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  1. Not to worry. Disney will buy out Glorantha. A new set of canon material will be defined, everything else will be moved to "legend" status, and JJ will direct a movie based on the result. It's ironic to see the direction that two universes that started with the influence of Joseph Campbell took.
  2. BTRC's Guns! Guns! Guns! might provide some suitable solutions
  3. The question relates to Morrowind, not the other Elder Scrolls games. Skyrim and Oblivion are only shallow shadows compared to the atmosphere, culture and mechanics that were provided by Morrowind. They returned to a more generic Western European D&D "pop culture" feel with a few trappings taken from Morrowind.
  4. You could use the Godot Engine (free). It uses GDScript, which is loosely based on Python, and so it should be fairly easy to port your code. The main benefit is that Godot targets (makes programs for) many platforms: Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS Desktop platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, *BSD, Haiku Web Platforms: HTML5 (via Emscripten) One-click deploy & export to most platforms. Easy to create custom builds too. More information: Features (here) GDScript Language (here) There are a lot of tool kits out there, but this is on
  5. Raspbian. Steve: "Did somebody say Pie?"
  6. Users of RQ7 and RQ8 will at some stage see an option to upgrade to RQX (via a pop-up message in in the PDF). Users who are happy (or required) to stay with RQ7 and 8 will continue to be nagged by additional pop-ups on a daily basis. There will be no "opt-out" option. The upgrade will be touted as being "free", even though it requires an existing paid copy and removes some features from the rules, while adding "telemetry", tracking, advertising and will constantly recommend that the user uses its Suggested Rules Options even though the user has already chosen their own preferred set of Op
  7. I am not sure if there was ever a general expectation to have anything other than "RuneQuest" on the cover, regarding versions. Possibly only a consideration to emphasise Glorantha. The question revolves around how the community at large will reference and distinguish it from all other versions. Additionally, some people like to read up on something before they purchase it. For example, reviews, of which many exist for many different versions. How will an interested party know which one is the correct one? How will they know which is the latest or relevant one?
  8. You could consider using Xamarin (based on MonoDevelop, now owned by Microsoft) - Info here. "With a C#-shared codebase, developers can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms." Also targets MacOS and Linux. Not sure how the licensing currently stands.
  9. Unless you can convince the "Internet" of the "right to be forgotten" for RQ6, it will live on in forum archives, reviews, fan pages; and show up in searches for "RuneQuest". People only have so much to spend, which is something not to be taken for granted. There would be no better way to potentially jade the perception of a friend who trusted a recommendation to try something other that Pathfinder or "D&D".
  10. Does the new buyer care? They just want to know which one is the latest one to get. 6 comes after 4, so it must be the latest. I generalise regarding levels of perception, however, let's consider the common ground. Imagine the circumstances when a player joins a group playing, as indicated by the GM, "the latest version of RQ", and buys RQ 6, because it has a higher number than 4.
  11. Because duckses have a bad reputation and a social stigma attached to them.
  12. While not officially Gloranthan, there is a lot here that matches the theme: Shadowforge Miniatures (Fantasy Range) Eureka Miniatures (Myths, Assyrians, Mycenaeans, Greek and Persian, Chaos Army, Sumerians, Fanticide, and more) Victoria Miniatures
  13. Video: Skallagrim discusses "Throwing a sword - Crazy or viable technique?" Video: What happens when GM's show their players how weapons work (battle axe, and bow enchanted with magic missile being impossible to dodge)...
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