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  1. Just had a little shopping spree and bought MRQ2, HQ2 and OQ(2?). Startet to look through the pdfs now, and I must say that my first impression of OpenQuest is very good. Only read the first 15 pages or so by now, but it looks like Newt and the gang has done some excellent work on this one! SGL.
  2. Thanks, that's valueable feedback. I think the permissions are set correct now so you can both review and rate. Give it another go! SGL.
  3. Berlin 61 has the honour of being the first Basic Roleplaying monograph in print! They haven't gotten around to put it in the Basic Roleplaying category in the catalog together with the pdf, but it's out. Congrats PK! :thumb: SGL.
  4. God Jul! Merry Christmas everyone! SGL.
  5. All the CR games at the convention got signed up before I saw the sheets... ;-( SGL.
  6. Was talking with Charlie on the convention, who said that there was three monographs out BRP, Ashes to Ashes, Berlin '61 and Blind King's Hill. The Blind King's Hill is not on their website yet (I checked), and it turned out he had forgot to upload it before going to the convention. It will appear at Chaosium's website pretty soon when he gets back! SGL.
  7. More creatures for the wiki! :happy: SGL.
  8. I'm currently still in England, at the airport waiting for my flight. Was a great con, and A-state was a excellent game! I'll get a beetle rapport going once I'm back home and rested. SGL.
  9. But since the guy who blocks surely has a 1d6 damage modifier, and should have a high enough martial art skill to do 2d6 damage with his kick, a successfull parry or better vs. a failed attack should do at least 3d6 damage to the attacker's leg, and even for those big guys you would only need about 12 points of damage to maim a leg. The guy have no armor, and maybe he even forgot to cast his protection! He probably have some natural AP though... SGL.
  10. The wiki has suffered from some neglect on my part. I have week 25 off and will work on the site then. I'll update the vBulletin version, but will also try to get around to organize the wiki. It's also no longer supported as the developer have dropped from the site and doesn't answer any messages. I'm curious if the wiki will survive the update to the new vBulletin version. :confused: SGL.
  11. Good thing you pointed it out. The new rules now read as follows: SGL.
  12. I'm thinking about going to the Continuum too. A Gwenthia game would then certainly be on my list then! Maybewe can have a beer together and talk abit too! Might have to bring my girlfriend too then though. I'll have to behave then. Thanks jarulf! The party is on right now actually! Hehe, the game was great! The GM inspiration was actually one of the really good part of the Con. The fur-picture is from your site of course, but forgot to mention that. So, for more picture from the Con: visit Flickr: Darran!'s Photostream SGL.
  13. Triff


    No blog, but a full report will be posted in a couple of days! :thumb: SGL.
  14. Interesting idea, but I'm sceptical of introducing the mathematics of opposed rolls into combat, when I think the parry rules work well as it is. I do think all shields should have higher AP than weapons though. Deflecting would be hard with heavier weapons too... Hmm. :ohwell: SGL.
  15. One of my players lost 57 points of SAN last game session from watching a Great Old One. He's clearly going downhill towards the zero mark, but his insanities makes him more and more into a crazy opus dei monk (sort of cultist) battling devils for the lord, that way he stays playable. (and cthulhu rising IS somewhat of a monster-hunting game. Combat armor and tactical assault rifles with grenade launchers help a lot!) SGL.
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