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  1. The SRD has been released, but I would expect the Worlds of Wonder packs to follow the core release of the commercial print run as one of their functions is going to be to drive sales of the core system. Now that Ian has mentioned its existence in the podcast interview with Robin Laws I think I can mention that I did hand in the pulp genre pack some time ago so I would expect Cosmic Zap! to be at a similar stage of development if not further advanced.
  2. One thing about QuestWorlds is that as an engine it really lends itself to superheroes because you can do anything with it. I don't know how far Ron Edwards is with Cosmic Zap! but given the amount of time QuestWorlds has been in development I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's pretty far along. As for a release date--I don't think any of those are going to be even determined before they get the new edition out.
  3. I would suggest trying to get in touch with @Ian Cooper as he is in charge of the QuestWorlds line and see if there's anything you could do for the project. I really like what I've seen from and about QuestWorlds so far. It's a great system and you can do so much with it.
  4. Really good interview with Ian, and I'm not just saying that because he said nice things about me.
  5. Downloaded--It looks cool and I'm looking forward to using it.
  6. Hopefully, the existence of the new BRP SRD means that the QW SRD isn't far behind--I know the license was a hold up and it sounds like they have that done.
  7. Hey @Ian Cooper is there any more news on this you can share?
  8. I see the real purpose of any rule system as being to create a shared experience at the table. RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and Call of Cthulhu are each written to emphasize different aspects of the possible group experience, and the key to choosing a system is to consider the experience you and your group are looking for. RuneQuest excels at the gritty details you want for a game that feels like the historical Bronze Age, while HeroQuest lets you explore the mythic Bronze Age where every encounter takes on some kind of emotional or spiritual significance. Moving away from Glorantha for a moment and
  9. As I understand it, the idea behind QuestWorlds is to open up the very strong HQ engine to a wide variety of games and settings. Once it comes out it should be a very strong competitor to systems like FATE and the PbtA games.
  10. Yeah, I don't think duplicating genres is going to be a problem as long as there's a unique hook to any pack.
  11. I don't know what you're working on, but so far the only packs that have been actually mentioned are the three from the original post: Supers, Pulp, and Sci-Fi, and another thread which mentions some interest in Tékumel, but nothing solid. If you're looking at something outside those areas then the chance of overlap is minimal, and even those fields are pretty broad. Pulp alone can range from noir detectives to over-the-top adventures like the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi is very different from space adventure. What you should be asking yourself is
  12. It looks like it would certainly be possible to license it, though I don’t know if Chaosium would be willing to make the effort at this time. I just wanted to remind people that licensing the IP is a necessary step in the process.
  13. I would love to see some Tékumel stuff for HeroQuest or the SRD but I wonder about the licensing issues.
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