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  1. By no means! I'll always support these sort of thought experiments, and you never know: they may even lead to actual products down the line. My inbox is always open for pitches, after all.
  2. Oh, for sure. But I tend to put this bit of advice from the core rulebook front and center in how I've treated titled P-Ks: So I don't think I've ever had more than one P-K of baron or higher rank in play at a single given time.
  3. How many titled PKs do you have in your games!? 😉
  4. From p. 5: "Before each feast, each Player-knight and lady in attendance must make a single unopposed APP roll." (Emphasis added.) The APP roll is specifically intended for player-characters. Seating of Gamemaster characters is entirely at the Gamemaster's discretion. Now if we're talking about titled Player-knights or ladies versus their non-titled companions, I agree that some sort of modification is certainly in order. Personally, if I had a titled player-character in my group, I wouldn't even have them roll. They're sitting Above the Salt whether they like it or not. If leaving it up to a roll, my solution, as I wrote in my designer's notes, is to replace the jewelry/fashion modifier to APP with a Glory bonus. Either +1/1,000 Glory (max +10) or by brackets, as suggested. In fact, if I ever do a v2 of the feast system, I'll probably end up going with a modified system in which Glory modifies APP in some way (or perhaps even vice versa!). I do want to keep APP in the mix to some extent, however "unrealistic" it might feel, both because it makes it a vital statistic in the game (as mentioned) and also because it feels truer to the Aristotelian medieval mindset towards beauty.
  5. By the way, your work is terrific. Berlin has become my favorite CoC sourcebook.

    1. sirlarkins


      Oh wow, thanks very much!

  6. Correct--there is no umlaut in the place name. On the map, however, it is spelled with an umlaut.
  7. On the poster map of the city, "Grunewald" is misspelled. (Note lack of ü umlaut.)
  8. Yes, quite right—there are a couple, much bigger fish to fry before we can get to the BoSalisbury.
  9. Something I've been contemplating trying out: use the Lady character generation rules and have the players roll up a background character as another player's wife. They can Winter Phase their character, have some say and autonomy in decisions involving the husband-knight's estate, and even bring the character to the forefront for selected scenarios. (Idea somewhat inspired by the concept of the Shadow in Wraith, if you're familiar with that game—though hopefully less adversarial!)
  10. Paladin has rules for converting pagans, though the focus is on Christian Player-knights converting Gamemaster characters (since there are no pagan P-Ks in the game). An interesting detail: You might also allow the converting character to make a Religion roll, with a success granting rolls for checks in each of the new convert's Christian traits, and a critical granting automatic checks.
  11. Keep this up and you might just get named Atgxtg the Butler.
  12. If you ever run the "Adventure of the Tournament of Dreams" from Tales of Mystic Tournaments, it's mostly located in Powys and you could definitely have lots of Cambrian tribesmen about to inflame any Hate passions still present in the group.
  13. This is something we'll be clarifying in future publications, but it reflects some changes Greg was in the midst of making to the chronology of Salisbury. For the time being, you can do as Morien suggests and simply treat Jarren and Jaradan as interchangeable.
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