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  1. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Side activity for a merchant character in Garhound, Sun County

    She could spot a local product (e.g., a smooth stone used for door stops) and realize that it is actually in high demand elsewhere (e.g., it is white jade used in Kralori religious ceremonies). Her task would then be to corner the market without letting the locals know how valuable it really is.
  2. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    New HQ products?

    Feedback: Fonrit! Fonrit! Fonrit! Thanks, David.
  3. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Chaosium dragon logo flopped on BIG RUBBLE - any reason?

    Now if you have an intact copy of Griffin Mountain, I'll be really impressed (reversed wyrm or not). I've never seen any other books disintegrate quite so spectacularly.
  4. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    RQ - "one of the Great Games, a defining thing for our hobby"

    I don't think any system in which the best spell is "Take that, You Fiend" is classy :-) Or did you mean that it uses character classes?
  5. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    You would be shocked at how many native speakers with advanced degrees still get that wrong. I salute the French educational system.
  6. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Pentan religion

    Arkat was a troll. The other theories are just human lies.
  7. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Status of Eleven Lights?

    I missed that; thanks.
  8. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Status of Eleven Lights?

    Hi! Are there any updates on the status of the dead tree edition of Eleven Lights? IIRC, it was due in December. Thanks, David.
  9. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Aldryami vs uz

    I believe that there is actually a discussion of this in one of the Pavis supplements for RQ2 (?). While I don't remember the whole thing, I believe that the elf runelord, when asked how they would fight off ten times their number of trolls, explained that each of the elves would simply shoot ten arrows.
  10. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    But "while gold by itself will not gain you good soldiers, good soldiers may readily get you gold."
  11. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Setting Narrative Difficulty

    Thanks for the link. Out of curiosity, why is the "Mother of Monsters' adventure the only one not available in pdf? Or am I misreading it?
  12. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    1652 Great Flood

    FWIW, I think that the trolls are saving the world (as usual). The firebergs are returning someday, and a nice big glacier would be the ideal way to stop them. The flooding is just collateral damage.
  13. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 10 - Deep Discussion

    One of the more interesting ideas from an interview with Sandy Petersen is that there was one superhero in all of time who embodied each rune. Harrek is death/destruction/conflict.
  14. Revilo Divad Of Dyoll

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Could there also be moments when, as the Blue Moon falls into Magasta's pool, it momentarily blocks the Sun (at least from certain angles)?