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  1. When you have it i want that coupon 😉
  2. I'm interested on it when it will be available but i wasn't enough for wait all the crowdfunding process. Still, it is a sad notice but i hope it will be finished soon.
  3. So, we will have some notice this month? It will be nice. How is the progress about rpg?
  4. On the first version of my script i used d12 whenever possible until i realized that i got 1d12+1d2 instead of 2d10+1d2. The second one is the value showed on the table and has a better minimun damage so i modified for no use d12. I cheched my algorythm until STR+SIZ=1111 just for fun, on table i play on human levels, the bigger thing i used was a uro and a giant spider not titans 😋 PD: if you want a bigger table is easy for my print it until the values you need or you can use it on https://repl.it/@NestorC/Mythras-Damage-Modifier
  5. There is no d12 over STR+SIZ>61 because the step for STR+SIZ 111-120 is 2d10+1d2 and not 1d12+1d10 This is my own, dirty script: from math import ceil from math import fabs def calcbd(num): dices=2 results=[] while not results: if dices<3: for i in [6,8,10]: for j in [6,8,10]: if i*(dices-1)+j+2==num: results.append((dices,i,j)) else: for i in [2,4,6,8,10]: for j in [2,4,6,8,10]: if i*(dices-1)+j+2==num: results.append((dices,i,j)) dices+=1 choice=() for i in results: if i>choice: choice=i if i[1]==i[2] and i[0] <3: return i return choice def print_and_method(STR,SIZ): if STR+SIZ<51: bd="" dice=(ceil((STR+SIZ)/5)-5)*2 if dice<0: bd="-1d" else: bd="+1d" if dice ==0: print 0 else: print bd+str(int(fabs(dice))) elif STR+SIZ > 50 and STR+SIZ <61: print "+1d12" elif STR+SIZ>60: maxdmg=ceil((STR+SIZ)/10)*2 bd=calcbd(maxdmg) if bd[1]==bd[2]: print "+"+str(bd[0])+"d"+str(bd[1]) else: print "+"+str(bd[0]-1)+"d"+str(bd[1])+"+1d"+str(bd[2])
  6. Was the cards included on pdf pledge?
  7. Nice. I was looking for a section named "hooks", "conversion" or similar. I'm still using extended conflicts and advanced armour cover on mythras and it fit very well.
  8. One of the features promised on Ululu was "Hooks that allow you to “plug in” rules found in other OGL percentile-based games." Where are it? Maybe i need to read the document more deeply? Thanks
  9. If you give a size class L to a human it will be mechanical implications so it is not a light decision. For little Jhon and RD100 rules, i will prefer use a narrative description and a proper STR value with size class m. Size class are ok if you don't like high numbers on str and size characteristic for things like mechas or Godzilla.
  10. Al this maths are just for understand the system (my own understanding) and made easy conversions from other d100 system to RD100 and vice versa.
  11. Also it is offline for me.
  12. So for calculate the size class you can get the mass and fit on the scale? A Board of 80kg has Size class M (50-120kg), str 9, an a giraffe of 5m, 1200kg, size XXXL (1000-2000kg), str 6? An animal of size L, 100kg, has str 3, so can brawl with an other animal size m, 100 kg, str 13? It implies that if you are a human size m, str 10 you must be at least +-85kg of mass...
  13. So, a big human with str 18 and 150kg of muscle still is weaker than a undersized str 11 female bear of 100kg?
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