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  1. Go with any multiple of 17. So you could use 0.17%, 1.7% or 17%.
  2. That's likely the Afadjanni system - but it is pretty much a "top-down" thing. Most people caught up within the machination of it all likely just get on with their lives whilst acknowledging the structure of the Ompalam Cult. That said, if you are a slave on a plantation it is pretty hard to ignore the sheer nastiness of the system (i.e. become a PC). Afadjann is with pout doubt one of he major areas of Glorantha that is really hardly explored, sadly so. A campaign development of "Harrek's Saga" would be great!!!
  3. My first PC was a scorpion man - way back in 1979 when previous experience was only vaguely understood.
  4. Don't forget the social and fraternal (i.e. drinking) societies, associations and sworn brotherhoods - medieval people were pretty mad-keen on joining groups and clubs of all sorts.
  5. The sad fact is that anything outside Central Genertela is very poorly covered (if at all). There isn’t even very much on Teshnos in ‘Revealed Mythologies’.
  6. I've lived in old houses and even renewed an earthen floor... poured bullocks' blood and wiped it for hours to polish up a tough Lino-like surface.
  7. That is indeed what I was looking at. Now I'm far more interested in Pamaltelan pygmies... but you have to start somewhere in order to extrapolate!
  8. Are there any official stats for pygmies? There are the mods to SIZ & STR in 'Drastic Resolutions' and 'Heroes' magazine. However, is there anything further?
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