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  1. p.158-159 Maths. Saber-toothed Tiger Damage Bonus. "+2D6". Should be +3D6. (STR+SIZ = 32+26=58 -> 3D6) p.159 Maths. Shadowcats Hit Points. "Hit Points: 11". Should be 12. Initial CON of 13, SIZ of 4 gives a -2, POW of 19 gives a +1. p.160 Maths. Diamondback Rattlesnake Hit Points. "Hit Points: 10". Should be 11. Initial CON of 11, SIZ of 5 gives a -1, POW of 17 gives a +1. p.160 Maths. Esrolian Python Hit Points & Damage Bonus & Base SR. "Hit Points: 14". Should be 15. Initial CON of 13, SIZ of 14 gives a +1, POW of 17 gives a +1. The Python "should have" a Damage Bonus of +1D6. But I guess it's been removed on purpose? "Base SR: 3". SIZ 14 and DEX 13 both give +2 for a SR of 4. But I'm not sure if that's how it works for creatures (?). A pattern seems to emerge with HP. Yet the Creature Hit Points section on page 9 does point to POW being counted for creatures. p.160 Maths. Titanotheres Hit Points. "Hit Points: 32". Should be 33. Initial CON of 23, SIZ of 51 gives a +10, POW of 11 gives nothing. p.161 Maths. Tuskers Base SR. "Base SR: 10". Should be 5. SIZ 26 gives 0 and DEX 4 give 5. The "Weapons" table for the Tuskers shows correct SR for a Base SR of 5 (Base of 5 + 4 for "unarmed" attack). P.161-162 Maths. Great Vrok Hawk Damage Bonus. "+2D6". Should be +3D6.
  2. p.151 Maths. Loper Damage Bonus "+3D6". According to its STR and SIZ it should be +2D6, but then again it's a bite attack so what do i know.
  3. p.149-150 Maths. Leaping Bear Damage Bonus. Table says "+2D6". Should be +1D6 (STR+SIZ = 23+17 = 40 -> 1D6).
  4. Yes, but on my version of the bestiary it's 4D6+16 with an average of 32, hence my correction.
  5. p.142 Maths. Cattle Characteristics "STR (and SIZ) 4D6+16 Avg. 32." Should be 4D6+18 or an average of 30.
  6. p.140 Brown Bear Characteristics. STR (and SIZ) 3D6+15 Avg. 24-25. Should be 25-26.
  7. p.138 Large Web Spider. Characteristics "CON 3D6+12 Avg. 23". Should be an average of 22-23.
  8. p.135 Giant Honeybees. I'm not seeing the "Weapon" table that's usually under the "Hit Location" table.
  9. p.132 Giant Centipedes. Hit Location All the Location for Legs are marked "5/5 each" meaning each time you hit that location it's another leg with those characteristics, as per the flavor text "Giant centipedes have dozens of legs, and it is unlikely that an attacker will be able to hit the same leg twice". At least that's how i undersand it. If this is true, it's therefore weird to have that same "each" for Hit Locations such as "Midbody" or "Head".
  10. p.131 Maths. Ham Beetle Characteristics. "POW 3D6 Avg. 9-10". Should be either 10-11 or, which is more likely, 1D6+6 like the Guard Beetle.
  11. p.129 Maths. Wyvern Characteristics "CHA 2D6 Avg. 13" It should be either 2D6+6 or Avg. 7 (I surmise it's more likely to be an average of 7) If that is so, then it's the Giant Snapping Turtle that's incorrect. Looking at the Wyvern right now and it has its full Damage Bonus for its bite. The question remains.
  12. p.121 Maths. Great Sea Turtle (Sofali Turtle). Damage Bonus "Bite 2D6+2D6" the Damage Bonus should be +4D6
  13. p.120 Maths. Giant Eels. Hit Points "Hit Points: 53" should be 54 (CON 41 +12 for SIZ and +1 for POW)
  14. p.89 Spelling. Chaotic Feature Table. 23 - "Highly flammable; if ignited, bums all within a 3-meter radius." - burns
  15. p.67 Triolini, Ludoch. Skills. "Sound 50%" There are no other references to a skill named Sound that I could find. The action that stems from that skill is not self-evident and it confuses me. My best guess would be the Listen skill.
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