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  1. I did a simular move rate system based on Str+dex and i calculated move values for melee combat, non-melee and the mph value. i also calculated animals as well. im not sure how easy it would be to incorporate into brp . considering i was designed off of call of cthulhu might have to up the animal move rates considering COC AND BRP have different move rates respective for a human coc =8 BRP= 10 if anyone wants to try it out let me know
  2. Rifts Dragon hatchlings for BRP As far as converting MDC monsters ignore the MDC values use a equivalent BRP creature and add special powers, skills. example rifts vampires are MDC undead monster simply use the BRP vampires. If you need help send me a email with the creature your trying to convert im sure i can figure it out send me the creatures name what book it is found in or send me the basic rifts stats and skills,description,powers etc. Also if you need help converting from other game systems send me a email odds are i can help. dragon hatchlings download link below
  3. 180 downloads

    RIFTS to BRP Dragon hatchlings Here is a fairly simple way to conver them. as far as MDC monsters in Rifts i recomend you ignore the MDC values and find the BRP EQuivalent and those stats and add any special skills or powers. if you need help converting a MDC monster send me a email i can figure it out.
  4. Resident Evil hunter stats BRP Central - Downloads - Resident Evil hunter monsters
  5. 286 downloads

    Resident Evil hunter monster stats
  6. 532 downloads

    Resident Evil BRP corrected versions zombies,crows Cerberus, and many more
  7. Resident Evil BRP corrected version http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=298 Thanks Brostmoskel for letting my know about the error.
  8. thanks for the correction for some reason i alway get that confused!
  9. RESIDENT Evil BRP , use it with the new BRP or with Call of Cthulhu size comparison charts Stats for alot of zombies,spiders,giant Moth,crimsonheads,crows,licker, cerberus, + some special zombies i came up with on the last page. PDF format Hopefully soon ill have more creature stats. Let me know what you think. corrected link and corrected error. Thanks Brostmoskel! http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=298
  10. Hello I just calculated rifts to BRP and posted it in science fiction downloads the armor was difficult to calulate but i think i have a somewhat resonable solution. Converting MDC weapons was fairly easy as both games have listing for law rocket,90mm recoiless rifle,and tank guns so i had 3 values and the rest was logical progression. anyway check it out , modify it as you will. if you have questions ask me i hope it helps! BRP Central - Downloads - RIFTS to BRP
  11. 377 downloads

    Some notes on converting RIFTS TO BRP Armor values were difficult cause 1MDC= 100 SDC or 100 HIT POINTS! if we converted it by that we end up with ridicoulous numbers in the 1000 of hp 100 MDC would be 10,000 hp and RIFTS is a high hit point system BRP is not! So i had to work on this its not perfect but i works fairly well i think Weapons were converted much easier as both games have stats for law rockets,90mm recoiless rifles and tank guns so with three values the rest was a logical progression i think. I will make more rules and upload them when i can! if you have questions
  12. 600 downloads

    some maps i created many many years ago for call of cthulhu maybe someone can use them. Ploice station, Fire station, House,Barn, Bar,Warehouse, Icestation Polarbear, observatory. the maps are very simple aso included is a key legend for the symbols on the map Anyways maybe someone can use them they are quite small but usable i think!
  13. OK more Terminator BRP STuff weapons armor, techcom branches skills,equipment, and HK tank/aerial HK diagrams charts, and HK trillobyte,silverfish stats in science fiction : Terminator downloads hope it helps let me know what you think! if you have questions on the Terminator BRP ask me!
  14. Terminator Techcom Branches skills starting equipment. http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=284
  15. 311 downloads

    Terminator BRP Techcom branches skills Techcom branches Alpha to Omega, with specific class names includes skills ,starting equipment. No copyright or trademark infringement intended. Please keep it Free if you have any questions feel free to ask me !
  16. Terminator BRP weapons and armor http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=283
  17. 437 downloads

    Terminator BRP weapons ,and armor armor charts and weapons charts no copyright infringement intended . please keep it free ! if you have any question please feel free to ask. if you think you found a flaw or mistake please let me know, i do my best to create as accurate as possible gaming material based on what information i can find! hope everyone like it!
  18. HK Tank /ARIEL HK diagrams,charts + 2 versions of HK Trillobytes,aka Silverfish. My apologies for taking so long to post more terminator stuff. more to come soon! http://basicroleplaying.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=282
  19. 321 downloads

    HK trilobyte stats for Terminator BRP gaming . I will be restating all terminator files and eventually replacing the documents, with updated material. I will have new terminators. I am currently doing research to give a more realistic stats for terminators and other units.the new stats will be fully BRP compatible. I will be removing Mechanicals and Programing stats and replacing them with CON, INT, POW accordingly. No copyright infringement intended. Please keep it free !
  20. Thanks:) I am glad someone can use it. unfortunately i been dlayed on getting more of it done do to lack of time. Hopefully soon i have more up!
  21. 826 downloads

    silhouetes cthulhu papper miniatures
  22. 824 downloads

    silhouetes cthulhu paper minis monsters,pc's robots etc.
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