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  1. There is a Fallout pen and paper RPG online , i don't recall witch system it uses, but it might be a good source of info for conversion.
  2. I a sent a message to him i hope he still has the file otherwise i have to use RQ3 size table.
  3. I love the original Battlestar Galactic, Buck Rogers and Space 1999 series. I would love to play BSG. I did find a online D6 BSG that i am considering converting to BRP. I think i still have the D6 Battlestar Galactic on my computer.
  4. Hi everyone I cant find Atgxtg's Corrected and Expanded SIZ Table. I checked downloads section, and i searched online all the original images online are gone also. Apparently i accidentally deleted the file off my computer and my backup failed. I am hoping someone still has the file and can upload it.
  5. To be fair to Chaosium i have little knowledge of the new system I would like to see the following (1) A better system for move rates for humanoids, animals . I just don't like that everyone moves at the same rate. (2) Actions per round, # of attacks,parry, or dodge etc. I have issues with everyone having the same # of hand to hand or melee weapon attacks. Please no strike ranks. (3) A full size comparison chart would be nice, with pounds, killograms, tons etc. I am current working on rules mod that fixes #1 and #2 above, i would prefer an official rules fix tho
  6. I have stats for certain terminators from t-400 up to t-850 in the science fiction downloads on this site, also HK ,HK Ariel stats and HK size comparisons. I had planed on doing more but never got around to it. Feel free to modify stats if you think they are to high or to low. I hope it helps.
  7. This post is taking off way better than i expected. Many of you have suggested characters that i had completely forgot about. What can i say, other than you guys are awesome! Robby the Robot STR 70 to 80 ? * CON 40+ ? SIZ 20 to 40 ? (hieght 7'2" i am basing it on weight more than height) INT 20+ ? He has vast knowledge and knows 188 languages. is 20 to high or two low ??? POW 13 despite being a robot and being governed by the 3 laws of robotics, he does seem to have some free will. DEX 13 APP -- move 8 ? i need to watch the movie again, but i am thinking he is kind of slo
  8. The ID monster from Forbidden Planet, seems almost invincible. So Stats for it are not needed, just a guideline what can it do. and you can get a good idea by watching the movie. The ID monster regenerates itself every few seconds after taking damage. that would explain a lot. i mean it is a physical manifestation of Dr Morbius's dark side. The Krell machine manifests it, and with enough power that it really can't be harmed. Even Robby the robot can not stop it. Only way to stop it is the death of Dr Morbius. If i recall correctly The id monster was repelled by the energy fence and the ener
  9. Star Trek RIFTS Middle Earth Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Ravenloft Spelljammer Aliens Stargate SG1 Macho Women with Guns Dragonlance there is more but my tired mind can't recall the names right now. The problem is many of those have poor rules systems and need to be converted.
  10. Captain Manhattan of the watchman would be a tough one. If i remember correctly he became super powerful nearly a god. Correct me if i am wrong. I am no expert on the watchmen, so i will let someone more qualified take on that challenge.
  11. I think the problem with martial arts skill is it is to generalized. Some special martial arts attacks might reasonably do extra damage. Many would not do extra damage. One also has to consider the type of martial arts. Some martial arts use the opponents momentum against themselves and most likely would not do extra damage. Some martial arts use specialized bone breaking techniques. Some use nerve strikes that do little damage but temporarily paralyze the opponents limbs or body. In most cases i don't like martial arts doing extra damage unless there is a reason to justify it. To say all
  12. I have thought of using the resistance table to resolve combat. Skill versus skill what i would do is divide skill% by 5 then compare them on the resistance table. The problem is the end result worth the extra work?
  13. What t.v., movie, comic book characters, do you want BRP stats for? I am thinking we should all list what we want to see! We can all share suggestions, or sources or our own interpretation for character stats. if you know of stats for such creature please state the book the stats are in. creature stats i would like to see: The ID monster from Forbidden Planet. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Dr Who characters, and villians.
  14. rules for campfires,dehydration,jumping,object armor points for the new version see link below http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/464-optional-rules-for-campfires-dehydration-jumping-object-armorwater-requirements-wind-effects/
  15. Feel free to print for personal use! I own the copyright and it is current to date.
  16. Feel free to print for personal use! I own the copyright and it is current to date.
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