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  1. HeirophantX have sent u a message :) and thanks chris. I may be inserted in coming to play in bath. Pm me to chat about it
  2. haha I wish.....i am running the game in oxford at the moment but we rotating were we play as players come from the midlands
  3. Hello I am currently running a game of RQ 2 based in oxford but we are moving around the midlands to play the game at weekends about every six weeks. I am currently looking for one or two new players to join the game. The party is just finishing off The Rainbow Mounds and then I am going to run the Borderlands campain so it would be idea moment to bring in new players. Please pm here or on facebook ...Tim Challis (currently have a picture of Thieves World on my profile) or email me at tchallis@live.co.uk Thanks
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