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    Theya makes the dawn light.
  2. Some things can fit either way, sure. Little Suns having some things in common is clearly a thing. Where it falls apart though is things like Elmali murdering passing Lightbringer worshippers because the cult required them to divorce their wives - that's nonsensical.
  3. You should be well served by forthcoming publications.
  4. Trying to resolve to resolve the conflicts and contradictions will lead only to frustration, the differences are insoluble. The idea of a coherent Moon Design-era corpus has been abandoned in favor of revision. Pick whatever you like.
  5. Another variable would be just how foreign the newcomer is. Allied Clan < Neutral Clan < Hostile Clan < Heortling from outside Sartar < Orlanthi but not Heortling < Theyalan but not Orlanthi < Non Theyalan Human < Human-Adjacent (Wind Children, Hsunchen, Kitori, Men-and-a-Half) < Elder Race. The farther afield you start out, the more track you'll need to lay to get the Ancestors & Wyter on-board.
  6. The Covenant tale gets extra interesting if you intersect it with the idea that everyone but the Danmalstani started out as Hsunchen, with the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic culture coinciding with a fading of connection with their animal sides as they embraced human consciousness through the process of civilization. With Genert being dead, Prax is sort of frozen on the cusp of that transition. The land is too wounded to support further agricultural development, even Pastoralism is only possible with the Covenant magic. However they do have just enough resources to support a permanent temple complex at the Paps. Praxians are categorically not Hsunchen, but are still connected enough with their animals that it shapes their phenotypes (Ostrich Riders are small enough to ride Ostriches, etc.). They don't see themselves as literal siblings with their herds, but their ancestral Founders are seen/remembered as semi-bestial. The Morokanth inverting the typical Hsunchen -> Humans & Beasts transition is more interesting in that light. It also makes me wonder more about the trajectory that the Ducks, Keets, Merfolk, and indigenous (rather than EWF created) Beast Folk may have followed.
  7. That's definitely a thing. A point I try to make in such matters is that even though one can observe, discover, prove, etc. that a 4 and a 1 are both faces of the same die, that doesn't mean that 4=1, that 1 is a mask of 4, or any of those things we hear at times. 4 and 1 can be substantially different and distinct numbers even as they have some things in common as part of a greater whole. For all the analysis of similarities the God Learners brought to bear, the Goddess Swap still failed.
  8. That's funny, my current GM just last night said, "You've gone Full-Brony with this character, havent you?" Yes, yes I have.
  9. Further trope-inversions: In a society full of stormy-eyed bad-boy bad-asses, it's the kind, nurturing, and reliable bad-ass who catches Redalda's eye. Instead of a third-act make-over revealing her "hidden" beauty, she leads with surface beauty and it doesn't work. It's <ahem> unbridling the primal fire within that turns Elmal's head. (Meanwhile, Yncelmalio is off randomly murdering three of Orlanth's friends over losing Ernalda.)
  10. I am all about making room for Nerd-troping those kind of story elements into adventure gaming. Part of why "Bumblebee" is the best Transformers movie is that it's basically "National Velvet," but with giant robot battles to save the world, which was a brilliant. Part of what's neat about Redalda's courtship story is that it both turns the typical dynamic inside out AND kicks the feminine agency and assertive sexuality up several notches. Elmal is the outsider too caught up in healing the wounded horse everyone (but Redalda) laughed at to accept the advances of the Boss's daughter, and the Boss is surprisingly cool about his daughter proposing to a foreigner. She unlocks her hidden inner power and shows Elmal that he doesn't have to choose between her and horses after all. "On their wedding night, she and Elmal rode wildly off together." Oh, myyyy.
  11. Oh, I see. OK. So, for our next session, are we converting to Phoenix Command or Friday Night Firefight?
  12. Magic World is largely Stormbringer-minus-the-Moorcock-IP, though I don't have it myself to look at it's injury rules as such. OTOH, the PDF is $3 so it wouldn't be hard to try on for size. 🙂
  13. Lots of good suggestions here. A lot depends on what parts of Warhammer you want to emphasize, how close you want to hew to the original in terms of magic details, and how much the PCs will be using said magic. While you said Mythras was outside your crunch zone, given the subject matter, you might still consider Mongoose's Deus Vult line as part of your toolkit. It's very much aiming for unravelling occult conspiracies in mostly-low-fantasy Europa Noir, so it might well make for an easy fit for The Old World. Adjust magic to taste, and you'd be in good shape. Whatever you choose for a foundation, you'll probably still want to pick & choose bits from elsewhere to taste, but making that a "get-to" rather than a "have-to" is part of what's nice about BRP. I like Revolution D100's modern design flourishes, RQG importing augments from HeroQuest, Mythras's fighting-style skills, and Stormbringer's Pendragon-esque Major Wound approach in place of hit-locations. It's a good problem to have. (Left field suggestion: (Rolemaster Classic or Against the Darkmaster) + the black powder firearms tables from from 10 Million Ways to Die. Nothing does bleeding out in the gutter like those RM crit tables.)
  14. I suppose I prefer the classic approach to their diet since it's already a twist and inversion of the expectations of the Prax situation. The change-up becomes kind of a double-reverse-Shyamamalan twist, and lacks much impact if you haven't already spent many years with the prior setup. Sign me up for Gern-drawn chariots though.
  15. Vadel realized that the Zeroth Law is that those who do not follow the Law shall age and die. Systematically breaking the rest of the Laws gives them the juice to break Law Zero.
  16. He's also briefly seen on Sakaar in Thor Ragnarok, and joins in the big battle in Avengers Endgame. (He makes another What If appearance as well, but I'll leave the details unspoiled since it's current-ish.)
  17. Another interesting take on Redalda is what the Carpenters came up with for Valley of Plenty. It's more distinct from the Elmal cult rather than the paired cult we got in SKOH, and focusses more on the animal-husbandry (so to speak) angle (Fire+Horse rather then Fire+Truth). If someone wants to go with a horse breeding & riding focussed cult with special selective breeding ritess, magical braids, and secret gaits (and can still use Fire to blaze up weapons or warm hearts as the situation demands) it's great. Also of note: Even with the distinct Elmal & Redalda orders, both in VoP are explicitly co-ed, as is the cult of their daughter Andred - a sort of justice hunter.
  18. Sure, but at least the Boggles voted Remain.
  19. Sure. I can imagine taking that as a model for scale and re-adjust to HQG's take where a majority of Elmali followed Monrogh to Vantar but the rump of the Elmal+Redalda complex remained the niche Sun cult tradition in places without a Sun Dome nearby (as the Yelmalions, quite pointedly, left). If the Yelmalio:Elmal:Redalda propertions were still roughly 3:1:1, and that 5750 figure includes traditional Elmali, a throwback balance would be Y3450:E1150:R1150. A better approach though given how the other numbers have grown would be to treat 5750 as all Monroghist Yelmalions. In that case, the 3:1:1 proportion puts Elmal and Redalda each at 3833. That's once again pretty close to Humakt & Issaries. None of these numbers are precise of course, and it's all ultimately arbitrary, but that's roughly how many Redaldans would be around if you wanted the HQ-style Heortling Sun cults to fit nicely within a RQG-like balance in your Glorantha. OK, since we ended up there, let's talk Elmal v. Yelmalio in the context of gender roles and women's place in cults and society. Ironically, the E:R gender parity in SKOH is probably something that was indirectly brought about by Monrogh's schism. Those who left probably skewed hard towards men, and bachelors especially, given the Sun Domers' less equitable posture towards women (cover those salacious arms, ladies) and peculiar marriage rules. Those who remained would be those who were not discontent to begin with and with reasons not to leave: deeper ties to the communities they defended, healthy extended family relationships, respect for their native traditions, and general contentment with Loyal Thaning it up - rather than being seduced by the idea of strutting around in gold armor, aping Pelorian patriarchy, oppressing serfs, and stabbing people for money. In the wake of the surprise exodus of Monrogh's (dudebro-heavy) apostates, the remaining Elmali would suddenly find themselves less represented within the rump cult relative to the Redaldans and simultaneously more reliant upon them for mutual support in the face of their new rivals. If any of the remaining Elmali had not already regarded Redaldans as equal partners, I imagine they were cured of that blindness in short order. The place of women in Sun Domer society is odd (and maybe some new book is about to come out and tell us that Vantar is way different from Mo Bustra in this respect, but the previous descriptions of the Vantar crew have been indistinguishable from their better known coreligionists). They admit women, but they're only equal-ish. They encourage them to be in supporting or subservient roles, dress modestly, etc. but as Vega illustrates they can climb to the top of the pile if they can beat the crap out of every chauvinist that stands in their way. It's unclear to me what her marriage options would be within cult law. Could she wed a Nandani and maintain her standing? I suspect Belvani would try to use that against her. You can see where, to me at least, a Glorantha with this sort of conflict and contrast dynamically in play is a more interesting Glorantha than one where Elmal is a passe footnote and Redalda is just Hippoi in a dress. I especially appreciate Redalda being there as a warrior option for women that doesn't involve the weird gender disconnect from normalcy that swirls around Vinga at times (to say nothing of Babeester Gor) and without any contention that she's really "just" Elmal in female form. It's easy for me to say that of course, as I don't have to write 100 cults. Uralda's myth in KoDP is great, and the costumes in the art are too much fun.
  20. Alas. While I can of course keep playing with the Glorantha where where Redalda has as many followers as Humakt or Issaries and the Elmal+Redalda complex casually has gender parity like it's no big deal, I wish more would have been written about it.
  21. I don't see where anything in the Guide contradicts what you previously laid out for the cult distributions, though obviously you know what you're writing in the forthcoming cults book. While I respect your enthusiasm for the revised Glorantha you are currently in the midst of forging and wish your efforts nothing but success, please though, consider how the way you framed your evolving perspective there might feel to someone who as a newcomer only a few years ago paid $100 for the Sartar books in part on the strength of your having written at the time that they were on the short list of works that Moon Design would use as a foundation going forward. While it's fine for Chaosium's Gloranthas to vary, the new approach to the idea being different from the old doesn't require framing your earlier work as invalid any more than the 1942 full-orchestra arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue makes the 1924 version wrong. <deep breath, exhale> That having been said, where does Redalda fit into this new picture? Am I correct in assuming that you are lumping her followers along with the Elmali holdouts into the enlarged Yelmalio total (up from 3k in the previous work), or do they sit within your Other bracket? While there are some horse connections, Redalda-as-such doesn't figure into Yelmalio lore at all that I've seen, and the Sun Domers' marital practices are of course a bit peculiar. What is the picture like for Redaldans this new model?
  22. Still pondering this. Quick initiate headcount check for mainly-women cults via Sartar-KoH: Ernalda: 40,000 Esrola: 5000 Asrelia 1500, Maran Gor: 1500, Ty Kora Tek 1500, Vinga 1500 Redalda 1000 Babeester Gor 250, Kiero Fin 250 I'm not pointing these numbers out trying to stir up some kind of rivalry or competition here (ponders new posts to the Pop Star Captain thread). What I'm getting at is that while Vinga may be the most common path for ladies who take up arms (with Maran's followers heavily clustered up among the mountains), Redalda's 1000 is a more prominent presence than we'd expect from the discussion in this thread so far. They're not even super clustered at Runegate, with only 100 there, per Sartar Companion. Further,(ignoring recent retcons for the moment) the counts show just as many Redaldans as Elmali (1000 remaining after Monrogh's movment). Think about that. A clan's loyal thane, cavalry captain, etc. is as equally likely to be of either sex, and this is totally normal. For comparison, look at a few other members of the One Thousand Club: Humakt, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Urox, Yinkin. Redaldans are just as common as any of those, and unlike specialist warrior cults like Humakt, Urox, or Babeester Gor they (and Elmali who did not follow Monrogh) are pro-social, marriage & community friendly rather than sacral outsiders. Circling back to all the marriage role-modeling and elemental pairing stuff that went round above, the Foreigner Marriage may contain deeper secrets than it seems at first. The Redaldan path seems to reconcile more dichotomies than just the obvious one.
  23. Let's toss some more attention Redalda's way. She and her followers manage to buck (so to speak) a lot of these dynamics. Feminine + Fire. Riding through hills & plains with the wind in their hair, kicking ass and upholding Truth, yet also being comfortable with matrimony and life centered around upholding a community. There is no contradiction between tending the hearth and defending it. In particular, I love how her & Elmal's partnership involves the two of them doing things together and supporting one another hand in hand in a way that is very different from Orlanth & Ernalda's dynamic. This too is womanhood in Sartar. (Must... resist... urge... to start... Elmal... vs... Yelmalio argument...)
  24. I expect that Lanbril followers are tacitly accepted by Grandfather Mortal, and that long-running organized crime families actively cultivate both connections.
  25. Redalda is femme Fire, as was Osara in 6 Ages.
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