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  1. I imagine I mentioned it in some interview or comment... My hope is to get Sanctus and Mirabilis finished and published around the same time, as they're sister volumes. There will be a chapter in the Core Rulebook covering magic and miracles as well, by way of a preview of the expanded treatment those topics will receive in the two books.
  2. As many others have pointed out, women knights have been acknowledged in the game throughout its history. Greg made the decision for this edition to make their inclusion seem like less of an afterthought that it has in times past. That's all there is to it. Will there be some women knights featured in the art? Yes. Will there be some women knights as Gamemaster characters? Yes. The inclusion of these characters is rooted in medieval legends and tales; I'm really looking forward to revealing more about this as we move forward. To reiterate: Your Pendragon Will Vary remains one of the
  3. Not to get into what's not in the Quick-Start, but I'll just mention that there's a rule in the full system that makes having too many Exalted Passions a double-edged sword...
  4. Knights' gender is a matter left up to the Gamemaster, and the core rulebook includes a section discussing how to set your preferred version (up to and including "no women knights at all"). The important thing is that options are presented. Yes, there will be women knights depicted in illustrations in forthcoming material; the default assumption is that some regions of Britain (such as Salisbury, the Red Castle, or Din Eidyn) are more accommodating to trailblazing women knights, while in other parts they are vanishingly rare. Gamemasters can calibrate up or down from that baseline to suit
  5. The new edition of the Great Pendragon Campaign is expanding into a multi-volume set, so there will be lots more detail on all the Periods. More stuff on the Silchester Rebellion, the Roman War, the Grail...lots of exciting work already under way. The default start time for Sixth Edition is moving back to Boy King, and the initial focus for the line will be on Arthur's reign, but we have some projects in the pipeline for the pre-Arthurian eras as well (yes, even going back to Vortigern...). We're also in the early stages of planning new regional sourcebooks, which I'm planning to include
  6. The current situation is addressed in this thread: Quoting @MOB
  7. Thanks for doing that @SNaomiScott! Great resource. And thanks for checking on permissions first.
  8. Yes! Right now the plan is to release the Book of Salisbury as part of a larger Resource Pack that will include a GM screen and some other materials, similar to the Runequest "GM Screen Pack". Book of Castles will be a standalone release; Matt Ryan (who did the Castle of the Kite illustration for the "Quest of the Red Blade" scenario) is working on diagrams and floor plans even as we speak. Oh, I have many thoughts, and all of them good! We'll be addressing plans and changes in greater detail as we get closer to publication, but I'll just say for now that the core rulebook materia
  9. Sorry I missed the original post back in December! Always happy to answer questions about the book—feel free to tag me or send a DM. This is correct. Through his association with the monarchist movement and the Sovereign Order of St. John, Shabelsky-Bork is intensely interested in locating any potential survivors of the Romanov dynasty, but like a monarchist Uri Geller is just as interested in exposing the fakes. We can assume he or his contacts have been following the thread of clues as Anna/Franziska moved across Europe. He wants to ascertain if she's alive because, well, if she is
  10. The manuscript for the medieval Japanese Pendragon adaptation (working title Monogatari, also referred to as Samurai at times) is complete (I should know—I wrote the final version!) and we'll be going forward with it as well, but it's a ways off in the pipeline. Regardless, all three spinoff games utilize the core Pendragon engine; this certainly wouldn't prevent someone from writing, say, a more historically-grounded BRP game set during the reign of Charlemagne. I'd happily buy it and use it for additional background and adventure material whenever I ran Paladin.
  11. Great topic! For an adult friend, I'd recommend Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights. For a younger reader, Rosemary Sutcliff's King Arthur Trilogy. For a child, I'd track down the out-of-print books Merlin Dreams and Castles, which I consider companion pieces. Both are gorgeously illustrated by Alan Lee and filled with enchanting imagery and Arthurian tales.
  12. I haven't tried it yet, but there's a ruleset built off the More Core system: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?35056-MoreCore-Themes&p=319357&viewfull=1#post319357
  13. Alas, like many a medieval tale, the Solo GPC chronicles must remain forever unfinished. We did end up completing the run all the way to Camlann, but life got busy and I fell further and further behind. Now it's been too long and my notes are scattered to the winds... I'll see what I can dredge up from memory and try to put together a little "continuation" to post here. 🙂
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