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  1. This is amazing. I am personally very interested in the boardgame, but not so interested in having to deal with a ton of giant figures. (I have too much stuff in my very small apartment as it is!) If there was a level of support where one could get a nice board and some simple tokens instead of the beautiful figures, I would back this in a heartbeat.
  2. aumshantih


    Namaste: My last campaign was set in Teshnos during the Hero Wars period (1624 ST - 1630ish). I used HQ1, which had the basics of a Homeland and there was a pretty evocative write-up in HeroQuest Voices that I quite liked. I had access to Revealed Mythologies, which, as others have said, don't have a ton of stuff about Teshnos explicitly. However, the insights into the Vithelan Myth Cycle were really important to my understanding of Eastern Glorantha. If you wish to venture into the wild "no longer canonical" lands, there were some bits that Mongoose published under their Second Age line. I found it interesting, if not super compelling. If you wish to look anywhere, Robin D. Law's "Glorantha, the Second Age", is probably the only thing I'd recommend. There is a tiny bit in a Finnish fanzine called "The Zin Letters" - but nothing that really stuck with me. I was pretty active on the lists at the time, and inspired a lot by the things written there. I've got some of my campaign notes kicking around, if you want to take a look at them.
  3. Another thing to consider that might make it little more nuanced than sexism is that this clan difficulties with female warrior's stems from a myth that is specific to their clan. Perhaps one of their ancestors witnesses a dispute between Vinga and another deity that results in the clan having a tradition against allowing women to participate in war. This also means the heroes can attempt to ameliorate the situation by learning this myth, and reexperiencing it through a HeroQuest.
  4. Does this mean Konunger's has a gern / herdman that is also turning white?
  5. So, looking at the Historical Guide maps, Orathorn first appears in 1100 ST, during the Great Disasters that ended the age of Empires. When they showed up in my games, I had them be some group of misfit Godlearners who managed to somehow survive by making pacts with things from the Underworld. As Mr. Metcalfe notes, I also had them allied with the Seleran Khanate, and magically connected to Pentan Hellcrack. In my own internal head-canon, I also might have had them be related to the Outer Atomic Explorers, largely based on things I read on long defunct listservs. Considering they showed up one once or twice in flashback scenes to the Night of Horrors, I didn't spend too much time elaborating on them.
  6. Both the Sartar and Pavis supplements are excellent. (Honestly, even much of the stuff from the pre-Moon Design days are excellent, if probably a bit less useful as bits of it have been rendered non-canon.) And honestly, give HeroQuest a try. It's a little scary for folks used to crunch-tastic systems, but it's nice to shake things up a bit. It's astonishingly easy to run really short or even one-shot games in it.
  7. I'm sad about the lack of "Gods of Glorantha" news. For those of us who choose to explore in non-Orlanthi sections of the world, having something to look forward to would be nice. I'm hoping the revamped "Chaosium RuneQuest Glorantha" will be able to handle adventurers from all over Glorantha, and includes examples from a little further afield than just Dragon Pass. Heck, having some write-ups for "The Abiding Book" in any current version of the Glorantha ruleset would be miracle of the Invisible God.
  8. In the Caladraland game I am currently PCing in, we've decided on the following runes for the pantheon: Vestkarthan - Fire (Heat) / Disorder / Fertility Esrola - Earth / Fertility Tessele - Truth / Death Caladra - Fire / Fertility Aurelion - Earth / Harmony Kudja the Ancestor - Spirit / Man As for the Twin Cult - each worshipper can only get one elemental rune from either Caladra or Aurelion, but if you have the appropriate power rune, you can initiate to the other Twin. So my hero has Earth / Fertility, while my twin sister has Fire / Harmony.
  9. Nah, Veskarthan / Lodril / ViSaruDaran / Turos / Solf / Balumbasta / Ladaral is just Illuminated now.
  10. So in the Guide, in the Appendix on the settlements at the dawn, Tessele is mentioned as leading the proto-Caladralanders out of the Great Darkness where they took shelter in the Solung Plateau. Did the God-Learner's "prove" later on that she was a daughter of Aurelion?
  11. Thanks for this, I've recently started PCing in a Caladraland game, and am playing an initiate of Aurelion (amongst other things). We've got most of the the gods mentioned represented amongst our hero group - another hero is playing my twin Caladra initiate, we have a Tessele war leader, and someone torn between following Gustbran (one of the Lowfires and Veskarthan's sons) and following a local spirit tradition that we've discovered called the "Ghost Pepper Society". Yes, their rites involve ingesting lots of terrifyingly spicy peppers until they can see the other side. I've really been loving HeroQuest Glorantha for the ability for folks to follow different / complementary magical traditions if they choose not to become Devotees/Shamans/Magicians. Another thing we have done is focus a bit more on the differences between Esrola the Most and Ernalda the Least, by having the Caladralanders be rather firmly favoring Esrola over Ernalda - but not denying that the two sister goddesses are inextricably linked. Esrola is the wife of Veskarthan, while everyone knows the Ernalda chose to marry Orlanth. Ernalda is considered more of what the folks of Lowlands and Esrolia follow, while Esrola Caladra (the fertile bountiful lands of the volcano) is the goddess of our people.
  12. We all know Chalana Arroy and Xemela are just names used by those confused by the wiles of the antigods. Let us praise the blessed mystic Mairnali Har, who achieved Liberation but heard the cries of the world and returned to save us from the evil within ourselves!
  13. You are correct that most modern Malkioni do reject tapping, but not the Brithini, Waertagi or the Vadeli. So, in my Fronelan game, I have generally allowed Heroes to use the trappings of ritual magic as a way for them using their Sorcerer Profession Keyword as a narrative augment for a spell they are casting from a Grimoire.
  14. Material Ingredients could be Tapped into Energy to give you sorcery more oomph as well.
  15. I don't think these insights negate the Four World theory - quite the opposite in fact. From the Book of Heortling Mythology, from the story "The Rival Worlds" “They have a different sea, and a different emperor, a different sky and they look in a different direction from the Spike. They are as different as the Predark is from us. They have their own Orlanth somewhere in there, and their own Ernalda, Barntar, and Lhankor Mhy too. Different customs, rules and laws, even though they at first seem to be like ours.”
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