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  1. really fast turn around for me. ordered last thursday on the 11th and my slipcase set was delivered today... now waiting for the clock to turn to go home and open it.
  2. On page 29 "If the event indicates that your adventurer gains a Passion (Love, Hate, Loyalty, Fear, Devotion, Honor, etc.) that Passion starts at 60%, unless indicated otherwise. If your adventurer already has the Passion, increase it by +10%, unless indicated otherwise."
  3. these two posts from an older thread make it sound like you will be able to use the coupons on both books and also they will have a partial slipcase set available online.
  4. He can't attack her until she is in range. His statement of Intent is to wait until she is in range. So he had to wait to to attack until she had moved. So her spell happens prior to her moving while he is waiting. He is delaying his action. Should go spell then his attack then her attack
  5. Pg.83 chart for heirlooms. The entry for awakened small animal. the last sentence refers to the Bestiary. there are no references for either small animals or awakened animals in the Bestiary. this sentence should probably be removed. it would be nice also to have a reference somewhere for small animals since it says to use normal stats but those are not anywhere to be found.
  6. I think these are two different initiations this article by Greg Stafford clears it up for me. http://www.glorantha.com/docs/orlanthi-initiation-rites/ I look at the fully initiated status as being an initiate level in the cult and obtaining rune points prior to that they would still be lay members
  7. For me it is this quote from page 269 in the RQG book "Most who belong to a cult are lay members, without any authority or position within the cult."
  8. However if you read the damage sections of the special damage types other than crushing they say that a critical does max damage.
  9. Adventure book pg 4 last paragraph of scenarios section should be "gamemaster may need to adjust" rather than adjustment
  10. Pg 269 somewhat contradicts that and says that most members of the cult are lay members. Most people will not have access to rune magic just those who are in the cult hierarchy.
  11. You could use different colors
  12. There is a download link for it in the RQG book page.
  13. As someone who suffers from moderate color blindness the brown elf and green elf distribution map on page 12 is difficult to differentiate.
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