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  1. https://swordofsorcery.blogspot.com/2017/04/i-love-brp.html My last word on the subject. Again.
  2. I never did. In my games it's still CHA. Any adult ought to be able to understand that one can be highly charismatic while physically plain, unusual, or even unattractive.
  3. Well, I'm only active here sporadically, but it's always seemed a friendly place and still does. I think basic, adult rules of courtesy are more than reasonable. I visit rpg.net even more sporadically, and yes I gather politics has become a divisive issue over there. Unfortunately, we are living in polarized times, esp. in the USA. But I haven't seen a lot of harsh words here, and don't expect to. PS - BGB is great and death to COC v.7! (just kidding) (not)
  4. (Here I go again, wading in again, suicidally). This may be a matter of interpretation, but I don't run it that way. Firearms (Pistol) is your skill, and it applies to any make/model that would be called a "Firearm/Pistol". There's no separate skill for a Walther PPK or any other specific gun model. We are in agreement on this: "not being able to fire a shotgun" is an exaggeration. Similarly, the Mathematics/Physics analogy doesn't fly for me. If someone gives their character a significant skill in Physics, logic would dictate they'd have to have at least a decent Mathema
  5. I should never have weighed in on this. Sorry. It's the sort of debate I have zero interest in. I'm absolutely a believer that everyone should play the way they want to play. I do. So, you have my blessing - if this works for you, you should go for it. It wouldn't work for me. For me, Chaosium's system ain't broke - and don't need fixin'. Best wishes anyway.
  6. I'm afraid I don't see it the same way at all. And I'm left thinking you must be looking at very different books than I. The books describe a Climb skill. It says you can climb things. If there's something about the climb (how steep, nature of the surface, etc) that make it more difficult, or less difficult, then you can modify the roll when the character is performing that climb. You're suggesting breaking it down, so that you have to track your ability to climb and/all different climbs - thus taking one skill and effectively breaking it into a host of sub-skills. To me, that is
  7. Hate to say it, hope not to sound rude or condescending, and I'll probably piss off everyone in this thread, but I think you're taking something simple and elegant and making it a hundred times more complicated. A Climb is a Climb. If you're using the BRP Big Gold Book, you can say its a more difficult, or easier, based on any number of factors. But its still a Climb. I suppose it may just come down to style of play, and if you and your players really want to drill down into it like that, and that's fun for you - well, more power to ya.
  8. I've recently started blogging again about my developing Celtic-inspired campaign. Here's the newest update: The Green Lands - Part 1 And so, about my campaign. Something I realized some time ago was that, for my purposes in developing the settings, I needed to write (originally three, but now) four books. Basically, I needed to organize my thoughts about the campaign setting, and put it all down in b&w, in order to build it into something special. I needed the skeleton. Really, it was a bit like going back to the earliest days of my RPG experience. When I read the DMG et al,
  9. Aycorn


    I was wondering how this works. Well, I actually have a role-playing blog of my own, so I suppose I'll connect that blog and this one. More to come.
  10. I love books, absolutely. If I need reference data, it's always back to the printed page.
  11. I'm Aycorn, real name Alan. My prelude to FRP was the board game "Dungeon," which I first encountered in 1977. Soon after that a friend introduced me to D&D with the blue book. I was utterly fascinated (he hated it). I read and re-read that thing!! A couple years later I got into playing AD&D with others. Started my own AD&D campaign which, while pretty primitive, was a lot of fun. But I did find myself sometimes feeling a little bit hemmed in by the rules. Anyway, a local library used to let kids play FRP games on weekends, and I went there one day and met a group
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