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  1. The Rocket Age (5e) Kickstarter campaign is in the last 48 hours! We have hit funding, rocketed past that to the Ed Greenwood adventure stretch goal, and are kicking in the second stage boosters to heads towards the next stretch goal, Rocket Ranger's Handbook by Rocket Age creator Ken Spencer. Can we go further? Tune your RADIO dial to find out!Come join us in bringing a 1938 that never was and a Solar System that should have been to a brand new world of fans!Rocket Rangers, Away!
  2. Thanks! We are less than $100 to funding, and then on to some stretch goals! An adventure by Ed Greenwood is up first.
  3. Hello all! I'm Ken Spencer, you might know me from Veni, Vidi, Vici, Blood Tide, World War Cthulhu, World War Cthulhu:Cold War, and a few other BRP related titles. My company, Why Not Games, has launched a Kickstarter to bring our award winning Rocket Age game to the 5th editor of some game invented in Geneva, Wisconsin. Rhymes with Fludgeons and Flagons, you know the one. Rocket Age (5e) brings the 1938 the never was and Solar System that should have been to a new set of fans. We are offering 17 playable species, 5 classes, backgrounds, equipment, feats, psychic powers, ancient artifacts, vehicle rules, loads of monsters, and the entire Rocket Age setting from Mercury to Pluto.
  4. I thought I would just pop in to say all this looks good and some of the ideas I wish I had thought of or expanded upon when writing Blood Tide. I wish I could be of more help, but my work at Cubicle 7 eats up a lot of my time (and I am contractually obligated to do all my game writing for them). Do keep going, there is nothing that makes a designer happier than seeing that people love their work so much they want to improve upon it.
  5. A stunt in BT is a type of Power. You pick out your stunts, and when you use them you spend PP to activate them. For example: Friends in High and Low Places lets you spend 5pp to discover someone you know in a crowd or location. That person is friendly towards the character and will help them out of a situation. Banging Heads allows the character to grapple two targets and force them to make a STR vs. CON roll on the resistance table. If any of the targets loses, they are stunned for one round, KO on a Special success.
  6. The fight went down in last night's session. Bennie vs. Tony 'Lo Stallone' Ramone. The first two rounds went smoothly, hits were exchanged but nothing major, just bruises. In the third, I give Bennie's player a choice, just take the hit and fall over or roll Fighting to make it look good (like a maneuver, not do any damage but make the dive truly believable). Bennie's dice hit the table, 99. Ramon's dice come up...03. Cut to various scenes of the other PCs either watching the fight or listening to it on the radio, and their shocked faces. The next day Bennie wakes up in the hospital, his jaw wired shut. O'Malley (the other PC who got Bennie into this mess): "I'm real sorry for what happened Bennie. Now don't try to talk. The doc says you'll be able to walk and move your arms again if the swelling goes down in your neck, something about a cervical. Anyway, here's your cut, ten percent like we said." O'Malley slips the roll of money into Bennie's hospital gown and pats him on the chest. "Take care Bennie, and if you ever get back on your feet, your job is waiting for you." Bennie spends the next two weeks in the hospital, but makes a full recovery.
  7. This is the lan I will go with, only DB. It will give a longer spiral down and most likely end in a KO if Bennie does too well. Bennie will have to make Fighting rolls in the 3rd round though as he is attempting to make it 'look good' when he goes down. If he succeeds he won't do any damage, just take a hit and fall over realistically. If he fails, it won't be believable and people will talk about how the fix is in (which would put his manager on the spot). A crib fail results in damage to the other guy, risking a KO. The mobsters will nt be happy about that.
  8. The campaign I am running is set in 1920's NYC (using CoC 7e). Two of the PCs, Bennie the Boxer and O'Malley the Mobster, have conspired to throw Bennie's next fight. Bennie is going down in the third round, and the pair hope to both clean up and satisfy some issues they have with the Irish Mob. Here's the problem, I am unsure how to handle the boxing itself. Normal combat rules should work fine, but can be a bit too lethal. I was thinking of having the boxers inflict half damage due to the gloves and me wanting the fight to be drawn out. One of the things about Bennie is, between his high Fighting (Brawl) skill and massive DB, he can up and kill a man with one good hit, and has several times. Certainly if he pulls his punches all his rolls will suffer a penalty die, possibly two in the third round where he tries to go down. However, it would be fun if Bennie KO's his opponent in the second (or even first) round and now has a lot of explaining to do.
  9. First off, thanks to everyone for the kind words about Blood Tide. I will try to answer rules questions as best I can, but bear in mind that I wrote this book a few years ago. Muskets should inflict 1d10+4 as their damage. Although I love odd shaped dice, I have never seen a d60 (but would buy one if one came on the market). I am always tempted to write games that require some of the odd dice form my collection, but who has a d7 or d24?
  10. Blood Tide (formerly Bokors and Broadsides), is at the printers: http://www.chaosium.com/blog/ I know this has been a long time coming and I am glad you all waited.
  11. I understand, no one wants to do straight historical because they don't sell. B&B would not be a lot of work to go without the mystical sections. Most of the book is period specific info and rules: professions, equipment, skills, stunts (a non-supernatiural based power to allow for cinematic action), naval combat, historical figures (most of whom don't go supernatural until they died historically), and spot rules. You are looking at a good half of the book there. Just ignore the chapters on Voodoo, sea monsters, and the campaign setting.
  12. The setting is mystical, but one could easily play without it. The original concept was to do a straight historical sourcebook with optional mystical elements and then a follow up mystical setting. However, Chaosium decided to do one larger book instead and have me combine both manuscripts. We playtested both ways, and the material can be easily separated.
  13. The final title will be Bokors and Broadsides. Maybe if enough people ask Chaosium about the book it will get published. I wrote the thing in 2009, revised and combined the manuscript with another project in 2012, and am still waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. Supposedly the manuscript is in editing, but I have not heard anything back for months.
  15. NDA, so there is not much I can say other than I am expanding the book some and Chaosium is planning a release later this year.
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