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  1. I seem remember that in Balazar, you could free Firshala with a Dispel Magic 4. So I guess Your Deity May Vary as well 🙂
  2. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. The original write-ups of Kolat and Serdrodosa were very evocative. If you can find them (I think they were online only), they are worth a look, for color if nothing else. [I agree that they are no longer canon (Serdrodosa is a full shamanic path and is not an aspect of Asrelia [I think])]. Thanks, David.
  3. The Grotarons probably have ivory from the saber toothed mountain mammoth. But they don't trade it to outsiders.
  4. Those aren't real Welsh words. They have vowels.
  5. That's very good news. Given the quality of the previous releases, it would be a shame to see the line perish. So then how about a QuestWorlds Fonrit? 🙂
  6. Hi! He could always head on over to Prax, join the Sunset Society, or worship the Dark Eater et al. If you have access to Tales of the Reaching Moon, they have little write ups of all the Praxian sprit cults. Thanks, David.
  7. I don't recall the date of SKoH, but the Dundealos also rebelled in 1618(?).
  8. Okay, I vote that it should be the crimson bat.
  9. I vote for the Crimson Bat.
  10. Clever. What does that imply for the figure on the God's Wall that is just a dot over a set of lines? Thanks, David.
  11. Hi! Your math is wrong - it takes 2x as many HP to increase a keyword as an ordinary ability (HQ2 at p.57). Thanks, David.
  12. I assume, if you already have the Seven Winds material, that you have the Sartar Companion, which has the last "official" write-up of Kolat? This lists a Darkness spirit society called the "Night Listener." Thanks, David.
  13. Are these migrations with the First Council or the EWF? If so, how did they maintain contact after the Dragonkill? Thanks, David.
  14. Hi GeminniRed - I don't know if you have access to the old "Troll Gods" book, but Annilla is described there as she is worshipped by the trolls of the Blue Moon Plateau. Her cult makes a great enemy if you like sneaky, lunar-aligned trolls. Thanks, David.
  15. Hi! I once asked a similar question of Greg Stafford back on the old Yahoo forum, and the ultimate answer seemed to be "yes, but . . ." My best guess (not being an illuminate), is that, using the book analogy for Godtime, you can heroquest to any page of the book, but can't change the ending. So to use your examples, you can create a subcult of Orlanth dedicated to Orlanth the murderer because that is part of his story. You could not create a subcult of Malia dedicated to Malia the healer, because that is no longer part of her story. Similarly you could not create a subcult of Yem
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