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  1. Disruption

    When I asked Iskallor if my character could use disrupt on rope, I thought it would be an easy yes/no answer I only asked him as I wasn't in a position to check the rule book when I posted.
  2. What would it require to remake Genert?

    That explains that then
  3. What would it require to remake Genert?

    What happens if they use the eye of Wakboth instead?
  4. The Praxian Tradition

    But not the Messiah
  5. I was just curious to see if she she could be worshipped by nomads for her anti horse magic, but her connection to the Red Goddess might be an issue
  6. How common is Yara Aranis worship among the tribes Prax?
  7. A couple of Banksy's and a load of clan graffiti
  8. Uleria in Solar Cult

    I think Amara as a follow of Uleria, in the style of a Firefly companion, like Sayerson suggested, would suit her down to the ground
  9. What do the men of the Unicorn tribe ride?
  10. What if he only wanted to take it for a joyride and he fully intended to return it afterwards? honest guv. Its my Raven in Iskallor's game, he'd foolishly excepted a drink from another Raven, whom he'd just met, which turned him invisible and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
  11. A Question About Broo

    If I remember correctly, isn't Muria in 'A tale to tell', a human/broo?
  12. I normally play Melock in this game, but because he panicked when he thought something was going to explode and dived in to a pool, only remembering when he hit the water that he couldn't swim and died from a mixture of drowning and being crushed by some sort of water beast when they where at the Giants Finger Holes, I've been running Tarosh Long Neck. Luckily Melock was resurrected but not in time to leave with the others, its been quiet a challenge to run Tarosh differently from Melock as the former is a follower of Thunderbird and is a good fighter and the latter is a sneaky Raven follower who is slowly starting to follow Grandmother of Spiders and had a bound spirit in a spider and then a rubble runner, much to the displeasure and horror of some of the other characters. As has been said by the other players that have posted, Iskallor puts an amazing amount of effort in to the game and the interaction between players is the icing on the cake.
  13. Gloranthan Food

    I always thought the lunar army gave their soldiers 'Ever lasting Waktapus biscuits'