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    I have been playing RQ since first edition was still wet. My records say 1977, but Chaosium says it was 78... HeroQuest went wrong in the early 80's.
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    RuneQuest, BRP, CoC, Through The Breach, and more.
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  1. I first discovered RQ in late 1977 early 1978. Since then I have played it thousands of hours. I have guided heroes and near-do-wells into and out of dangers and historical events in Glorantha. I met my wife because of RQ, and have been married 30 years in a few weeks. Made friends, lost friends, and lived a life full of Chaosium. To say I owe Greg is an understatement. While I would have still been a gamer, and would have had a life free of D&D, he made it sooooo much easier and better. I hope the lodge had the path he was seeking when he walked on ahead of us. We all die, we will all die, it is a good thing to die well, it is a better thing to live well. Greg did the better thing, I think. In my culture we don't say goodbye (I am Cherokee), we say, "I will talk with you when I get there." But I would also like to add, "Thanks for all the clacks."
  2. I am very interested in seeing the hard work you have done. The character sheet SCREAMS a question at me and I have no reference to look in! Patently waiting to see it.
  3. Hello all, Bo Whitten here, Lorgryt is my online name, and has been since before the Internet. I used to run a BBS before the information age caught on. Lorgryt was one of my favorite characters in RQ. A troll, who ate books... lore grit... chews books. I have used this on-line name all along. I started playing RQ in 1978 while the ink was still wet. I have played every version of BRP that has ever been done, and even have all of RingWorld. I found only one version of BRP to be distasteful to me: Mongoose RQ. It is shallow, and poorly produced in my opinion. But, if you like it... enjoy. I am looking forward to the new BRP, and am glad to have a group to talk to about it both before and after it is published. So, hello all! <<waves>>
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