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  1. Echoing @kaydet, I think the best way for us (and hopefully for new Gloranthaphiles) to think of the "Bronze Age setting" phrase as a shorthand for the distinctive things that separate Glorantha from more pseudo-medieval and pseudo-Tolkienesque fantasy settings. For me, this evokes an ancient Mediterranean or Middle Eastern setting, rather than a northern European setting. It makes it easier for me to imagine the adobe slums of Pavis and the arid plains of Prax, and it makes it easier for me to imagine the distinctive religious and magical landscape of Glorantha. And while there may be many aspects of Glorantha that aren't Bronze Age, it doesn't really matter much to me. I guess that "Bronze Age" label puts me in a mindset where I'm ready for a certain kind of adventure and setting, so it doesn't matter if parts of Glorantha don't match that image.
  2. Glorantha presents the best representation of gods, worshipers, and religions in any fantasy setting I can think of--in games, literature, film, or any other medium. Religion in Glorantha isn't a matter of "believing" in one god or another. They all exist--even gods of your character's enemies and the gods of people you've never heard of. The question is: What does your character do for those gods, and what does he or she get in return? And then Glorantha answers the other important questions about gods, goddesses, and religions in the world: What do these gods and goddesses do for the *world*? Why is their worship important? And what institutions have been created by the worshipers of those gods? And it has Ducks. And it has Griselda.
  3. Non-humans in HeroQuest: Glorantha

    I came up with a write-up for Ducks, but never got a chance to put it into play. I'll try to post later.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A table that lists all the days of a Gloranthan week, along with their effects on Lunar magic. Combines material from HeroQuest Glorantha, pages 184 and 233.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A unified table that provides numerical values for obstacles' difficulty, based on the number of sessions run to date and the pass/fail cycle. This combines tables from pages 113 and 115 of HeroQuest Glorantha
  6. Where will your Heroquest game go?

    I don’t have a campaign going right now, so for me the biggest question is: What would I buy regardless of whether or not I was in a game? These are more or less in order of preference, but I would buy any and all of these: 1) I would love to see better guidance for including Elder Races as PC’s--either in an all-Elder Races campaign or mixed in with humans. RuneQuest was a game where some players made up Tusk Rider characters, and now it feels like it’s difficult to even work the odd duck PC into a HeroQuest game. (Side note: When I skimmed The Coming Storm, one of the things I found most interesting was the material on the Telmori. Thanks Ian!) 2) I’d like to echo an earlier post: Please return to the sea! I’ve been dying to go to the seas in Glorantha ever since reading the RQ3 rules about ships. “Men of the Sea” had its strengths, but it needs replacing--especially in the age of HQ:G 3) Big Rubble 4) Prax--or at least something that gives guidelines for creating Praxian characters--beyond the Waha writeup in HQ:G 5) And, to be honest, if the “official” timeline is moving past 1626, Pavis itself will look a lot different and I would really love guidance on how to run games in the city after the rise of Argrath White Bull. Also, I would like to make a pitch regarding the tone of any new material: I know a lot of buyers are experienced Gloranthans, but please try to make sure material is accessible to newcomers too. Remember that while heroes may ask questions about life, death, and meaning (and these responses enrich Glorantha), still players ask: “What k00l powerz does this give me?” Please make sure the answer is clear.
  7. Where will your Heroquest game go?

    Join the Harrek the Berserker and travel around Glorantha, meet interesting people and kill them.
  8. My only little quibble

    I will agree that many charts could be simplified or presented better. I have developed a couple of my own--though I don't think I have one that addresses Aprewett's concern.
  9. Dear Rick (if I may), 

    A while back in the "Upcoming Publications" Forum, you mentioned that you had personal copies of "Pavis and Big Rubble" you might be willing to part with. Is that still true? If so, how much are you looking for?

    You can message me here or email me at <garwalf@sbcglobal.net>.


    Edgar "Gar" Francis

    1. Rick Meints

      Rick Meints

      please email me at rmeints@gmail.com and we can discuss it.

      I only have the softcover version available. Please feel free to make me an offer, and I would also need to know what country this would be shipped to.