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  1. I think the write-up on Chaosium's web site is wrong. I'm guessing your adventure is included, they just don't mention it in the description.
  2. By the description it is one scenario written by four authors. But I don't own it.
  3. It was too bad. I guess we learned that the Italian internet doesn't work so good. With 7 players signed up and ready to go, it shows there is interest in BRP on FG2. We'll catch up with you again next time, and thanks for putting in the effort to get it up and running. Nice to put a voice to your forum name.
  4. Silent_bob : Rosen has you down for an alternate spot in the game, given the number of players. From what I have witnessed in online gaming, at least 95% of the time, someone will not show up for a one shot game. Do you have a license for Fantasy Grounds ? Just asking in case I might be able to run a short BRP demo later in the evening, but I have a full license, so you would need a Lite license or better to join one of my games.
  5. The con has officially started, first session in a couple of hours. We still need players for the BRP Apoc session on Saturday and the time slot is somewhat flexible.
  6. Well we have a BRP Fantasy game up and ready for Sunday with enough players signed up. For some reason we don't have enough players for a Post Apoc session on Saturday yet. Keep in mind the GM is flexible in scheduling. You can always just sign up and suggest a different time or day even. I did In case you didn't know, the GM is also the esteemed author of various Alephtar BRP publications.
  7. And I see a Star Wars character sheet was recently uploaded to the site. Many thanks.
  8. Anyone who was interested in this thread will be interested to know that RosenMcstern is running games with FG2 July 21 and July 22. http://basicroleplaying.com/basic-roleplaying/fantasy-grounds-2-virtual-gaming-convention-2012-a-2930/#post45229 the thread to check out on the FG Forums is: FG Virtual Con 2012 - Fantasy Grounds Message Boards
  9. You might want to check out a virtual gaming convention coming up July 20-22. GMs will be using Fantasy Grounds 2 VTT software, and the games are free to play in. I know there is a rules extension for FG2 made for OQ. This would be a good chance to test the software with no obligation. See the thread here: http://basicroleplaying.com/basic-roleplaying/fantasy-grounds-2-virtual-gaming-convention-2012-a-2930/ ( we are hoping for some BRP games on the calendar in the next day or two.)
  10. There is also a thread for BRP FG Con interest on the Fantasy Grounds forums here: BRP and the FG Con - Fantasy Grounds Message Boards ( we are up to 2 interested players )
  11. My own personal preference ( being on the west coast of N.America) is for around 18:00 GMT on Saturday or Sunday. If you are GMT+2 that would put it in your evening ? You could always post more than one slot on the calendar and run whatever fills up. I would prefer a scifi. It would be nice to have a change from the fantasy game I GM on a weekly basis. I'm reserving the weekend for virtual gaming, so this time slot would be a good way to start off the morning.
  12. Cool ! "The Zone" ? that is some good old fashioned post apoc fun right ? that sounds good
  13. The community of Fantasy Grounds 2 users is putting on a virtual global gaming convention. Details of the convention and how to sign up can be found here: Convention details - Fantasy Grounds Message Boards There is a google spreadsheet with a schedule of games and applicable times: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuS4bmZlL0uUdEhLRnQyUFp3cGtkU3g5Ti1jWHZMOGc#gid=0 The basic idea is for experienced GMs/users of Fantasy Grounds 2 Virtual Table Top to host one shot rpg adventures during the weekend of July 20-22, the same way that role playing games are played at such real world conventions like GenCon. The majority of GMs hosting games have an Ultimate license, meaning that no software purchase is required to play in the majority of sessions. We are hoping to show off the functionality of FG2 to new users, and have a fun weekend of gaming. We currently have 17 game sessions scheduled over the weekend using rule sets including D&D, Pathfinder, Rolemaster, Runequest, Mutants & Masterminds, Savage Worlds, The One Ring, Castles & Crusades, and Dresden Files (Fate). This is a global convention so there are games scheduled around the clock. If there are any BRP/D100 GMs out there that are interested in running a session, please help show off the d100 rules. (Hoping Rosen might be able to run a session ) Come to a convention without leaving the comfort of your own home !
  14. Remember that you can get a free pdf if you order the hardcopy from MD. I have pre-ordered and have had a chance to "scroll" through the pdf. It looks very impressive, chock full of goodness. Can't wait to actually read it. I do have one comment about the font, or mainly about the letters t and p and that curly little thing that appears on the left of some of them. I'm finding it a little off putting. My eyes find that little extra bit of script very distracting, almost as if it isn't supposed to be there. If there was any chance to change the pdf I would consider it a positive thing. Nice job and on time to boot !
  15. You have to do what other guys do: recruit them into the game !
  16. Update: An option to be able to do a demo if you have a Full license is being added, and the new version is in beta now. There is also a virtual FG con in the planning stages. Supposed to be lots of GMs who own Ultimate licenses running demos.
  17. wbcreighton


    But now Mongoose is selling something called Wayfarers so the question is: is it related to Legend in any way ?
  18. Is this all brand new material or has it shown up in any of the previous MRQ2 books ?
  19. Was that a promise from Smiteworks or is it one of their goals ? Either way if they could implement it, it could mean lots of exposure.
  20. I still think that FG is the way to go but, there is a guy who has done some impressive programming for the FG community who is now putting time into an app for Google+ hangouts. It is free and is in beta but it shows some promise... Tabletop Forge | Google+ Hangout Virtual Tabletop there is a video of some of the features.
  21. Hey Baron, I've run into a difficulty in running a demo game. Apparently because I have the Full license, I would have to uninstall FG, download and install a unregistered version to run a demo for you. Then I would have to uninstall FG again and download it again and put my key in again. I don't think I want to try that especially cince I'n running a campaign and don't want to gimp it up. Sorry about that. It is easier for someone who hasn't actually bought it to demo unless they bought the Ultimate version.
  22. Not easy to recruit for online games on these forums. Curious if you are using Skype purely for VOIP or with text chat ? In the on line games I have played using Fantasy Grounds, we used Skype for voice (OOC stuff), but also as a text back up in case FG crashed. I noticed there is a ME RM game starting on the FG Guildhouse forum.
  23. I'm no expert on AoS, but it is based on OpenQuest rules and the Mongoose RQ1 rule set. From my reading of OQ, Lifting is based on the skill Athletics ( Brute Force application). I think it is intentionally not detailing how much can be lifted. It would be up to the GM to judge the Difficulty level of the task. If the GM says lifting that boulder is Difficult then apply a -25% penalty to the Athletics skill to complete the action. So no Resistance table required. For Legend rules/MRQ2 you use a skill as follows: Brawn (STR+SIZ) Brawn is used where physical force (pushing, pulling and lifting) needs to be implemented;forcing a jammed door, for instance, or pulling a cart free of a rut in the road. An Adventurer can lift up his STR x1.5 in SIZ without making a Brawn roll. As a mass equivalent, one point of SIZ equals, roughly, 3.5 kilograms. For SIZ and mass above this, the Adventurer needs to succeed in a Brawn roll and if successful he can lift up to three times his STR. If the roll is a critical success, then up to five times STR can be lifted. If the Brawn roll is fumbled, the Adventurer risks injury: he must make a successful Resilience roll or sustain 1D3 points of damage to the Chest Hit Location (armour does not protect against this damage). Once again no Resistance table. So this rules set provides a bit more detail than OQ.
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