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  1. All your questions & more have been gloriously answered long ago in part 48 of the (Argrath the) Gwandor Saga!
  2. Yeah, just like "fighting fire with fire!"
  3. Klosters! (Sorry, couldn't resist... )
  4. ... yeah, Maboder annihilation ! Apparently, 1602 (Fall of Sartar)-1655 (Moonfall) with a lot of details -season by season- between 1625-1628, less between 1629-1655 (yearly basis) & even less for the recent past, 1602-1624, but still more than we've ever had!?! Quite a tantalizing program... wait & see.
  5. ... he was murdered by Humakti assassins in 1624 shortly before the Dragonrise.
  6. You got that right, @Steve! @Newt Newport's Glorantha Aventures: New Beginnings, Issue 1 (2001) is indeed a scenario for HQ:CR (2009) & as we all know & as Newt repeats on p. 7: NPCs do not have any stats in HQ2 (HQ:CR/ HQ:G)! But the indomitable @soltakss also has an answer for this one!
  7. The Chaosium's own John Wick has some very nice things to say about game balance as well, but the short of it is: "In a roleplaying game, game balance does not matter. Let me say that again: In a roleplaying game, game balance does not matter. What matters is spotlight. Making sure each player feels their character had a significant role in the story. They had their moment in the spotlight. Or, they helped someone else have their significant moment in the spotlight."
  8. We've known for some time now that YGWV also means Your Game Will Vary, but I guess it also means Your Gini (coefficient) Will Vary!
  9. I thought just like you, but now @Jeff has released a sketch of Jonstown for a forthcoming product & it includes a temple to Yelmalio. He has also hinted that each major city of Sartar has got one.
  10. There is no better canonical source. We will have to wait until the release of the Grand RuneQuest Campaign to know more, I guess. In the mean time, you can see how the Battle of Queens played in Martin Laurie's magnificent Hero Wars/ HeroQuest Gwandor Saga's episode 55 here.
  11. Oooooh, I like it! I will have to Google Cult as I am dimly aware of it. Else, Blades in the Dark... of the Moon!?! Lovely but no, no, no: 1625! Think Red Army units stranded in Sartar after the Dragonrise! Escape from, say, Apple Lane: in his last dying breath Tatius the Not-So-Bright-Anymore asked Etyries, messenger to the Goddess to send in the clear to all units the following cryptic message: "“Good Luck. You’re on your own now.”
  12. A short time ago on Facebook @Ian Cooper wrote something that might be worth preserving & commenting here as well (also for those who are not on FB): I don't know how & when YGMV came up, but I always detested it. I don't remember it coming from Greg himself, by the way. For me, it was always WILL & not MAY... as in Your Glorantha Will Inevitably Vary & Cannot Do Otherwise (YGWIVACDO)! Anyway, Ian really nails it & says it very, very, very nicely.
  13. Sadly we can't ask the Arkati-Shaman-Trickster himself anymore. 😥
  14. By all means, yes! Rubble Runners & Ravines, as well!?!? Moonbusters! Price of Freedom: Roleplaying in Occupied Dragon Pass! Empire: The Masquerade! Ars Runica! Man, Myth & Magic: Glorantha! King Argrath Dragonlord (KAD) RPG! Prince Argrath: The Storytelling Game! Elf, Troll, Dwarf & DragonewtQuest! RunePunk: 1620! Shadowrune! Middle Air Role Playing (MARP)! The One Rune!
  15. Barbarians of Lemuria: Glorantha (BoL:G) a game (BoL) that screams Glorantha to me & that is very HeroQuestish... but not quite: it still has attributes (4), combat skills (4) & specific rules, "hit points" (called Lifeblood there, much more evocative!) & damage. The only question that remains is how to adapt (HQ:CR/ HQ:G) magic to it. (Everywhen RPG is generic BoL because the rules are so good, so light & so much fun... a bit like the forthcoming HQ:RoG [HeroQuest: Roleplaying oustide Glorantha] aka QuestWorlds. BoL is such a good game design that its first editions were published for free online & that the fans later convinced its author to publish it professionaly at cost! Check it out, it's amazing.)
  16. HQ with which you can -at long last & since 2009- play with Greg Stafford's Runes... all the Runes! HQ: the one, true RuneQuest!?! Joking aside, which scenario will it be, I wonder... @Ian Cooper 's Wyrmghost Ruins scenario or the Assasination of Temertain or another one by somebody else?!?
  17. There already was a PenDragonPass once & now there is D&D:G (AKA 13thA:G), so how about 7Sea:G?!? GURPS:G? FATE:G? BoL:G?!? Everywhen:G? PbtA:G? D6:G? Etc, etc, etc... Let a thousand Glorantha games & RPG systems bloom, sez I!
  18. @Jeff wrote elsewhere: In conversation with Jeff (first time IRL!) at Les Hydriades convention here in the land of the Switzers this spring, he also said that the GAC/ RQ Campaign Book would also go backwards to -or even begin in- 1602, Uther Pendragon-style.
  19. In the mean-time we can all (re)read what a genius gamemaster, Martin Laurie, did with only KoS as a source because that was indeed a grand & magnificent Argath (the Gwandorling!) campaign: http://www.celtic-webs.com/glorantha/campaigns/gwandor/gwandor.html
  20. Except for mentioning their three (or more) Runes, there are no NPC stats in HQ:CR/ HQ:G & that's the beauty of it!
  21. Yes, there will be a GAC (1602 [!]-1655) & no, it's not just "rumour & speculation" as @Jeff is working on it. If we get it in 2021 we should be happy & if it's next year, we should be overjoyed, now, shouldn't we?!! Here is what @Jason Durall recently wrote on the RQ Facebook page: André Jarosch added: And @Jason Durall impishly replied:
  22. Hic sunt grognardi in the original Dara Happan!
  23. The short answer is -hopefully- yes, no & yes!?! Let's just hope that it will eventually get published... & for HQ:G! It might unfortunately very well be absorbed in the RQ:RiG so-called "RuneQuest Campaign" aka "Grand Argrath Campaign" project which should cover the time between 1602 & 1655 (Fall of the Red Moon).
  24. @lawrence.whitaker what more do you say?!?
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