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  1. Inside the Keepers screen is a booklet with rules of 7th Ed. This is what we talking about.
  2. There is something like that in Keeper's Screen I think. You ahould check this out.
  3. 7th is good as any other edition. But if You like shiny books, and actual support this is edition for You! Look at this beatifull tomes of dark knowledge! Now in technicolor! Muahaha! And Pulp Ctulhu! This is another topic! I remember when they first anounce this book. Feeling old now... Buuu...
  4. Tell me have you seen the Yellow Sign? By K.Ross!
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  6. Random scenario generator and mook system is pretty cool I think.
  7. Hello Everyone! I've just finish playing in my first randomly generated scenario from this book. I've got little question: Is there anything other then "main book"? Character sheet, other adventures? I know that now Pulp Ctulhu is out, but I'm thinking something GOO free. Thanks for the answers!
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  9. More like cz, sz, rz, dz! Wszelkiego powodzenia i szczęścia!
  10. On You can find fully translated Polish character sheet! Thanks to Badger, Dean and Mike for making this happend! If somebody is interested!
  11. Quake I soundtrack. After all Sandy was involved in creating this game. Also very dark and ambient. Heretic 2 soundtrack is also good.
  12. First years of Delta Green. This time is very interesting... Fill us in, as You go one with Your campaigne.
  13. I'm waiting too! And when You say about Doom! Och! And maybe Quake I?
  14. Hello everyone! First post here. So You can try use one of the scenarios from Mythos Expeditions, (Pelgrane Press), especially for Anthropology Doctor. Or maybe for entire group. There is nothing more connecting people than good Expedition!