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    Roleplaying since 1980. Games include DnD Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, owned about 25 rpgs in the 80 s and early 90s. They were sold to Crazy Egor. Current collection is about 18 rps not including all campaign worlds and expansions. Since 2005 have gmed Traveller 2300, Pathfinder, Runequest, Call of Cthulhu and played in others including Shadowrun.
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    Not a complete list but https://rpggeek.com/collection/user/Lost_Carcosa
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    Rochester NY
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    I'm a big gamer, boardgames, rpgs and chess, been a big fan of chaosium since the 80s and glad it's going strong.

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  1. I have been a fan of Chasoium and Runequest since 1987, and I am amazed at what Greg has done with Glornantha, and for founding the best game company around (at least for me for the past 30 years). Thank you Greg you have left your mark on the world with an incredible mythology and legacy that will last long beyond your time. My condolences to your family and friends, I wish we could have met.
  2. I don't have the chance to play Runequest in Glorantha right now, but I was looking for some audio of actual gameplay to listen to. Couldn't find it anywhere. If you are currently playing now and have the ability, maybe someone could record their game sessions and upload them to archive.org for free. If not I might get a game running eventually and put the recording up myself. If so I will provide a link to it here. I don't have much experience in running a game in Glorantha but I have the Guide and a number of other supplements. Might try running Griffin Mountain again. Sean
  3. they probably would have printed more if they new it would sell for that
  4. Are these native Gloranthans who have traveled through the multiverse to the Young Kingdoms or vice-versa?
  5. I've run an 8 session "Temple of the Moon" adventure with the 7e rules, and I just have to say it's awesome!! Been playing CoC since the 80s, and it is still the same game with some nice improvements.
  6. The only Gloranthan Classic I was unable to get as a hardcopy was Pavis and Big Rubble (have the pdf), I was hoping they would reprint it but it looks like I might have to get the version from this Kickstarter instead.
  7. I've got RQ6 and MRQII's Stormbringer books... would be nice to see them updated to RQ6, and to see some of the awesome art and layout that you see in French publications, but really what more do you need?
  8. Yeah, I have been considering running the MGII Stormbringer (also Lankhmar) using RQ6, but it would be cool to see DM update the rules for the new RQ. I own the core RQII Stormbringer books as well as some pdfs, and back in the day I owned Chaosiums Stormbringer which left me with many great memories.
  9. I'll be getting RQ6 Glorantha, but I already own a hard and a softcover copies of DMRQ6, so I wish they had just published AiG instead. (It kills me that they actually published a few copies that most people will never see!!!) I was so waiting for that!!
  10. IT'S A SIN, IT'S A SIN, THIS MUST BE PLAYED!!!!! I mean even as an interlude to an existing campaign to run Apple Lane, or if you can't have friends for some reason at LEAST try the solo adventures!!! Orlanth will strike you down for such blasphemy!!!
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