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  1. alter

    Gencon update.

    I think that the whole Horrors of War kickstarter is a disaster. Mr. Glancy for his own good should give everyone refunds. Not talk about it either. Only give back money. Then maybe when everything is done, send it to Chaosium or to ARC Dream. Either Way it is a shame that I WW is only depicted in No man's land. We shod have more little scenarios or just events for one player. It would be some cool background their first brush with Mythos, a good Way to run something when everyone cannot make it to the table.
  2. https://m.twitch.tv/deltagreenrpg/profile Here You got latest news from A-cell!
  3. Next scenario in that book is my personal favorite! Waiting for Hurricane by Matthew Sanderson!
  4. Sorry for the delay in answering Your call @davewire Couple of thing You may use in Your “The Black Dossier” : https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/downloads/ - on the bottom of this page You got Essex County Autopsy Report Blank - a very cool handout. Also on this page: https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/downloads/downloads-dateline-lovecraft/ - big gazette with multiple articles that can be used as hooks for adventures. Also from this page: https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/support/support-mutable-deceptions-1-jazz-age-newspapers/ - You can create any art
  5. Very cool! Later I will send You something!
  6. This is perfect as Delta Green op.
  7. Sadly I encountered it after I run Murder as a starting adventure for my Pulp Egypt campaign. You may ask why? Because I needed to move one character from NY to Cairo. Cannot for the world remember who was the dame in distress, but I make her the daughter of NY mayor. After rescuing her and leveling the whole block of buildings, the mayor said only that if lonely hero stays in NY, he will wreak vengeance upon him. So using the character from free Pulp Cthulhu adventure Midnight Mascarade (You can find it on this very forum in Cult of Chaos section) - a chap who is in Department 17 (I think), w
  8. There was on this forum a document expanding Murder... You should check it out.
  9. I was waiting for Your game report @Loïc. This is another diffrent kind of flavor of pulp adventure. Astounding Adventures... I have only one complaint. There are only three scenarios in the book, one another free scenario - Murder in the floodlights (on the net) and nothing more. No campaign, no scenario book. Shame. I know, that inside there is adventure generator, but couple of scenarios in a Book form would be greate!
  10. Noble Knight? Maybe there it will be with more normal price?
  11. Midsomer? That English TV series. It should be helpfull. Another thing is Bumbs in the Night by Pagan Publishing.
  12. Do not forget about much lamented Miskatonic River Press!
  13. I don't know about such early editions. Then? Maybe Games Workshop? Triad?
  14. Seth mentions Stygian Fox also, others are Golden Goblin Press, Sentinel Hill to name just a few and more actual. On Cthulhu Wiki You should find more.
  15. Glad You like this adventure! You are right, that this is a different flavor of Pulp genre, but also enjoyable as the Peril of Sumatra. Maybe we think that the pulp genre is jungle and temples because of Indiana Jones film? They are first what comes to mind when You say pulp. The last scenario in Astounding Adventures book is also different from predecessors, quite good too. As for rules variation, You should definitely check out Pulp Cthulhu rulebook, even if You do not want to run Cthulhuesque adventures, but what @MikeM does is brilliant! Why use Action Points, when You can use Your l
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