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  1. Poul Anderson, in some of his works had horses going about in diapers to prevent this.
  2. What about the World of Forms?
  3. Time once again to link to Sandy Petersen's article on the relative strengths and weaknesses of missile and melee cavalry and infantry. http://www.pensee.com/dunham/glorantha/aow.html
  4. I've used "Son o Broo" as an insult.
  5. In addition to the other arguments, no pirates would make Umathela a less cool place to have rpg adventures.
  6. I was very sorry to learn of this. The rpg hobby has lost one of its standard bearers.
  7. Steve's post was in response to my question about the status of the Nochet sourcebook, so just let me start chanting "HeroQuest!....HeroQuest!...HeroQuest!" in the background🙂.
  8. Will there be any information on the communities in the Big Rubble such as the Real City, Opili's Fort and the Troll Clans?
  9. Unfortunately, the character lacks the movement Rune. He has Water, Communication and Harmony.
  10. I'm preparing to send my players into the HeroQuest presented in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure scenario Red Moon Rising. I've managed a pretty good match for all the characters except the Issaries/Donandar worshiper. Does anyone have any ideas for what the appearance, Lunar names, Goals, and Secrets of such a mask would be?
  11. I assume that Aldrya worshipers can summon gnomes. Of what sizes?
  12. Okay, that makes sense. I hope that includes a questionnaire for forming communities such as Esrolian Houses.
  13. This statement is somewhat confusing. What is a HQG genre pack for a systemless book?
  14. I have to point out that the Mountain also dies.
  15. A player playing a Kolati shaman in my Pavis based campaign wants to have a Lightning charm. Can Kolati access the Spirit Society Lightning Boy belongs to?
  16. How is work on the physical Glorantha Sourcebook going?
  17. Repeating my earlier request for info on the Nochet sourcebook. Jajagappa recently posted a sample question for Esrolian House generation in another thread, so you can blame him for my curiosity.
  18. Is there any news on the Nochet source book?
  19. I think the story goes that Greg Stafford meant "not yet", but pronounced it something like "notch yet", thus the player's confusion.
  20. This may have been true for the Dawn Age, but i think that it is more likely that modern Orlanthi identify the sun as whatever deity plays that role in the particular myth rather than always identifying it with one particular god. Mythology is often contradictory.
  21. And yet I still don't know how to pronounce "Tekumel".
  22. But it is possible that Gloranthan brass occurs naturally as does Gloranthan bronze. Even if it is a Mostali only product, it's probably cheaper than iron.
  23. For whatever it's worth, a quick google search turns up several examples of brass-bound barrels. Personally, I'm an amphora fan, at least for Esrolia. It reinforces the Earth connection.
  24. I prefer the lower roll to win as presented in HQ 2 to the higher roll wins method of HQ:G as the former favors the underdog. I liked the fact that HQ 2 presented optional rules, such as stake points and the death spiral, even if I don't use them myself.
  25. There seems to be consensus that the cargo would be unloaded/unloaded manually. Any idea how long that would take?
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