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  1. Look at all those Death runes! Do we all get to dissolve into glowing red Lunar gorp?
  2. There is a modern (2019) Chinese television series based on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investiture_of_the_Gods_(2019_TV_series) I started watching it here. https://www.amazon.com/Investiture-of-the-Gods/dp/B07SRHCNQY Unsure of the quality of the adaption, but it's something to look into.
  3. Ah yes, the infamous Brithini spleenpendix. It atrophies immediately when exposed to Error, and no one has been successful at regaining such an elusive organ.* * Do not believe the Red Vadeli surgeon's lies about being able to transfer a spleenpendix from a living Brithini into a new owner.
  4. If Genert was able to survive and withstand Chaos, I suspect Genertela would be a lot more like Pamaltela. Genert would have some equivalent of Pamalt's Necklace - a collection of deities / Majestic Spirits allied with him. I'm unsure if they'd be as animistic in nature, given The North quadrants generally theistic bent to things. Relations between Genert's Group and other large pantheons would be complex. Yelm's pantheon would likely be hostile. The West would be very different - unsure if Frona or Seshna would bend to the will of the Malkioni sorcerers as easily as they did. Kralorela would likely maintain is draconic independence. Teshnos would likely be better integrated into central Genertelan culture. Not sure what would happen to Orlanth in this situation - a Lightbringer's quest would likely still be necessary to bring back the Sun, but I could see it being organized by Genert and his children instead of Mr. Sun-Killer himself. As for what happens during History - I mean, it's all upside down and topsy turvy. Is there a need for a Nysalor project when you've got big daddy Genert right there? And who knows what would happen in the second age with the God-Learners and the EWF?
  5. The most flexible Illumination rules are in Heroquest Glorantha, though not many concrete examples are provided. Connecting it to the Infinity Rune + another Rune is an elegant solution, and allows for all different styles and schools of illuminants. I'm finding it particularly useful for my Vithelan game, where the various great mystics are associated with several Runes.
  6. "Terthinus, the King of the Malasp merfolk, found a terrible new god at the bottom of the ocean floor. He took it back to his people, and fell worship was done to it. They prayed that all of the wealth of the air dwellers who skimmed across the surface of the seas would fall into their lands. This prayer was granted, after a fashion." One of several parallel explanations on the Closing discovered by my Vithelan heroes, based on snippets in the Guide and "Men of the Sea". Any idea what it is? A strange side effect of Zzabur's spell? The sunken remnants of the Boat Planet? Or something else entirely?
  7. I can't agree with this more. This is a fantastic thread, and would have been helpful when I was running my game in Fronela. Currently, I'm running a Vithelan game, and I remember coming across this from Revealed Mythologies. Vit. Malkioni name of the pagan “god” of the East, Vith. Vit was one of the Early Rebels, and with his powers managed to capture the sun. Zzabur’s Great Blast knocked Vit down; the sun was released from his grip, and rose to make the Dawning. Which is super curious, as there isn't really any mention of this happening in the Vithelan mythos in Revealed Mythology. It is widely acknowledged that Vithela experienced the Great Darkness in a very different way than much of the rest of Glorantha, and this line in particular stands out. Perhaps Vith employed mystical Refutation and, at least from the perspective of his children, stopped the Sun from dying.
  8. ... wow I have been doing this exercise myself as I continue my explorations of Vithela. Herespur is known as the "Traitor" or the "Liar", which is sort of mirror-universe-Humakt. But then again, Oorsu Sara makes a lot of sense as mirror-universe-Orlanth, now I just want the Vithelan POV be akin to classic Star Trek Mirror Universe episodes, complete with bad facial hair.
  9. YGWV, but in my game, it was always blessed Mairnali, come from the furthest East, who saw the chaos and disharmony the Antigod Oorsu Sara / Orlanth brought to the world, and sought out a way to Heal it. Chalana's outright pacifism always struck me as a highly mystical refutation of violence.
  10. A myth from Vithela, from the Creation Cycle The First Planet and the First Star, or How Kendarmin was made First was Sound. Next was Music. Last was Dance. Korudel, the First Sound, became fascinated with Oorduren. The Final Dancer, who, despite the tumult of creation, remained motionless and Still. The Other Sounds, Musicians and Dancers whirled about, joyously continuing the act of Creation. But Oorduren stood in Stillness. So Korudel, gazed down upon them. They gazed down at them for 10^10 years attempting to discern their motives. Korudel’s great gaze was so strong, that it burnt a hole through the Firmament of the Sky. The first hole in firmament became Kendarmin, the Pole Planet, Celestial Sage, the Parloth Who Knows. (Truth / Law) For another eternity, Kendarmin applied his gaze down upon Ooduren the Sage. Creation moved tumultuously, gloriously unfolding between the great dualities that danced and made music to the cosmic sounds. Through it all, Ooduren stood at the Center, unmoved. Kendarmin realized that within Oorduren’s Stillness was Freedom, and in that moment, knew Liberation. He uttered the first Word. “Tanye!”, and with it, became the Second Sage. Korudel opened another eye to gaze at what their son had realized.
  11. Your Vithela will vary, but our intrepid heroes have discovered the Tanyen name of the Blue Moon is "Watalbu". (In "Revealed Mythologies", Watalbu is the last listed child of Vith and Gebkeran, and no details are provided about them in the in Glossary..) After exploring the ruins of Artmali Brutalist architecture, they have come across the dread realization: աǟȶǟʟɮʊ ɨֆ աǟȶƈɦɨռɢ
  12. I've been continuing my explorations of this in my game, as the heroes are now heading to the Sky Dome for their first "real" HeroQuest. My current interest is in what the Vithelans might think of the Blue Moon. It's runic associations (Water / Moon / Darkness), seem to imply that its firmly an Adpara / antigod, but its place in the heavens implies that it has some claim to Parloth or Sheradpara status.
  13. For inspiration for Kralorela and Vithela, I highly recommend this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havoc_in_Heaven Really, "Journey to the West" could be a fantastic Gloranthan resource.
  14. *sigh* While I'm sure Alexander's Hellenic influence greatly shaped a lot of things in India, various martial arts were documented in the Epics that took place far before he showed up. The Sanskrit term "śastra-vidyā" - weapon-knowledge- was used as a catch all category for various martial arts. While wrestling was a very popular sport practiced by the Kshaitrya-caste, actual unarmed combat wasn't really much of a thing. The bow, the sword, the mace, the discus, the spear - all these weapons had vidyā's devoted to them. In Glorantha - well, the Vithelans are the major culture that has martial arts as a fundamental part of their mythology, deities and practices. (I include the Kralori, Vormaino, and Teshnans as a part of Vithelan culture, though they have all gone their own way.)
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