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  1. Can Warding be abused this way?

    In RQ3 it's an enchantment and I don't think you can dispel those. Also isn't dispel magic spirit magic which means you need 2 points to dispel 1 point of divine?
  2. Can Warding be abused this way?

    Only 2 of the sides will be 15cm the 3rd length can be up to 3 meters in length.
  3. Can Warding be abused this way?

    How about making a 15*15*15cm cube with the wards built in to it and then surrounding it with the gloranthan equivalent of a football and kicking it in to the enemies ranks.
  4. Can Warding be abused this way?

    Surely the stakes have to be fixed in relation to each other? But maybe you could fire 4 arrows/wards in to the ground around your enemies and pen them in.
  5. Can Warding be abused this way?

    You could make a thick arbalest bolt out of the 4 wards, with the spell effect facing backwards so when someone tries to remove it they get hit with it. I'd be tempted to tell the players they can do this, but then point out that npc's will also do it.
  6. Disruption

    When I asked Iskallor if my character could use disrupt on rope, I thought it would be an easy yes/no answer I only asked him as I wasn't in a position to check the rule book when I posted.
  7. What would it require to remake Genert?

    That explains that then
  8. What would it require to remake Genert?

    What happens if they use the eye of Wakboth instead?
  9. The Praxian Tradition

    But not the Messiah
  10. I was just curious to see if she she could be worshipped by nomads for her anti horse magic, but her connection to the Red Goddess might be an issue
  11. How common is Yara Aranis worship among the tribes Prax?
  12. A couple of Banksy's and a load of clan graffiti
  13. Uleria in Solar Cult

    I think Amara as a follow of Uleria, in the style of a Firefly companion, like Sayerson suggested, would suit her down to the ground
  14. What do the men of the Unicorn tribe ride?
  15. What if he only wanted to take it for a joyride and he fully intended to return it afterwards? honest guv. Its my Raven in Iskallor's game, he'd foolishly excepted a drink from another Raven, whom he'd just met, which turned him invisible and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.