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  1. There are some d20 stats and on the back one or two chapters about d20 NPCs and conversions notes. I think that's it.
  2. John Hook have another four scenarios for one Keeper and one Player under His belt. But sadly they were part of Age of Cthulhu IX kickstarter, and now they are nowhere to be found. Sadly. I've got them, I've run them and they are superb.
  3. For me both are greate for bigger groups. But there is no campaign for one player. I've run Masks of Nyarlathothep with Pulp Cthulhu rules for one player. I've learn a lot about such a big campaign from this experience. But it was a pain to scale everything down for just one player and too big in story for one player to remember and make notes. So something smaller but with glob trotting. Alone Against The Dark has some greate places inside. But it is for one player. Cold Fire Within and Two Headed Serpent are on my list of campaigns I want to run in future also but for a larger groups.
  4. Yes @stadi, but with more globe trotting than Cold Fire Within and with good bunch of helpfull NPCs, with lots of maps. Yes, Yes! I can imagine something like that.
  5. In Poland there is a book with ten one on one scenarios called "Face to face". It came out last december an it contains above mentioned three scenarios and seven more. Maybe Chaosium is going with something similar in English language? Here is the cover. What I would like to see is some kind of mini campaign for one on one style of game. It would be so cool. Something between Alone Against the Dark and Mask of Nyarlathotep, maybe in Pulp Style?
  6. Try on Yog-Sothoth.com. Oscar Rios there is under @Golgoroth name.
  7. The Ezoterrorist from Pelgrane Press got some cool ideas about stationary campaign. Worth to check them out!
  8. Well Delta Green Countdown is and Delta Green Impossible Landscapes will be You go to material. In Tales of the Crescent City by Golden Goblin Press is chapter about KiY and one of the most prolific and enjoyable adventures of all time Have You Seen The Yellow Sign and a sequel of some sort.
  9. Mythos Expeditions for Trial of Cthulhu got something also set in Yukatan or even in Mexico City IIRC.
  10. Mysteries of Mesoamerica from Pagan Publishing.
  11. There was some adventure from Ben Burns and New Comet Games, do not remember what was the name... But it was something like second part of The Hounting. As I recall @John Hook published another version of something happening after this adventure. Also cannot remember the title, but John is dweller here, so it is possible to ask him about that...
  12. As for now the last info about this project is from Miskatonic University Podcast interview with Chris Spivey from couple of months ago...
  13. I think that some home scenes we can import to Call of Cthulhu like staying on the case. Some are more akin to Delta Green. But in the end we will do what ever suits Our tastes and Our group needs. Don't we?
  14. For a down time activities Delta Green has a great mechanics. Maybe You could borrow something from that book?
  15. Yes it is and there are stand alone adventures for Rura Tonga. I've even started the preppin for little Pulp Cthulhu Campaign, You can see what I've already done on my blog here, under Heroes of Rura Tonga label. I will run this sometime next year. Sorry for shamless plug! The autor of Rura Tonga has another superb book - Pulp Egypt. Cannot highly recommend it.
  16. Heroes of Rura Tonga is Your Tales of Golden Monkey go to rulebook!
  17. You should check definitly Astounding Adventures also. This is Pulp rulebook for BRP without Mythos flavor. But with 3 good adventures and and adventure generator!
  18. You've got some good examples of NPCs in the Pulp Cthulhu rulebook. Not from old pulps, maybe it is a matter of copyrights?
  19. Maybe You should search Cult of Chaos for Time to Sacrifice, it is after all campaign for students of MU.
  20. Maybe there is something in Australian chapter of Masks. Or in Terror Australia. This is what first come to my mind.
  21. alter

    Gencon update.

    I think that the whole Horrors of War kickstarter is a disaster. Mr. Glancy for his own good should give everyone refunds. Not talk about it either. Only give back money. Then maybe when everything is done, send it to Chaosium or to ARC Dream. Either Way it is a shame that I WW is only depicted in No man's land. We shod have more little scenarios or just events for one player. It would be some cool background their first brush with Mythos, a good Way to run something when everyone cannot make it to the table.
  22. https://m.twitch.tv/deltagreenrpg/profile Here You got latest news from A-cell!
  23. Next scenario in that book is my personal favorite! Waiting for Hurricane by Matthew Sanderson!
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