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  1. I don't recall the date of SKoH, but the Dundealos also rebelled in 1618(?).
  2. Okay, I vote that it should be the crimson bat.
  3. I vote for the Crimson Bat.
  4. Clever. What does that imply for the figure on the God's Wall that is just a dot over a set of lines? Thanks, David.
  5. Hi! Your math is wrong - it takes 2x as many HP to increase a keyword as an ordinary ability (HQ2 at p.57). Thanks, David.
  6. I assume, if you already have the Seven Winds material, that you have the Sartar Companion, which has the last "official" write-up of Kolat? This lists a Darkness spirit society called the "Night Listener." Thanks, David.
  7. Are these migrations with the First Council or the EWF? If so, how did they maintain contact after the Dragonkill? Thanks, David.
  8. Hi GeminniRed - I don't know if you have access to the old "Troll Gods" book, but Annilla is described there as she is worshipped by the trolls of the Blue Moon Plateau. Her cult makes a great enemy if you like sneaky, lunar-aligned trolls. Thanks, David.
  9. Hi! I once asked a similar question of Greg Stafford back on the old Yahoo forum, and the ultimate answer seemed to be "yes, but . . ." My best guess (not being an illuminate), is that, using the book analogy for Godtime, you can heroquest to any page of the book, but can't change the ending. So to use your examples, you can create a subcult of Orlanth dedicated to Orlanth the murderer because that is part of his story. You could not create a subcult of Malia dedicated to Malia the healer, because that is no longer part of her story. Similarly you could not create a subcult of Yemalio dedicated to Yelmalio the firelord because that is no longer part of his story. (But you can create any subcult to Eurmal you want, and, of course, any god may have undiscovered stories). Thanks, David.
  10. Hi! As you can see from the responses, there are no definitive answers to this question. In my Glorantha: (1) "True" draconic magic is a by-product of Draconic mysticism. It is not something you learn; it is something you realize after having obtained a sufficient level of enlightenment. And it is not something you cast; you essentially just use it or not use it. This is probably not helpful to you since you want PCs to use it in a game. (2) If you somehow do become an initiate of Draconic mysticism (meeting a dragon, becoming possessed by a second age ghost, being instructed by a renegade dragonewt), I have always liked the suggestion (made by Sandy Petersen in a zine?) that using dragon magic destroys your personality. For example (applying this to the current rules), using a draconic healing spell would reduce your Fertility Rune percentage, while sprout wings might reduce your Mobility Rune. A dragonewt can eventually recover from this and rebalance, while a human cannot (i.e., it reduces your maximum in a rune). So human users of dragon magic become more and more alien and probably become monsters if they destroy too much of their personality. (3) But as mentioned in the earlier answers, there are plenty of "false" dragon magic cult that a player character can join; for example the Path of Immanent Mastery, which teach spells that look like dragon magic as ordinary rune magic or sorcery. The EWF probably had something similar (it started off as "true" Draconic mysticism, but lost its way) which could be rediscovered by an adventurer. I don't know if you have the old Gods of Glorantha book, but there are versions of the Path of Immanent Mastery available on the internet to use a model. I hope this is helpful. Thanks, David.
  11. Other than Hero Wars, the only stats that I am aware of are the D&D-type description in 13G.
  12. Huh. I just assumed the Naga were slarges. (Or maybe lascerdans). Too simplistic, I guess.
  13. I assume that she will have her own special rune.
  14. Hi! If you're not limiting the question to the Dragon Pass area, the 17 (?) brothers and sisters of Garangordos in Fonrit are all essentially gods of various crafts. Thanks, David.
  15. It would not be Runequest if there weren't problems with the binding.
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