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  1. Your Vithela will vary, but our intrepid heroes have discovered the Tanyen name of the Blue Moon is "Watalbu". (In "Revealed Mythologies", Watalbu is the last listed child of Vith and Gebkeran, and no details are provided about them in the in Glossary..) After exploring the ruins of Artmali Brutalist architecture, they have come across the dread realization: աǟȶǟʟɮʊ ɨֆ աǟȶƈɦɨռɢ
  2. I've been continuing my explorations of this in my game, as the heroes are now heading to the Sky Dome for their first "real" HeroQuest. My current interest is in what the Vithelans might think of the Blue Moon. It's runic associations (Water / Moon / Darkness), seem to imply that its firmly an Adpara / antigod, but its place in the heavens implies that it has some claim to Parloth or Sheradpara status.
  3. For inspiration for Kralorela and Vithela, I highly recommend this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havoc_in_Heaven Really, "Journey to the West" could be a fantastic Gloranthan resource.
  4. *sigh* While I'm sure Alexander's Hellenic influence greatly shaped a lot of things in India, various martial arts were documented in the Epics that took place far before he showed up. The Sanskrit term "śastra-vidyā" - weapon-knowledge- was used as a catch all category for various martial arts. While wrestling was a very popular sport practiced by the Kshaitrya-caste, actual unarmed combat wasn't really much of a thing. The bow, the sword, the mace, the discus, the spear - all these weapons had vidyā's devoted to them. In Glorantha - well, the Vithelans are the major culture
  5. The many islands of Vithela likely have the best martial artists in Glorantha. Sadly, Vithela is tragically under-explored, but I'm hoping to fix that.
  6. Could you elaborate more on any of these?
  7. Thanks Ian. I'll give it a look over. For the game I'm running, we've mostly used HQ2, with the following changes: Moved from d20 to d10. Halved numbers, and its worked fairly well. Instead of Hero Points, we've given out Rune Points. Every session, each hero gets 3 random runes from the approved list. These can be used as Hero Points as usual, but if they are used in challenge in accordance to the Rune, the Hero also earns 1 XP towards an ability used in that contest. Here's a link, if you'd like to look at it in more detail: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aZ
  8. That's a real shame about it not being more freely available. I'd love to see other rules systems for Glorantha, and John Wick has written some great ones over the years.
  9. And now for something completely different: In the game I am running currently, we are looking at the Theft / Unequal Exchange Rune from the perspective of the Thief Antigodess of Vithela. "But Bandan was not foolish enough to depend on those armies alone. He made the Terrible Sacrifice, which is of living beings, and made Sedsaru come and obey him. He then made her invisible, and sent her into the gods’ own resplendent city of delight. It was so beautiful that she was almost tempted away from her mission, but in the end she stole only the Singing Conch Shell. She gave it, then, to Great Ke
  10. I must say, this round of artwork was breath-taking. After many years away, I have found myself exploring Glorantha again, for a mixture of old and new players. Having such resources available to share has been a delight.
  11. Namaste all: My explorations of Vithela continue to proceed apace. We've been trying to introduce players to the elements of the world via centering each session around telling one or more myths, each one thematically resonant with a story theme or a character's backstory. This upcoming session involves introducing the Vithelan Sky World, and discussing which of the Parloth live there. I'm going to collate things between Revealed Mythologies and the appendix A of the Guide, and ask some questions here. My first question - which star corresponds to Tanye, goddess of Speech?
  12. There are bits in Revealed Mythologies and elsewhere that "Vith grabbed and held onto the Sun", which is probably Zzaburi propaganda, but that might explain the lack of Uz in Vithela. That makes a lot of sense, as Darkness and Water seem to be critical "Antigod" aligned elements. Eh, it seems like RQG has doubled down on "ALL ORLANTHI ALL THE TIME", and I for one have little interest in exploring that, nor it's overly complex system. I think there is a Anaxial's Annex reference for Andini's, but it's woefully lacking. Dogsalu / Hakka was summoned or create
  13. Namaste all: Our Vithelan game is going fairly well, a few weeks in. I had a question for the community regarding the status of Elder Races in the Vithelan archipelago. A few of them are well addressed - the various species of Merfolk are all present in some form of the other, and while many are definitely Antigodly, the Ludoch are most likely considered Sheradpara - ennobled antigods - by most Islanders. The Mostali don't really show up that much in Vithelan myth, though in Teshnos they are known as the Babadi and construct all kinds of wondrous devices. I suspect they are a de
  14. Actually, the last Glorantha game I PC'd for (run by my friend who is currently co-GMing this game with me), our group of Caladralanders had a Trickster Sorcerer / Inventor from God Forgot as a member of our band of heroes. Er, "heroes". Regarding the player in question, I think we are heading towards an animistic Trickster Spirit Society called simply "No! Bad Monkey!" (Disorder / Beast(Monkey)).
  15. That might have been me, although by the time G+ started, my troupe-style, HQ1 campaign "Arachne Lunara" which involved Lunars travelling to Teshnos, Melib, Vithela and Kralorela had ended. I played a quite a bit with the timeline, but the heroes got to see the Time of no Zitrs in Teshnos (and might have ended up killing Garusharp), saw bits of the Andini Demon Fleet (and helpfully taught them about Sedenya!), futzed with the Dragonrise, failed to prevent Sheng Seleris' star from returning, and finally watched the White Moon rise in the Dreams of the Future. It remains my favorite game t
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