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  1. Correct, Geniality is only gained when a card is played, not drawn.
  2. Yeah, I'd go in order of seating, and if that's tied I'd give it to the character with more Glory. Using APP works too, depending on your group's preference.
  3. An omission for sure. The Gaming option was added later in the design process, so looks like it didn't get inserted into the text in all the spots it should have. I would certainly allow that interpretation.
  4. We've got Robert Schroeder of Book of Sires fame working on the revision, so no worries there. The current 5.2 rulebook will remain as-is. As for the GPC, plans are afoot but that's a ways down the line. More immediately, the next three products in the hopper (all are in the art and layout stage of production) are the GM Screen and Resource Pack (featuring all sorts of reference material for KAP Gamemasters and more fantastic art by Jaime García Mendoza, whose work graces both the 5.2 rulebook and Paladin), Codex Mirabilis (the Pendragon magic book), and Knights and Ladies Adventurous (revised advanced character generation), approximately in that order. The Castles book is also in production, with Matt Ryan handling castle diagrams and maps. (Those of you familiar with "The Quest of the Red Blade" will recognize his work from his diagram of the Castle of the Kite in that scenario.) As always, these will be coming out "when they're ready." (The other items mentioned by @Atgxtg are also wending their way through the production pipeline, along with some other secret projects I'm not yet at liberty to discuss.)
  5. There's nothing I'd do that's remarkably different from what's already been suggested. @Morien and I are very much on the same page when it comes to stuff like this. (I'll second putting off the Questing Beast encounter until later!) The main points you want to hit are: introducing friendly knights and eligible ladies; introducing the Saxon threat; introducing the Levcomagus rivalry (players love to hate Sir Blains, the Steward of Levcomagus). A Border Patrol after they're knighted would be a great way to do that, as suggested up-thread. A minor encounter with some Saxon foragers who are driven off with the timely intervention of Silchester knights who were riding their border as well—ah, but then the insults and provocations start to fly, as these are household knights of the infamous Sir Blains! (Perhaps the man himself is there, though you might not want to risk a lucky hit that takes him out if hostilities ensue.) What you're doing is painting a picture of the provincial, pre-chivalric, rough-and-tumble nature of the Uther Period. Wrap up with the P-Ks reporting back to Count Salisbury or Sir Elad and some interaction with a few other Gamemaster characters. As has been suggested, don't throw too many GMCs out there at once. I always "cast" my GMCs so that people have a visual reference, a face for the name. I use Obsidian Portal, but any kind of wiki would do—or even print-outs, of course. Here's the wiki I put together when I ran Paladin last year: https://amatteroffrance.obsidianportal.com/characters And yes, with sessions as short as yours, plan on a Session Zero where you go through character creation, family history, and an introductory scenario that gets them knighted, though feel free to keep that in 485 and then pick up where you left off the following session. Hope that helps!
  6. As far as I know (and I'm happy to be proven wrong), there's no central point of reference for this. Just scattered transcripts, interviews, articles, designer's notes, etc. That being said, I know that Greg thought very highly of The Once and Future King as well. He wrote (in an unpublished manuscript): "This modern rendition of Malory's works is a great source for detailed information about the Middle Ages, as well as being perhaps the most readable modern version of the legend. If you read only one book, this is the one I recommend. It combines medieval lore with the story in a delicious mix of literature. It has my favorite versions of King Arthur and Mordred (a real rotter.)" He was also fond of Mary Stewart's "Merlin Trilogy" and Idylls of the Queen by Phyllis Ann Karr. There were a ton more, of course. @jeffjerwin or @Morien might have more to add. One day I'd like to collate his writings and sources into a single work. One day...
  7. The Skoptsy would care to differ with that assertion, but that's a whole other ball of wax.
  8. I knew I could rely on you all to pick up the ball and run with it.
  9. If there could be multiple foreskins of Jesus, I'm sure multiples of St Alban's fingers could work as well.
  10. A duplication error for Sir Echen—he should not have the Finger of St. Alban. (Or let him have it as well and boost his Spiritual by 3!)
  11. He’s definitely going to turn up again in future publications. 🙂
  12. They're rolling out all day on the Chaosium blog, and are getting announced on these boards; here's the Lightless Beacon for CoC, for example: https://www.chaosium.com/blogweareallus-download-the-lightless-beacon-for-call-of-cthulhu-in-remembrance-of-greg-stafford/
  13. Thanks for catching those typos, @Dagonet! We'll make corrections straight away. I should also take the opportunity to thank @Stoo for generously providing some of his heraldry designs for the scenario pre-gens.
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