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  1. Rumours of my reanimation have been greatly exaggerated.
  2. I hate to self-promote but Witchcraft has everything you want. Seriously.
  3. Ideas for BRP : Necromancy: Three sections; real world, gothic and fantasy. Real world will be based heavily on genuine traditions, going through history and highlighting mystical dealings with the dead. Most new system stuff will be skills not spells making it very, very 'low magic'. Gothic will highlight the gothic undead : Vampires, ghosts and the animated. How to use them as a Keeper, options that differ from the core rules (dhampirs will feature here, obviously). Fantasy will be where the magic's at (as well as some new monsters) and, hopefully, will be compatible with BRP : Classic Fantasy. Opinions?
  4. Dare I ask why? Thanks for the kind words, rpgstarwizard and Chaot - I really do appreciate them. Now to get on with that book on necromancy I've been promising for about 1000 years... (All writers are flakes, please forgive me.)
  5. Ah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa! I love you, you crazy cat, but I think I've been in outer space so long that Chaosium have forgotten who I am.
  6. You're very kind, especially since I've been in outer space for months... I'm glad you like the flexibility - I wanted it to be a flexible sourcebook. EDIT : I've faffed about long enough - NECROMANCY IS COMING!
  7. Well I'm glad to hear that, I was hoping it would be seen as pretty flexible in that regard.
  8. Well, Gardner claimed when he revealed Wicca to the world that he was doing precisely that - revealing something that had an unbroken line to the middle ages and beyond, passed down from teacher to pupil for millenia. This is highly unlikely to be true, it is more likely that he developed Wicca from the work of Crowley, the theories of Margaret Murray and J.G. Frazer and possibly other, less complete sources. However, I wouldn't see a problem in a work of fiction assuming that Gardner was 100% truthful and that there are Wiccan groups dotted about in the 19th century. Undoubtedly there were things going on in the 19th century one might consider witchcraft. The nascent field of anthropology led to people going to distant tribes and studying their witchdoctors and shamans, groups of occultists were meeting (particularly in the latter half of the century) to try and revive old magical traditions. Folklorists were enjoying a renaissance and were capturing dying folk traditions some of which we might very well consider witchcraft.
  9. Obviously, I'll third the Classic Fantasy recommendation, it does exactly what you're thinking of doing and all of these dilemmas are solved for you. That said, if you are determined not to buy a monograph I'd probably flange it - just say that in your world too much metal near the body interferes with magical power. That'll make your wizard the guy in robes with a wooden staff easy enough.
  10. So far you're all in my good books. Despite Camazotz's harsh words about my formatting! (Alright, I'll admit my formatting is kind of lame...)
  11. All I can say is... thanks! Also, I apologise to my few fans for not doing the necromancy supplement... I am still determined that it will happen.
  12. Do you want negative fame (infamy) as well? If so I think the allegiance rules modified idea works best (instead of good/evil you have fame/infamy). If you just want fame in a positive or neutral light I think splitting status either into Status (Wealth) and Status (Fame) or into Credit Rating and Reputation (as suggested above) is probably best as it isn't adding an extra optional rule. So I'd say it depends on what you're after but I don't have a better suggestion than those already given.
  13. Not at all, not at all. As I say, though, if using it without BRP Witchcraft you might want to replace out Craft (Potion) and Craft (Talisman). I would suggest Knowledge : Occult (though as they already have Knowledge : Folklore there will be some overlap, still allowing it would represent the more intellectual than visceral witch), Disguise (There are many tales of witches that disguise themselves, by ordinary or magical means) and Literacy (if not automatic in your setting) as being three of the most useful. Alternatively, you could just say the players are free to choose any two suitable Crafts or Knowledges.
  14. I don't know which one Rust has sent you but I'm happy for you to use the one from Witchcraft. It'd need a little adjustment, since it includes Taslismans and Potions as skills and they're specific to Witchcraft but I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.
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