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  1. Ok i just did some corrections, and added some very basic Devilstick  hover cycle stats for gypsies, also added the gypsie vow that i forgot to add!  It is not much

    I don't know  when i will get more done, as i lost some of my file notes!  Also i lost my book pdf , and my backup has failed.  I think i need to find some physical book copies.

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  2. Thanks everyone.  I do want to finish it and the other games as well. Right now my eyes get strained easy, i been getting precursors to migraines, usually without pain, although one day i had a low grade migraine. Its not normal for me to get head aches unless i am exposed to chemicals.  I am hoping it calms down soon.
    !  The damn yo-yo weather we are having is not helping any! I can't spend much time on computer due to the eye strain. Reading stuff is very difficult.  Hopefuly soon i can get more done.

  3. Manual of Monsters

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    I found a better source of gods to convert. so i wont be using AD&D stats converted to BRP.


    I am currently collecting data for various pantheons. I think i am lacking Celtic, Japaneese, and Chineese pantheons. It is a big list of gods will take me a while to convert. I don't currently have access to the book that have Celtic, Japaneese, and Chineese gods. so those 3 pantheons will be on hold. and be converted last.



    My versions of the Gods will be more powerful than the gods listed in Call of Cthulhu rpg.

  4. Manual of Monsters

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    I am looking forward to seeing Manual of Monsters II :) I also like how you stated Titans in Manual of Monsters I. Examining your conversion of Titans, Tiamat, Bahamut might give me a better idea on converting gods.


     If you have any guidelines you think might help me stat out the gods let me know.  


    I am currently finishing up my guideline for converting Shadowrun to BRP. Also trying to write conversion guidelines for converting Deities & Demigods 1e/2e to BRP.   I was going to just port over 3.5 Deities & Demigods. but doing so makes them way to wimpy especially the greater gods and ruler gods. Also 3.5 does not have as many gods as the older editions.




    I do have a lot of the old School dragon magazines :) 

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