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    Started ages ago with playing D&D then moved to a variety of White Wolf. Took a break to get through school & fell back in love with the hobby after that with Call of Cthulhu & a variety of other horror/mystery and narrative games.
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    Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, (others I'd like to play more of Dungeon World, Deadlands Reloaded, Fiasco, Star Wars Edge of Empire)
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    Technical artist/illustrator, game player wanting to do more for RPGs with art & writing.
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    Well the original core book has had werewolves & vampires plus the Halloween PDFs & Blood Brothers I/II. Also if you are looking for other fun things to throw at people there's Bumps in the Night by Pagan Publishing (mostly Delta Green lately but they did a bunch of other Call of Cthulhu books). Bumps in the Night looked at a lot of non-mythos follklore & other horrors to throw at some players & offers a lot of variety in where the scenarios are set. http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15782.phtml
  2. The folks at Miskatonic University Podcast went generally over all the new fun things in 7th ed. Chase rules & bouts of madness are really nice touches to make the game quite more fun now mechanically. Episode here: http://www.mu-podcast.com/mu-podcast-068-new-hotness/
  3. One still testing out with the newest version. Persuasion & other social skills can be used on other player characters with the following. Someone uses persuasion or intimidation or other social skill son another player, roll skill to see how well it's done plus short minute or two pitch of what they are trying to go for or summary of persuasion/intimidation. From there Keeper interprets result, & tells the other player character (or notable GM player character usually helping the PCs so more akin to a player character) & then leaves it up to the receiver to still pick but now they know that in the game based off the roll, if the other character was successful/failure/crit fail or crit success. Players still have the choice but now their character knows if the attempt was really good or bad & can act on that instead of just mind controlling the other player characters to do the bidding without any choice in the matter.
  4. Would be great if drivethrurpg got a hold of the 6 issues of this that I know of. Such great content & still hunting for a few issues myself. Thanks for the link
  5. Thanks for the link & looks awesome as always from Sentinel Hill Press.
  6. Strange Aeons has a space adventure if I recall plus there could be things in Atomic Age Cthulhu or Blood Brothers I/II as well as the 2nd Strange Aeons book is highly recommended for fun out of time settings. For the sci-fi setting, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a chapter in the upcoming Pulp Cthulhu book for letting players get on a rocket to the stars to find that the stars have teeth & are hungry.
  7. I follow the Delta Green/Unspeakable Oath podcast on this when they were talking about the topic. Yes you can find some information on computers for some things but if it's not some insane cultists putting up crazy stuff online, the documents you find will either be 20 generation Xerox scans of something that might be a summon spell or a lolcat picture or (holding it the wrong direction) a coupon for a free cheesesteak sandwich or just the publication information for some book. Just having the contents of some mythos tome either in a library or online is just paper & words, not until you put all the stuff together with a variety of skills is when things get messy & deadly. Case in point, something more well known to occultists. Look at the Key of Solomon online & just how many damn versions there are, some being real, others fake, others really really fake. Same goes for the mythos as the main people unhinged enough to put it online have such a low sanity after reading it that it won't make any sense. So for Keepers, if you are playing a modern game & your players want to look things up on their phone, just think of ways for the signal to get blocked/misinterpreted/broken then they should be sufficiently unprepared for the thing following them. Also remember what Lovecraft said about putting together the pieces of a puzzle (not a good thing & they might just want to end it now).
  8. Role Playing Public Radio did a run through of it & posted the actual play. http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradio.com/2014/06/systems/call-of-cthulhu/call-of-cthulhu-the-sense-of-the-sleight-of-hand-man-episode-1/ Didn't realize until reading it how much of an open world it is & lots of side things that you can come up with based off the fiction or the seeds in the core Dreamlands sourcebook or Sleight of Hand Man. I've got plenty of normal scenarios to do for the players once I get a new local group going but I'll definitely take a nod from the Miskatonic University Podcast (lots of great tips here BTW) and if some players are missing one week & others available for a game, just throw them in the dreamlands & maybe touch on Sleight of Hand Man some.
  9. One thing I like is in the new version of Delta Green that looks interesting (things might change once it goes out). But the HP is normal though once you get to 0, much like the Arkham Horror Dunwich expansion, you will gain some kind of tragic crippling wound. Going with something different than the HP is a tough one but I think that you can easily break up the HP by dividing it by 3 or 4 (as not too many HP in characters), every 3 or 4 points of HP loss represents a lucky strike or cumulative damage to one limb that just gets some kind of wound that needs to be treated more than just first aid. Something to try to see how it works.
  10. A bit late getting to this but there are a lot of good one shots in the stuff from Golden Goblin Press, Bumps in the Night by Pagan Publishing, many of the halloween collections on Chaosium & out of all the Secrets books I have, Secrets of San Fransisco is loaded with scenario seeds & a handful of fun scenarios. I'd recommend Blood Brothers also but there are some of the earlier scenarios where the adventure might be okay but the NPCs/Player characters are just junk & the Keeper needs to just keep the core profession/details & redo them.
  11. They look great & while I have them in PDF, I'll be getting them in print too as they just have so much subtle goodness to them. With the opposed rolls, dice rolls taking the best/worst of the 10s spot for some benefits or penalties & the bouts of madness have to be my favorites to the new rules. Only thing I can tag Chaosium slightly vexing on in terms of this book contents is that after seeing the lovely art from some of the European/non-English versions, I'd love to see included in the core books or in a separate one showing off all the artwork from the last few editions (similar to the art book from Fantasy Flight Games for their Cthulhu/Arkham games).
  12. Agreed with the Good Friends on this or following podcast episodes talking about their favorite mythos figures in games. Cthulhu isn't in a whole lot but Hastur is, nothing against Hastur but we do need more than just a few Cthulhu themed scenarios/campaigns in print.
  13. Been impressed with the previous Chaosium fiction line & these (esp. Edge of Sundown) sound like they will be a lot of fun to read. And considering the size of the westerns in fiction & horror in fiction, it's sad that we don't have more weird west horror out there to read as it's a gold mine of possible stories.
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