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  1. Well, I guess I won't be buying the RQ2 Glorantha stuff then. I greatly prefer RQ6, so this is quite the disappointment.
  2. Thanks GianniVacca. So does that mean that Adventures in Glorantha will be overwritten? I would like to start my RQ6 game and picked a copy up, but don't want to change verything when the new version comes out! Thank you nDervish! Does Loz come on here to post ever? I'd love to hear more from horses mouth.
  3. Thanks Rick. If possible to share, do you know if the rules will stillbe based on the adventures in Glorantha release done for GenCon?
  4. With the RQ2 Kickstarter going well, how are Loz and Pete coming along with RQ6 Glorantha ruleset? I don't see any news on the designmechanism website since the GenCon stuff, so hoping that they or Jeff or Rick can give us some idea of how it goes.
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