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  1. Namaste all: My explorations of Vithela continue to proceed apace. We've been trying to introduce players to the elements of the world via centering each session around telling one or more myths, each one thematically resonant with a story theme or a character's backstory. This upcoming session involves introducing the Vithelan Sky World, and discussing which of the Parloth live there. I'm going to collate things between Revealed Mythologies and the appendix A of the Guide, and ask some questions here. My first question - which star corresponds to Tanye, goddess of Speech?
  2. There are bits in Revealed Mythologies and elsewhere that "Vith grabbed and held onto the Sun", which is probably Zzaburi propaganda, but that might explain the lack of Uz in Vithela. That makes a lot of sense, as Darkness and Water seem to be critical "Antigod" aligned elements. Eh, it seems like RQG has doubled down on "ALL ORLANTHI ALL THE TIME", and I for one have little interest in exploring that, nor it's overly complex system. I think there is a Anaxial's Annex reference for Andini's, but it's woefully lacking. Dogsalu / Hakka was summoned or create
  3. Namaste all: Our Vithelan game is going fairly well, a few weeks in. I had a question for the community regarding the status of Elder Races in the Vithelan archipelago. A few of them are well addressed - the various species of Merfolk are all present in some form of the other, and while many are definitely Antigodly, the Ludoch are most likely considered Sheradpara - ennobled antigods - by most Islanders. The Mostali don't really show up that much in Vithelan myth, though in Teshnos they are known as the Babadi and construct all kinds of wondrous devices. I suspect they are a de
  4. Actually, the last Glorantha game I PC'd for (run by my friend who is currently co-GMing this game with me), our group of Caladralanders had a Trickster Sorcerer / Inventor from God Forgot as a member of our band of heroes. Er, "heroes". Regarding the player in question, I think we are heading towards an animistic Trickster Spirit Society called simply "No! Bad Monkey!" (Disorder / Beast(Monkey)).
  5. That might have been me, although by the time G+ started, my troupe-style, HQ1 campaign "Arachne Lunara" which involved Lunars travelling to Teshnos, Melib, Vithela and Kralorela had ended. I played a quite a bit with the timeline, but the heroes got to see the Time of no Zitrs in Teshnos (and might have ended up killing Garusharp), saw bits of the Andini Demon Fleet (and helpfully taught them about Sedenya!), futzed with the Dragonrise, failed to prevent Sheng Seleris' star from returning, and finally watched the White Moon rise in the Dreams of the Future. It remains my favorite game t
  6. Hardly! The Parloth are, on the surface, Celestial-ish, but way less stuck up than the Dara Happan pantheon. I'm drawing a lot of Puranic mythology, in which the Vedic devas (gods, parloth) and the various asuras (antigods, adpara) are constantly in battle, until some antigod gets a boon, overthrows the Cosmic Balance, and one of the High Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti) are called in to defeat the antigod and teach you some esoteric spiritual lesson as well. Hinduism has 18 major ones, and about 100 or so minor ones, and the fascinating thing is that they clearly tell many of th
  7. Amongst the larger named Parloth named in Revealed Mythologies... no, not really. There is of course space in Vithela to discover new Parlothi (or ennobled antigods) to possess those aspects, and we're willing to do that. A Parondpara or Demigod would make the most sense, in that case.
  8. Huh, I wouldn't have made a connection between Disorder and the Vamachari or the Aghori . Now that you mention it, it makes some sense, but I would default to a more Law/Chaos or even Fertility/Death dichotomy in my mind. I think however, this PC is definitely leaning in the more anarchic funny divine-fool trickster than a subversive dangerous mystic angle.
  9. No one is sure about Vithela, which makes it a fun place to explore, IMHO. Lamias are a bit strange - I definitely remember reading about them somewhere. Are they chaotic? Serpent Guardians are definitely Earth related. Vithela's relationship to the Earth rune seems a bit interesting, honestly. The myths that immediately strikes me as most Naga-esque are the stories of Harantara / Thrunhin Da. It follows a lot of the Chinese/East-Asian naga myths, where there are frequent Water Rune connections. Indian naga's sometimes have the aquatic nature, but more frequently they are Earth
  10. So because player's make choices: One of the newbies to Glorantha has picked the Disorder Rune as their primary and most powerful source of magic, and is likely interested in pursuing this further. To my eye, Disorder seems like something... a little more antigodly from the perspective of Vithelans? Not that everything can be harmonious all the time, but I can certainly see it frowned upon from the POV of those in charge. Which reminds me.. there isn't a Trickster analogue I can see amongst the Parloth. Nor can I easily find any of the greater Parloth or Mystics listed that would
  11. I figured it was time to post an update. The game has started, and my co-GM and I have twelve players (12) between us! It's an awful lot, but with covid and our crowd's usual LARP schedule cancelled until post-pandemic, I'm not too surprised. We're attempting to do the thing with one central narrative that keeps being split into two different groups (run by each of us), and then recombining and splitting up into different groups again. We'll see how it goes in the long run, as folks tend to drop away from online games. Out of our 12, 4 of them have played in different Glorantha g
  12. This topic has me thinking a bit about Wyrm's, and wondering if there is a place for Naga's in Vithela.
  13. Namaste all: I've continued working on this, and have recruited some players through my (once in person) gaming circles. Nearly all are new to Glorantha, which will be an interesting experience. So far character concepts include a washed up Kralorelan Alchemist, a paraKeet Karkal Temple Guard, and an unassuming fisherman inspired by the selfless stories of Mairnali. I've been working on trying to figure out how to best model various kinds of mysticism and martial arts in HeroQuest. I think the Spirit Magic rules (if stretched a little bit) are actually very evocative for VenForn
  14. When I was first discovering Glorantha, I fell in love with the God Learner philosophy, as it quickly allowed me to "categorize and syncretize ALL THE THINGS" and gain a foothold into the setting. I quickly became disillusioned with that, and then rather wholeheartedly became Lunarized, and credit Sedenya with my Sevening. Then I listened to what Mashunasan said, and now am wholeheartedly engaged in the trenches of the Realization War. /endmysticalgibberish
  15. Namaste all: I've posted a bit about a new campaign game I'm working on with a friend, set in Vithela. I've run and played a lot of Glorantha content before, and we are pretty experienced with all the versions of the HeroQuest RPG system by Robin Laws. In general, I like it a great deal, especially with how open ended, narratively focused, and relatively crunch-free it is. However, I really strongly dislike the base dice mechanic of opposed d20, and the tallying up of abilities and augments and bonuses and penalties, to me at least, crosses the point of "too much math for too li
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