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  1. Christoph Kohring

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Good catch! Thank you very much, Harald! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_the_Wild_Things_Are
  2. Christoph Kohring

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    Neat. That's also how I saw it at first, but not anymore. Breakout abilities are never "at the same rating as their" keyword because they are always higher, they are not "independent" & they cannot be "augmented" by their keywords. For me "[a]ll Humakti have the specific ability of Sword Fighting at least at the same rating as their Death Rune" means that you can not improve your Death Rune before you have improved your Sword Fighting ability. My take on it is this: • Initiates of Humakt get the Sword Fighting ability at a rating of 1W during initiation. • Their Death Rune rating cannot be raised higher than their Sword Fighting rating. (Thus initiation during play with, say, Death Rune at 3W means it can not be improved until Sword Fighting has reached at least 4W.) • The Sword Fighting ability can be used for all kind of fighting with swords (duh!): sword & shield, two-handed sword, two swords, knife, dagger, etc... Getting an ability at 1W for free just because you initiate to Humakt is already a tremendous "gift" but getting the same ability at the same rating as the Death Rune would simply be overkill (!) now wouldn't it?!? Let's consider Joe Min-max* the Sword of Humakt beginning character: Death Rune 11W (1W + 10) Devotee of Humakt Sword God Feat +1 Sword Fighting +3 (+2) or Sword Fighting 13W (11W +2) Unspent Additional Abilities: 5 Ability Points: 0 Hero Points: 3 A bit hard to swallow for anyone -players or GM- isn't it?!! * Of the famous Max-imin family (see what I did here?!! 😜 )
  3. Christoph Kohring

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    Rules, @Martin, mechanics, specifically for HQ... This is not the Glorantha part of the forum here! What's your take on this wee lil' paragraph on p. 170 of S:KoH & p. 165. of HQ:G, mmmh?
  4. Christoph Kohring

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    For those who didn't see the beginning of the discussion, here it is!
  5. Christoph Kohring

    Down to our last stocks of HQ (2nd Ed)

    This is my last order from Chaosium. The Red Cow volume II was out now so that I redeemed my coupons for the PDF of both volumes & got both hardcopies tpgether. It was also a good time to buy the slipcase for TGtG to put my Moon Design Publications books in a Chaosium "box". CoC for noobs à la Dr. Seuss sounded fun, so what the heck I took it. And I also bought a copy of the Crucible Seven second printing of HQ:CR even though I already own a copy of the first edition first printing. Why you might ask? Because it is such a bloody good book & it is a bloody shame that it is going out of print without ever getting any errata as well as any revised printing & I "needed" a spare!
  6. Christoph Kohring

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    "Orlanthi All" wazzat? Sure ain't canon (anymore)... Besides, we're talking Humakt here who isn't exclusively "Orlanthi" & for whom things are definite, precise & clear-cut (pun intended). 😎 Kidding aside, as we all (sic) know, what this shows is a bit sad. It's summer 2018 & there still isn't any errata for either S:KoH (2009) or HQ:G (2015) & the Humakti Swordfighting ability is just one example among others. Hell, HQ:CR (2009) -that oh so tight, crisp & lovely document- is going out-of-print just as we are talking & never got any errata or revised printing. Erratas & typo fixing are part of quality control, customer care & plain good manners (!?) but have never been a forte of Moon Design Publications to say the least. Let's cross fingers (a Humakti gesture?!?) things might improve with nuChaosium... (By the way, "one in seven" ? Isn't that a bloody Lunar thing?!!)
  7. Christoph Kohring

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    ... but of course, because "[all] Humakti have the Specific ability of Sword Fighting at least at the same rating as their Death Rune [...]" (S:KoH p. 170 & HQ:G p. 165) she's got Swordfighting 6W, now doesn't she? The only question is if she gets it for "free" !
  8. Christoph Kohring

    The Coming Storm - rules errata thread

    Hey, it's your book! Stasis is out for religious reasons. Movement would be lame. Disorder, Illusion & Truth don't fit. Death would be ironic & Life a bit too much, so yes that leaves Harmony as a Power Rune. Maybe it's Broddi who should have Life instead of Harmony?!?
  9. Christoph Kohring

    Plant Rune in Sartar?

    Very! After all, it is not as if Sartar were devoid of vegetation now, right?!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist... ) To come back to your character, as Ian said, according to the published cults that we have as of right now, he could become an initiate of Argan Argar & with some nifty Breakout Ability from the Plant Rune & maybe also from the Life Rune would be all set for a life of unorthodoxy.
  10. Christoph Kohring

    The Coming Storm - rules errata thread

    Considering that Red Cow's Broddi Strong-Kin already has Air/ Harmony/ Mastery, why not make war clan Gwandor/ Jotoring/ Two-Pines chief Kulbrast Offirson Air/ Life/ Mastery instead?!?
  11. Christoph Kohring

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    RQ6.5, between RQ6 & RQVII?!! ?
  12. Christoph Kohring

    Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    Lack of money?!? Lack of time (CoC7 QS, RQII, RQVII, etc... )?!? Lack of interest (in HQ... cos' RQVII, D&D:G [aka 13thAiG], CoC, KoK, etc... )?!? The recycled artwork from Moon Design/ HeroQuest publications is indeed disappointing, but the life of a Glorantha fan has been filled with so many disappointments already that who really cares, right?!! ?
  13. Christoph Kohring

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

  14. Christoph Kohring

    New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    ´Cause... White Bear & Red Moon!
  15. Christoph Kohring

    Non-humans in HeroQuest: Glorantha

    You've been errated! ?