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  1. D


    I'm glad I was over thinking it. thank you
  2. D


    I kind of agree and it makes my life easier, but in a world where the sun rises through a hole in the ground, surely it would be different?
  3. D


    For my build of Apple Lane, I was trying to workout if the stars faded at sunrise or just blinked out, when something else occurred to me, because Yelm rises through the gates of dawn, it should go from total dark to dawn light almost immediately, with no predawn glow, or at the most, a beam of light shining through the gates that gradually gets wider as Yelm gets neared the gate. has the hive mind got any thoughts?
  4. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    they are really good, thank you for sharing.
  5. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    that's sounds like a great job. so far this is the only thing i've built with blender, but i'll look in to optimising the models, thanks for the tip.
  6. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    thank you. that sounds amazing, was it for work or pleasure? i've been putting off using blender because i wanted to concentrate on learning unreal engine and didn't want to confuse myself with the different controls, but now i'll probably do more in it.
  7. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    thank you. i'm trying to think of the best way to do that, either by making the texture shiny like glass or by flattering the texture so it's only the pattern then making it shiny. i'm thinking the rock has been cut with something hot so the second option is probably the better way to do it.
  8. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    I've been working on the zigzag tunnel and it's been quite challenging, I had to bite the bullet and learn the basics of blender, 3d modelling software. Here are 2 images of 2 different bends, the first one is from a standing POV the other is from a low crouch.
  9. that's very kind of you. I should have some photos to upload of the zigzag tunnel in Rainbow mounds some time this week. It's been a very challenging section of cave to build.
  10. thank you for tagging me, that's a great video.
  11. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    that sounds interesting. i'm guessing they're also looking for magic point stores 🙂
  12. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    just a quick update, I've tried filming a longer sequence with a torch and a light spell, but both have issues with light reflecting off of damp surfaces and generally looking rubbish. Neither are good enough to post, so I'll have to film the caves a different way, probably fixed and panning like CCTV. I'll do this once I've built all the caves.
  13. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    i started it last year, June I think, and it's just kept growing. I wanted to learn how to use Unreal Engine and Apple Lane seemed the ideal starting project. Most of the size is down to textures, when I get nearer to completing it, I'll go through and try to slim it down.
  14. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    thank you. that looks really good. I think I'd have to redo the caves to post as a 3d image as it is just moulded landscape, not imported models. The whole build, apple lane area, so far is over 19gb and covers an area 5km by 7km. Unfortunately it's too big to do as an android app so at the moment it only runs in Windows, which means i have to plug my VR headset into my pc instead of running it on the headset.
  15. D

    The Rainbow Mounds

    thank you, I'll do my best to earn that last star 🙂
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