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    Proud roleplayer for the past 17 years!

    Played: AD&D 2e, HârnMaster, Top Secret, Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, RQ3, Trinity, Star Wars D6, Heavy Gear

    GMed: AD&D 2e, Elric!, Shadowrun, Vampire, Mage, MRQ Elric of Melniboné, Cthulhu Dark Ages
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    Blood and Souls for Lord Arioch!
  1. Oh yeah, print is the only way! I'll have none of that "keyboard-and-pixel" stuff, no thanks! I'd rather boast of a cringing bookshelf than a full desktop. I'll even buy books just for the sake of having them just in case, although I won't necessarily play all of them (I'm looking at you, Ron Edward's Sorcerer!) Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone, I found out about this web site through the Mongoose forums. I am very pleased to join especially since I plan on getting the new big BRP book from Chaosium. I am an avid pen-and-paper gamer (it's the only way to do it! :thumb:) and I am always eager to try out new games. It should also be obvious that I am a big Elric fan! (Although I find the other Moorcock series very good, I always go back to the Young Kingdoms.) Feel free to write to me!
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