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  1. D

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    Maybe he's heroquesting and time passes slower for him than it does in the mundane world?
  2. D


    In RQ3 and I think RQ2 it's under missile weapons, not sure about RQG.
  3. D

    Centaur religion/cults

    Does that mean a centuar who becomes a bear like this still has 6 limbs?
  4. D

    Dragonewt and Telmori werewolf PC's?

    That sounds like a great party, lots of possible plot hooks
  5. D

    what are the possible Humakt foe species?

    It depends on what gease is. Never suffer chaos to live.
  6. D

    Leika's Runepool

    Maybe you'd have to roll under both runes with one roll to get both points, roll in between and get the ones for the rune you rolled under?
  7. D

    what are the possible Humakt foe species?

    Double damage against chaos would work as a more reliable sense chaos for orges and corrupt humans with hidden chaos features.
  8. D

    Leika's Runepool

    I don't see why not, in RQ3 you could stack the same spell bought from different gods, provided it's stackable of course.
  9. D


    I can assure you that when mine arrive, they won't look as good as that, as I've never painted any before.
  10. D

    Six Ages progress update

    A quick search on the web found a couple of Ipad emulators for Windows. I don't know if they are any good.
  11. D

    Can Warding be abused this way?

    That's a great idea. There's probably spells which will counteract these types of sneaky attacks. High counter magic or shield will stop the warding.
  12. D

    Can Warding be abused this way?

    Instead of throwing it, you could make a heavy duty frame and then let an earth elemental carry it underground at the depth of a meter or so, that way 2m is above ground and slowly moving, plus the gnome is too deep to be seen or hurt. Great as temple defenses and never in the same spot twice. You could have a lot of them and have an invisible, moving maze outside the temple entrance.
  13. I'd rather have a delayed high quality product than an on time one thats poor quality.