volcanic deities, like Vestkarthen and Caladra and Aurelion. So it might be useful for fire magics.
  12. Bohemond

    What Were Stafford's Main Influences on Glorantha?

    I'd argue that Robert Graves' White Goddess played a role too--the whole Triple Goddess thing.
  13. Bohemond

    Ernalda's Law

    Although there are various degrees of marriage, I don't think a marriage contract could include a provision for one side or the other being unfaithful. Instead, there are rules about the duration of the marriage--a day, a year, or indefinite duration. But there are definitely ritual exemptions of various kinds.
  14. Bohemond

    Ernalda's Law

    I'm wondering about how Ernalda's Law operates. I don't think much has been written about it (unless I've missed something, which is certainly possible). Babeester Gor exists to enforce this law and avenge its violations, and from her cult write-up in Sartar Companion we know that kin-slaying, violating oaths sworn to Ernalda, and harming temples and priestesses of the Earth are violations of the law, and it seems that violence against women is also in many cases against this law. It also seems that matters related to marriage are under her law--adultery is a violation of her law in most cases. It seems that Ernalda's law demands violent vengeance for kinslaying. The relatives of Babeester Gor's victims cannot demand compensation for her killings. That suggests that it's a more primal law than Orlanth's law, which offers compensation as an alternative for vengeance. It also seems that Ernalda's law focuses primarily on blood relationships over affinal relationships like marriage--your relatives are the people descended from your mother and grandmother much more than the family you marry into. Do we know anything more about this? Is there an Ernaldan equivalent to the Orlanthi lawspeaker, or are priestesses effectively the Ernaldan lawspeakers? Can an Ernaldan priestess issue a ruling about whether the killing of a woman was justified? Would such a ruling bind a Babeester Gori to not avenge the victim?
  15. Take a look at this gloriously crazy 19th century Japanese textbook on American history. There is something profoundly Gloranthan about it. George Washington and his patron goddess America! Benjamin Franklin carrying a cannon! John Adams fighting not one but two evil giant snakes! Adams making a deal with a mountain spirit in order to gain the aid of a giant eagle! Here's the full Twitter thread