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    I have been playing RQ since first edition was still wet. My records say 1977, but Chaosium says it was 78... HeroQuest went wrong in the early 80's.
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  1. Lorgryt

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I first discovered RQ in late 1977 early 1978. Since then I have played it thousands of hours. I have guided heroes and near-do-wells into and out of dangers and historical events in Glorantha. I met my wife because of RQ, and have been married 30 years in a few weeks. Made friends, lost friends, and lived a life full of Chaosium. To say I owe Greg is an understatement. While I would have still been a gamer, and would have had a life free of D&D, he made it sooooo much easier and better. I hope the lodge had the path he was seeking when he walked on ahead of us. We all die, we will all die, it is a good thing to die well, it is a better thing to live well. Greg did the better thing, I think. In my culture we don't say goodbye (I am Cherokee), we say, "I will talk with you when I get there." But I would also like to add, "Thanks for all the clacks."
  2. Lorgryt

    A Galaxy Far Far Away...

    I am very interested in seeing the hard work you have done. The character sheet SCREAMS a question at me and I have no reference to look in! Patently waiting to see it.
  3. Lorgryt

    Site Introductions

    Hello all, Bo Whitten here, Lorgryt is my online name, and has been since before the Internet. I used to run a BBS before the information age caught on. Lorgryt was one of my favorite characters in RQ. A troll, who ate books... lore grit... chews books. I have used this on-line name all along. I started playing RQ in 1978 while the ink was still wet. I have played every version of BRP that has ever been done, and even have all of RingWorld. I found only one version of BRP to be distasteful to me: Mongoose RQ. It is shallow, and poorly produced in my opinion. But, if you like it... enjoy. I am looking forward to the new BRP, and am glad to have a group to talk to about it both before and after it is published. So, hello all! <<waves>>