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  1. Thanks Triffletraxor ! i will try to upload them again.
  2. I did 4 gamma world conversion uploads yesterday and posted into two forums and osted on here,but its all gone so im am going to wait till i find out if there is a uploding issue. the fuiles showed up in the downloads and my comment showed up the other day. I am assuming its a glitch of some sort.
  3. i uploaded gammaworld creature conversions, and base animal stock conversion in pdf and ODF formats.
  4. Is there a problem with uploads? The other day i uploaded 4 gamma world documents. and also posted on some of the forums, all my post are gone and my uploads are gone as well? the other day it clearly showed my uploads and forum posts. Should i wait before reposting is there a issue with the site?
  5. let me clarify . what i am looking for is a way to do multiple atacks based on dex, but not like strike ranks, and where size is not a factor. just wondering! if any gaming peeps on here have a alternative way to do it that is simple yet allows a higher dex character to get more attacks.
  6. Anyone have any ideas for multiple attacks per round besides strike ranks? I really don't like that everyone gets the same number of melee attacks no matter what their DEX rating is.
  7. Sorry about they typos i am really having troubble thinking i wanted to upload the stuff but its all in .ODS format, not sure if i can upload it all as one file. can i combine .ODS files into one file? Does anyone know? individually it is 30 .ODS files maybe can convert it to pdf format not sure though. I think i better go to tirrred to thinnkk well.
  8. I think 2nd edition is best for converting monster as 2nd edition has actual stats where later edition have cookie cutter clone with little stats listed. as far as a mutation list. I believe the2nd edition adventure boklet has the mutation list page 26. i plant on converting the mutations eventually. later editions of the game have certain creatures omitted as well. i have gamma world 2e,3e, 4e when i say 4e i mean the booklet with flying obbs about to be shot by a purestrain human. some peple are calling the newest edition boxed set 4e but that is not correct.
  9. *Did not do death machines or warbots yet! i apologize i don't get much sleep so hard to think or get words correct.
  10. I Converted most of the 2nd edition Gamma World monsters to brp. have not done the weapons or mutations yet though. i wil try to upload them . Did not to death machines or the warbots.
  11. At one time i had planet of the apes(old school movie based) all stated out or Chaosium runequest2 rules, i loved the genre , love to play it, somewhere in my massive roleplaying game room, lol aka bedroom is a notebook of it all lol . i hope i still have it , i even did my own drawing,pictures for it. Ah dreams of the past creativity! if i find it ill post it in the downloads.
  12. Sharkmen from CHAOSIUM Runequest2 Gateway Bestiary basicaly lycanthropic weresharks STR 3d6+6(X2) 16-17(32-34) move 8/12 swiming CON 2d6+6(+6) 13(19) HP 13(19) SIZ 3d6 10-11 INT 3D6 10-11 POW 2d6+6 13 DEX 3d6 10-11 CHA/APP 3D6 10-11 weapons bite 50% 1d10+1d4 humanoid (1d10+2D6 shark) fin slash 30% 1d8 armor 5 point skin seems like i saw stats for half ogre human someplace hmmmmmmm.
  13. I prefer the book format of the Glorantha Classics, PDF version would be my last choice!
  14. I Have Vol. 2 Griffin Mountain , 4 1/2 stars out of 5 the book is huge tons of detail, loads of stats for the locals, monsters, adventures. i want the other books but i have yet to find them available any where. ARE the Gloranthan classics currently out of print, was it a limited print number?
  15. I agree a runequest clone would be awesome! And i think it would make access, and new material available for Chaosiums classic Runequest2. I would definitely be interested in contributing to such a project as long as it is not a problem for Chaosium. I would prefer Chaosium was involved in such a project ,as i prefer to support Chaosium. i think it could be a good way to get others into BRP as well , i am constantly in search of Chaosium RQ2 material adventures, monsters etc. i have lots of Runequest 3 material but it has to be converted which can be a pain!
  16. Well i would still play it in Glorantha , but realistically one can't produce the book with Gloranthan references unless Issaries INC. allows it! i believe it is Issaries INc. correct me if i am wrong on who owns glorantha! although i love Glorantha i think it works well with any setting, i have used the chasium Runequest2 rules for just about every era and genre. Anyways thanks Everyone!
  17. My move rate system based on Str+dex is based on comparing max human speed to max animal speeds obviously it will never be 100% accurate . Also i just figured out a good system for Chaosiums Runequest 2 rpg it allow characters to have different move rates, based on DEX,STR i dont base it on size cause i think size can be decieving as not all large sized people are tall and have long legs. but one could make it size if they prefer. the new move system for chaosiums RQ2 rpg can even give monsters random move rates and still keep true to the average of that creature type i will try to post it u
  18. I am wondering if Classic Runequest II chaosium version RPG could be reprinted with a different name? obviously all references to glorantha would have to be taken out! Of all the Runequest rpg's i think chaosiums RQ2 was the best! Could it be done? i know a lot of people still use chaosiums classic Runequest 2 RPG. i have PDF's of most of the books. and paper books as well. The New BRP book is great and all ,but i still find my self drawn to Chaosiums Runequest II, maybe i am crazy! lol What do you think! could it be done?
  19. skull

    Character sheets

    Thank you!
  20. Hello every one well for brp to be more popular i think we need to do the following: (1) advertise ,promote promote promote. when i say this i am not refering to just Chaosium, but to us as well the fans,the players, we need to post on forrums,twiiter,youtube,myspace,facebook, i think chaosium needs us as much as we need them! and this means that we all need to do are share. I also think chaosium needs a myspace page, a twiiter page,facebook, we needs such sites to get more people to come to chaosiums website, exposure is a key factor.maybe they have some of those sights im not sure.
  21. Sounds AWEsome:cool:!!!! I am interested in learning more about this!
  22. skull

    Character sheets

    New cybertech palm scanner BRP character sheet this is a unfinished version i posted on deviant art. So far only front is started, it looks good but its not the most practiclecharacter sheet, skills and other info will be on the second sheet. i know we dont really need it persay and its not as practicle as a full on stat sheet with no graphics! let me know what you think! http://therawfruityninja.deviantart.com/art/Scanner-BRP-character-sheet-153788365
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