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  1. It would not be Runequest if there weren't problems with the binding.
  2. Of no import, but I pronounce them: OR-lan-thee PA-vis (pa as in pack) XUN-chen (the Chinese sound that was originally transliterated as "hs")
  3. Hi! Is there a U.S. distributor, or is this purely by mail (from the UK)? Thanks, David.
  4. My two bolgs, for what it's worth: The RQ6 mysticism rules are the best ones I've seen mechanically, but they suffer a bit from the effort to make all the magic systems balanced. I agree with everyone else that the Hero Wars mysticism rules were a flop. I do think that there is "mystic magic," draconic mysticism being an example of this. I wouldn't have thought of the Land of Ninja rules as mysticism, but it's great box set, and if you get a chance you should certainly pick it up. Thanks, David.
  5. On that note, I would expect Teshnans to be reasonably skilled at diamond cutting, having learned from the Mostali of Diamond Mountain.
  6. If you can get HQ1, the introductory adventures there are really fun. (I particularly enjoyed the one with the little girl ghost, but the name escapes me). Thanks, David.
  7. Per Anaxial's Roster, Oria made the first harpies to punish men who killed their mothers, and some still serve as her furies, but most have abandoned their duties and now plague all men.
  8. My memory is that it was fine at lower levels, but in a long-lasting campaign (even at only INT percentage chance of increasing each adventure it was successful, IIRC, it eventually went up), it soon got up to levels where it made too much of a difference. In other words a 50% (for example) reduction in each opponent's chance to hit was unworkable. But it probably depends on what type of campaign you are running. Although Dodge is not perfect, I found that it worked better.
  9. That was my first thought as well -- but then I realized, that's exactly what the Vadeli want you to think. Yup, just a few harmless sailors in town, nothing to see here.
  10. For noncanonical material, Tales of the Reaching Moon No. 10 was the sea issue, and at least Tradetalk Nos. 13 and 14 had articles that relate to the sea and seafaring..
  11. I don't know if that would work or not, but I suspect that the Gift Carriers will be visiting you soon.
  12. Are there supposed to be pictures? I just see text on a white background.
  13. Not to disagree with the basic premise, but I believe that Poseidon traditionally rode a chariot drawn by Hippocampuses (hippocampi?).
  14. You could adapt the mysticism rules from Mythras. In terms of mechanics, they are very clean and work well (and the effects are distinct from animism/sorcery/theism).
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