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  1. Classic Fantasy is a *ahem* fantastic product, and so is Mythras. Trust me, you wont regret buying them!😋
  2. Nifty, thanks Clarence. Does local space travel inlude calculating vectors, gravity, and fuel/mass, instead of just winging it through the space ala Star Wars?
  3. I am intrigued... can I ask, what means of space travel do the sentient species use, how does it work? Both inter-stellar and within a star system?
  4. Sorry to hear that, Rod. But perfectly understandable of course. Does it look like it might be completed this year? I only ask because my chosen campaign world by Frog God Games is probably going to get a campaign book in kickstarter this year (finally!), so it would be great to get your book around the same time? Of course, we can get started and well on the way with current CF book alone, so it's really more about getting the campaign world together; no pressure on you from me at least!
  5. Hi Rod, any news of the Unearthed Companion?
  6. For sure, I will get the book eventually, bound to find a use for it even if I didn't use it in my current campaign.
  7. You who have read/skimmed MC, how easy would it be to use it for earlier time periods, say around 4th Crusade?
  8. Oh right, thanks for the tip guys, I will certainly pick it up.
  9. Sounds promising, I will have to get at least the M-Space PDF... the space pioneers campaign is more of an idea in my head at this point, I did read a bit on Transhuman Space for GURPS and Blue Planet, so I might use bits from them (certainly the BP planet bakcground) with M-Space. I don't think humankind's first voyage into star should be military campaign anyways, at least the way I envision it, more like exploration an encounters of the third kind. War would come only later... And for making up Colonial Marine weapon stats, most of them should be fairly simple mods, and I think we might still have Phoenix Command Alien books to have as support, plus I have the Colonial Marine technical manual which is great for technology background and pics.
  10. Hi Clarence, I got two campaigns on my mind; one is about early space traveling where humanity is making first interstellar journey using and 'realistic' space flight, so none of that xwing dogfighting stuff, more like the Right Stuff, calculating vectors and orbits and whatnot? I might start with PCs exploring the outer solar system, and then finding some alien tech which would enable them to make the first leap (since apparently FTL flight is not possible according to current thinking)? Another idea would be Alien campaign (from the movies). Players being Colonial Marines, encountering Predators, Aliens and other critters (but nothing from Prometheus). I might kick off the campaign with players as civilians on a freight vessel encountering a distress signal from unknown source type of thing.. Would M-Space accommodate these types of gameplay? I assume the latter would be no problem, but what about the first, is the starship design / flight system downgradeable to sufficiently primitive / clunky version, which would work along these lines? I am not sure how I feel about space combat, it wouldn't be the topmost thing on an exploring astronauts list anyways, unless they were very paranoid about encountering alien races?
  11. ooh, I would buy that (even if I already have all Freeport books for d20). I havent' checked out what's going on with them recently, but the last did, the Freeport citybook was actually system-free, and you could purchase a companion book with system specific stats fro NPCs (the systems mentioned above). So all you needed to get going was to make the companion book, and you'd be on your way?
  12. This is proving to be a very useful thread... I received the map of Rome. It seems to be actually a poster printout from photo of a scale model on display at ' Museo della Civiltà Romana' - seen in this picture: And it's better for giving a general visual impression of the city layout circa 500 bc. rather than as an accurate map as it's in perspective. Nevertheless, pretty nice as it is.
  13. Another interesting and possibly useful resource is the digital Augustan map of Rome: http://digitalaugustanrome.org/map/#/rome/filter:0/
  14. Looks nice, good find...for my mythic Rome campaign I managed to find a nice map of the city of Rome itself: http://www.aclclassics.org/store/poster-roma-archaica.html Basically, it's the city during end of monarchy / early republic... ordered it from the American Classical League after giving up finding it in Italy (by Google), so it's coming the long way around.
  15. From my limited experience, I think combat styles are appealing and make sense in many ways, but they do pose some difficulties too. It seems to me they're concentrated on military traditions, martial art schools etc. where you get a 'total' package of 'formal' military training? What about the average joe / bandit / goon types? Do they attend some sort of academy of hard knocks? Another thing that bothers me is that you can have your poor peasant with a stick who'd presumably have some very 'thin' combat style (if any) with only one or two weapons to select, maybe improvised weapons at best; and at the other end of the spectrum you have the professional soldier, who's versed in a whole load of weapons, shield, maybe bow or something etc etc. And that's completely socially/historically appropriate. And yet both of them have one single combat style ie. one skill to improve, and both advance at the same rate presumably? But you'd expect the professional soldier to spend great deal of money, time, sweat and anger to get where he is combat style wise? It seems his experience is worth a whole lot more than the peasant's? Another thing is the work you have to do to create combat styles, if you don't have ready ones provided in a campaign. You need to be pretty savvy in military history (or campaign background) to make them, and of course for a GM that is a desirable quality, but we all aren't experts. So it's kind left hanging over you, I feel. It would be great to have a database of various styles to choose from, maybe created by community effort? I am thinking maybe you could keep combat styles as packages, but include invidual or limited sets of weapon skills to learn too? These would cover weapon any specialties, limited training and skills you've picked up along the way? Maybe have Styles advance slower than individual (weapon) skills?
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