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  1. Namaste all: I've continued working on this, and have recruited some players through my (once in person) gaming circles. Nearly all are new to Glorantha, which will be an interesting experience. So far character concepts include a washed up Kralorelan Alchemist, a paraKeet Karkal Temple Guard, and an unassuming fisherman inspired by the selfless stories of Mairnali. I've been working on trying to figure out how to best model various kinds of mysticism and martial arts in HeroQuest. I think the Spirit Magic rules (if stretched a little bit) are actually very evocative for VenFornic martial arts. Charms are integrated, and instead of a physical object and a taboo, they now have a bodily location and a restraint/indulgence. So the Sivolic adept can have "Iron Lotus Kata" with the bodily location being her skin and the restraint being "never sleep on a comfortable surface", while the Kambolic adept can have "Intoxicating Fragrance Aura" with their bodily location being his sweat, and the indulgence being "eat a flower every day".
  2. When I was first discovering Glorantha, I fell in love with the God Learner philosophy, as it quickly allowed me to "categorize and syncretize ALL THE THINGS" and gain a foothold into the setting. I quickly became disillusioned with that, and then rather wholeheartedly became Lunarized, and credit Sedenya with my Sevening. Then I listened to what Mashunasan said, and now am wholeheartedly engaged in the trenches of the Realization War. /endmysticalgibberish
  3. Namaste all: I've posted a bit about a new campaign game I'm working on with a friend, set in Vithela. I've run and played a lot of Glorantha content before, and we are pretty experienced with all the versions of the HeroQuest RPG system by Robin Laws. In general, I like it a great deal, especially with how open ended, narratively focused, and relatively crunch-free it is. However, I really strongly dislike the base dice mechanic of opposed d20, and the tallying up of abilities and augments and bonuses and penalties, to me at least, crosses the point of "too much math for too little fun." I've been looking at other systems to attempt to adapt to the setting. I'm intrigued by Freeform Universal (and I've seen an adaption on here that has been inspiring), have a great deal of love for the Powered by Apocalypse games (and tried my hand at my own homebrew version of this, which didn't work so well), and I'm experienced enough to hack together my own system. Nothing yet has inspired the "ah-ha!" epiphany one gets when you discover a system that syncs up with the story you are looking to tell. I think my ideal system would be to keep the way HQ uses Keywords, Abilities, Stretches and the like, but come up with a more interesting way to resolve conflicts than what's provided. I've been fussing around with an unholy hybrid of HQG, Freeform Universal and Cortex Plus, but I perhaps someone on here has a simpler solution. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to pick up the Kralorela WIP/unofficial PDF and look through it, although for this game I want to focus almost entirely on Vithelan island culture. Vormaini might show up as xenophobic bad guys, Teshnans as slightly cooky foreigners, and a few rare Kralori as scary Dragon mystics... but honestly most of that will be happening on the Other Side, rather than in the "real world". The campaign is somewhat deliberately set during the Closing (roughly in the 12th century), and I'm not super interested in having that much contact with the rest of world at large.
  5. Namaste Peter: It's always a pleasure getting your opinion on things, and thanks for the work you do on your wiki. It's super helpful. So, while, I see the Yothenera / Uleria connection (and have explored that a bit in the games I've run), the Vith as Aether correspondence, IMHO, seems like a weird God-Learnerism. Vith's story cycles from Revealed Mythologies have no connections to Fire/Sky from what I can see. The elemental connections are far more the domains of his wives - Laraloori as the "good or friendly" elements such as Fire, (Fertile) Earth, (Calm) Air, (Fresh) Water, and Gebkeran as "bad and unfriendly" elements like Darkness, (Dark) Earth, (Stormy) Air, (Salt) water. Instead, Vith seems more like a Mastery / Infinity / Mysticism entity to me. I hate to contradict the Guide, but I think My Glorantha Will Vary, and I'm OK with that. For our game, I'm going to go with Sorcery for the First Sounds / Third Dancers. I did a write-up for Karkal for a PC in HQ1 for a previous game. I had his affinities as Lord of Burning (Fire) Friend to Man (Man) Champion of War (Death) I suppose subbing Man -> Fertility and Death -> Disorder would work, and fit the Lodrili mold. Regarding Maluraya: " The Vithelans do not accord the sun with great wisdom or personality." I don't see the Yelmalio/Lightfore correspondences myself. That's an interesting way to approach some of the philosophical schools of Sagecraft in the East. Regarding the Humakt/Kabalt connection - the guide has them have some runes in common - Death/Truth/Death vs Truth/Death/Mastery - so I could see it. Honestly, I'm going *way* back to HW1 and looking at some of the writings there for Refutations, Counters, and Strikes. There are some really great ideas there that didn't carry forward, but I like the idea of "Low" Mystics / Martial artists have things like "Refute Gravity" or "Counter Arrows while Unarmed" and the like. I'm in mild agreement, though many of them are definitely Chaotic. Ezran the Chaos Sorcerer to me always seemed similar to Jraktal the Tap. Fer Retheven the Queen of Sickness as Malia is easy enough. I'm a little less concerned about their Runes, as I'm in the writing things up for the players (many of whom are new to Glorantha), and I don't think and of them will be wanting to play a Hidden Priest of the Adpara. Oorsu Sara to me looks like a mashup of Orlanth / Vadrus and Ragnalar. His birth story syncs up with the Unholy Trio as well. The last campaign in the East had a great deal of Dreaming / Mirrors / Moon related stories, and followers of Adlanari the Black Mirror featured prominently. I'm unsure if the players will take the story in that direction. Herespur is a weird one, and I agree that he's one of those "not chaotic but still a problem" Adpara. Again, from my last campaign, one of my players was a Hensarava / Vai Madar Sa follower, so there was some exploration of the Herespur / Bodastu / Akorgat / Sekever stories.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I'm not inexperienced in exploring Vithela - I ran a several year HQ1 campaign involving Lunar missionaries travelling to Teshnos, Vithelan and Kralorela over 10 years ago, back in the dark Ages Before The Guide. While the Lunar in me appreciates the God Learner-isms of making parallels between the Parloth and the Orlanthi and Solar pantheons, I'm personally more interested in exploring the East Islanders on their own right. The correspondences are still useful to think about, and I'll probably post a link here to the gdoc that I start for the game.
  7. Namaste all: After a long time away from Glorantha, I've been drawn back by the possibility of co-running a game set entirely in the East Islands, sometime in the 3rd Age, prior to the Opening. I've been collating all my resources for Vithela (which is fairly scant, but it is what it is), and at the moment I'm trying to assemble some background materials before recruiting players. I know in the Guide to Glorantha there is a partial listing, but I was wondering if there were any more complete lists for both the Parloth and Adpara. Island deities should be fairly simple single rune entities to figure out.
  8. This is amazing. I am personally very interested in the boardgame, but not so interested in having to deal with a ton of giant figures. (I have too much stuff in my very small apartment as it is!) If there was a level of support where one could get a nice board and some simple tokens instead of the beautiful figures, I would back this in a heartbeat.
  9. aumshantih


    Namaste: My last campaign was set in Teshnos during the Hero Wars period (1624 ST - 1630ish). I used HQ1, which had the basics of a Homeland and there was a pretty evocative write-up in HeroQuest Voices that I quite liked. I had access to Revealed Mythologies, which, as others have said, don't have a ton of stuff about Teshnos explicitly. However, the insights into the Vithelan Myth Cycle were really important to my understanding of Eastern Glorantha. If you wish to venture into the wild "no longer canonical" lands, there were some bits that Mongoose published under their Second Age line. I found it interesting, if not super compelling. If you wish to look anywhere, Robin D. Law's "Glorantha, the Second Age", is probably the only thing I'd recommend. There is a tiny bit in a Finnish fanzine called "The Zin Letters" - but nothing that really stuck with me. I was pretty active on the lists at the time, and inspired a lot by the things written there. I've got some of my campaign notes kicking around, if you want to take a look at them.
  10. Another thing to consider that might make it little more nuanced than sexism is that this clan difficulties with female warrior's stems from a myth that is specific to their clan. Perhaps one of their ancestors witnesses a dispute between Vinga and another deity that results in the clan having a tradition against allowing women to participate in war. This also means the heroes can attempt to ameliorate the situation by learning this myth, and reexperiencing it through a HeroQuest.
  11. Does this mean Konunger's has a gern / herdman that is also turning white?
  12. So, looking at the Historical Guide maps, Orathorn first appears in 1100 ST, during the Great Disasters that ended the age of Empires. When they showed up in my games, I had them be some group of misfit Godlearners who managed to somehow survive by making pacts with things from the Underworld. As Mr. Metcalfe notes, I also had them allied with the Seleran Khanate, and magically connected to Pentan Hellcrack. In my own internal head-canon, I also might have had them be related to the Outer Atomic Explorers, largely based on things I read on long defunct listservs. Considering they showed up one once or twice in flashback scenes to the Night of Horrors, I didn't spend too much time elaborating on them.
  13. Both the Sartar and Pavis supplements are excellent. (Honestly, even much of the stuff from the pre-Moon Design days are excellent, if probably a bit less useful as bits of it have been rendered non-canon.) And honestly, give HeroQuest a try. It's a little scary for folks used to crunch-tastic systems, but it's nice to shake things up a bit. It's astonishingly easy to run really short or even one-shot games in it.
  14. I'm sad about the lack of "Gods of Glorantha" news. For those of us who choose to explore in non-Orlanthi sections of the world, having something to look forward to would be nice. I'm hoping the revamped "Chaosium RuneQuest Glorantha" will be able to handle adventurers from all over Glorantha, and includes examples from a little further afield than just Dragon Pass. Heck, having some write-ups for "The Abiding Book" in any current version of the Glorantha ruleset would be miracle of the Invisible God.
  15. In the Caladraland game I am currently PCing in, we've decided on the following runes for the pantheon: Vestkarthan - Fire (Heat) / Disorder / Fertility Esrola - Earth / Fertility Tessele - Truth / Death Caladra - Fire / Fertility Aurelion - Earth / Harmony Kudja the Ancestor - Spirit / Man As for the Twin Cult - each worshipper can only get one elemental rune from either Caladra or Aurelion, but if you have the appropriate power rune, you can initiate to the other Twin. So my hero has Earth / Fertility, while my twin sister has Fire / Harmony.
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