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  1. The New England regional map inset (page 2 of map pack) showing distances omits MA-2 (formerly NE-7) and/or the Aylesbury Pike which would be the likelier route between Arkham & Brattleboro/Cobb’s Corners. Distance is about 120 miles.
  2. “The Queen of Night” in Arkham Gazette 3 is a very open-structured scenario, though it is also about Arkham witches. Otherwise “The Bosworth House” in issue 1 might fit the bill. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/7573/Sentinel-Hill-Press
  3. I am very glad that these worthy books won't be lost only to collectors and completists. But speaking as one of those types however... are you including some of the ephemera like the Cards from the Smoke and the Journal of Neve Selcibuc in your count of "Britannica" books? Even with those I can only get to eleven titles (unless the World War Cthulhu: London guidebook is included) Cthulhu Britannica Avalon: the County of Somerset Shadows Over Scotland Ballad of Bass Rock (PDF only) Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore Cthulhu Britannica: London Cards from the Smoke (Cards) CB: London - The Journal of Neve Selcibuc CB: London - The Journal of Reginald Campbell Thompson CB: London - Postcards The Curse of Nineveh Also, while I realized you probably cannot say, is there any chance manuscripts for some of their announced-but-never-published books (like guides to Liverpool, Nottingham, and Oxford/Cambridge or an Elizabethan era sourcebook) were included?
  4. As discussed in Arkham Gazette 2 (and the Keeper’s Guide to Miskatonic Country Scenarios), “Children of the Deep” was never much more than a book outline, cancelled during the post-Magic bust in the late 90s. Fred Behrendt, the author, has no plans to return to the project. Many works of fiction have examined a post-Raid Innsmouth but nothing for CoC. The Delta Green RPG has offered their take on it, focusing more on the imprisoned inhabitants rather than the town.
  5. As some who, very fortunately, has a pretty good collection of older CoC books, I'd love to see some genuine rarities included in this reprint drive - for example Australia's Cthulhu Conglomerate produced some great tournament scenarios in the mid 80s to early 90s (a few of which, like "Taterdamalion" were published in Chaosium books). I've only managed to ever pick up one and I've looked (though I found a few outside my budget). On the plus side, most of the people involved are still around (and like Mark Morrison, still making things for Call of Cthulhu). There was even a list of them in Dagon #25 Crack'd and Crook'd Manse [already in Mansions of Madness] Plague Dogs The Bride of Abhoth Black as Coal [published in an Australian gaming magazine] The Dark Continent Haitian Horror [published in Australian gaming magazine] Better Dead His Master's Voice Abhoth Omnipotens In Memory Yet Green Who Mourns for Adonis? Untimely Ripped Plus a few more from after that article was published... Tatterdamalion [published in Fatal Experiments] The Devil's Children [published by Pagan Publishing] Persons Unknown The Secret of Smuggler's Cove
  6. The "weird shark thing" covered book is Dark Designs, which was a 3-scenario collection for Gaslight (that is a by the way.) There was one other regular release Gaslight scenario collect - Sacraments of Evil - that had six scenarios. There are a scattering of Gaslight scenarios in others books (most recently in Nameless Horrors, which had 2 I believe) plus licensee materials like The Golden Dawn (very very unlikely to ever be reprinted) and several projects from Stygian Fox (Hudson and Brand, several stand alone scenarios), and a handful of magazine scenarios. Fan-materials add more scenarios, either in older MULA monographs or more recently for the Miskatonic Repository. There was even an all Gaslight issue of the fanzine The Whisperer. Cthulhu Dark Ages came out during a period of very few products being released in any given year by Chaosium (and the 1st edition was a translation of a German book called 1000AD) so there weren't any regular releases for CDA. Instead there were some monographs (sourcebooks like The Abbey), a couple scenario collections (all Viking-related I think), and a scattering of individual scenarios in monographs and magazines - first in Worlds of Cthulhu and then again more recently in Bayt al Azif. There are only one or two Misk Rep. Dark Ages releases.
  7. For the past several days I have tried several times to reply to a private message on the site or to send a new one. I can compose a message (and fortunately they are still autosaved) but when I hit send nothing happens. This is also true of newly created messages. I have tried this on my desktop computer and using a smart phone. UPDATE - Another user sent me a message successfully and, for reasons beyond my ken, I was able to finally reply to other messages again. Thanks!
  8. The Dagon of Innsmouth ≠ the Canaanite Dagon. It was more a New England Puritan shorthand for “Paganism” (in the sense of not being Christian, not the Gardnerian Wiccan variations). See - https://sentinelhillpress.com/2015/10/23/october-ganza-day-23-dagon-in-new-england/ (or issue 2 of the Arkham Gazette for a revised and expanded take.)
  9. One thing to remember is that contemporary ideas of Hastur, with the King in Yellow being an avatar of that being, has a complicated evolution Chambers references Hastur as a place or a character in some of his stories mentioning the King in Yellow (Hastur being first mentioned by Ambrose Bierce) Lovecraft reads Chambers and name-drops Hastur and the Yellow Sign in "The Whisperer in Darkness" and a few other places August Derleth, trying to create his own Cthulhu Mythos god, latches onto Hastur and makes it a rival of Cthulhu. Derleth often blurs the line between his fiction and Lovecraft's, creating the impression that some of Derleth's ideas are Lovecraft's. Call of Cthulhu writers weave these elements together so we have both the creepy play of Chambers and the squishy octopus/corpse thing (we get the "don't say Hastur 3 times or it appears" meme from AD&D by the way) John Tynes rolls back most of the Derlethian elements in his article "Road to Hali" (as mentioned above) and later Delta Green products build off this. He describes the King in Yellow as being personification of Entropy. True Detective (season 1) sparks an expanding interest in all things King in Yellow (as part of a general rise in informational and memetic horror in genre fiction and related hobbies), so we get KiY-like horrors such as The Hanged King in the shared-SCP Foundation. So you can have three different versions of the same horror in Call of Cthulhu (and related games) - the very Derlethian horrors of "The Evil Stars" (in Cthulhu Now), the hybrid King in Yellow with Derlethian elements of The Tatters of the King campaign, or the "there's no such thing as Hastur" tone of the Delta Green campaign Impossible Landscapes. All start with much of the same inspiration but have very different interpretations
  10. While @krossknows far better, I can add some information about Escape from Innsmouth It was the only “core” Lovecraft Country book that wasn’t updated in the d20 reprints (“HP Lovecraft’s...”) from 2003. Instead its second edition was in 1997(? Working from memory here). That 2nd edition includes a new raid objective - the Marsh Refinery - as well as another scenario by Kevin Ross, “The Crawford Inheritance”. I think the 2nd ed lacks the fine fold-out map but that might just be my used copy. The Raid mega-scenario was divided into sections, each with a different author. I may have misunderstood your comments, but they were not meant to be 1-on-1 scenarios between a Keeper and one investigator; instead, the regular investigators are divided between raiding parties. Anyone whose investigator is not in that party takes on other raiders - Marines or Federal Agents. I assume this was run as a convention event at some point, but don’t for certain know.
  11. Here is the list - last updated April 30 - for all of the products submitted: https://ennie-awards.com/2021-submissions/
  12. They only have cross-sections but this site has just about every other detail about U-boats one might need. https://www.uboat.net/wwi/
  13. I think it is of similar quality to BB1; some of the scenarios are excellent, and almost all are adequate and provide a fun emulation of various horror genres. Wasn’t a 3rd volume in the works?
  14. Happy to cater to your nostalgia:) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/220315/The-Dare
  15. It is out of print and you’d have to find a copy on eBay or another secondary retailer. Uttati Asfet (set in 1991) is available on DriveThru - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/1656/Utatti-Asfet A Resction of Time (a two part short modern campaign) is likewise there https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/1656/Utatti-Asfet Finally, Unseen Masters (it won a Stoker award!) is there too: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/82500/Unseen-Masters
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