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  1. However if you read the damage sections of the special damage types other than crushing they say that a critical does max damage.
  2. Adventure book pg 4 last paragraph of scenarios section should be "gamemaster may need to adjust" rather than adjustment
  3. sladesy

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    Pg 269 somewhat contradicts that and says that most members of the cult are lay members. Most people will not have access to rune magic just those who are in the cult hierarchy.
  4. sladesy

    Tracking MP - The Fishy Way

    You could use different colors
  5. sladesy

    Character sheet download?

    There is a download link for it in the RQG book page.
  6. sladesy

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    As someone who suffers from moderate color blindness the brown elf and green elf distribution map on page 12 is difficult to differentiate.