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  1. While we are waiting for issue 4 (and more) as well as the Dare to finally get out to the world, we thought we would offer PDFs of all the issues of the Arkham Gazette at discount for everyone self-isolating or who have had their lives disrupted by COVID-19. Hopefully a little light reading about witches, Deep Ones, and many more horrors will bring a little light to everyone. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/240397/Arkham-Gazette-Quarantine-Special-BUNDLE (Original PDF price $32.00, sales price $19.99, over 1/3 off - 320 pages of content, 4 scenarios, dozens of articles, a tiny
  2. I like to have more than one issue in development, in case submissions for one issue take off so we might redirect Our efforts, as well as to offer authors a least some variety in topical we’re most actively interested in. Earlier this week I put out a call for submissions to issue #6 of the Arkham Gazette; next I’d like to talk a bit about our proposed issue #7, which is focused on Dunwich. So far the Arkham Gazette has not had too much Dunwich-related content, though we did post a Keeper’s guide to sources and ideas for Dunwich that remains of use to potential authors today. What we ar
  3. While I freely admit that the project has suffered unacceptable delays, I do object to being described as snide or you suggestion I'm simply living off the good will of previous projects. Refunds were (and yet still are) available without complaint to any backers unhappy with the status of the project and I have paid those few requested without complaint. I should note that, unlike other projects discussed, we have provided a draft text of the updated scenario (as well as the original 1996 text of the scenario) since soon after the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. We have also releas
  4. The Arkham Gazette, as ever, is looking for submissions. Today we posted a call for a particular variety of submission - short (250-500 words) item descriptions that we've dubbed 'Curios'. Of particular interest are items connected to Kingsport, the subject of our next (hopefully soon forthcoming) issue. For more information, see here: https://sentinelhillpress.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/call-for-submissions-curios/
  5. I am happy to announce, after a long wait, that Arkham Gazette #2 is now available (in PDF only currently). The issue was written for the 6th edition of the Call of Cthulhu rules (and might be the last thing ever released as such since it was grandfathered in - Thanks Chaosium!) but a separate PDF with 7th Edition conversion notes is forthcoming as is a separate PDF for all the handouts. A print on demand option will be available in the near term. The price for the PDF of the issue is $12 for 117 pages of Innsmouth horrors of all types. Buy it now before the Deep
  6. I notice that several of the first wave of Misk. Rep. submissions are set in Arkham ("classic" or modern) and that has inspired me to make the following offering: If you're interested, PM me here or send an email to arkhamgazettemagazine@gmail.com
  7. I wanted to let everyone know about our new, 10-days-only, Kickstarter campaign - THE DARE, a scenario by Kevin Ross: Originally published in 1996 (in Dwellers in Shadow, by Triad Entertainments) THE DARE was intended as a one-shot scenario in which you played a group of children trapped in a haunted house. We are updating and expanding the scenario : Revised for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Rules Expanded the scenario significantly Added lots of Keeper advice for setting mood and tone (for example tips on how to modify the scenario for use with younger
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