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  1. I notice that King of Dragon Pass was mentioned in the New York Times a couple of days ago (or at least their website): https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/01/arts/gaming-introduction-basics-quarantine-coronavirus.html
  2. I'm looking forward to this. Has the price of the PC version been announced?
  3. The stories I first read in Dragon Pass (White Bear Red Moon) captivated me, and still inspire me today, decades later. The first Rune Lord-Priest. The first Heroquester of Glorantha. May Arachne Solara bless and protect his soul. May Lhankor Mhy anoint his stories and hallow his secrets. May Waha guide his spirit to the Happy Herding Grounds. May we meet with Greg again, for We are all us.
  4. Thanks for starting this group read, David. I'm always busy, but will try to keep up. Haven't had time to read everyone's posts to this thread in detail, but my brief thoughts in the first section are: General - for this group read, I decided to use the physical book, whereas if I'm looking up something, I use the PDF. Picking up the physical tome again, I was reminded how heavy these books are. However, the group read also made me wish the books came with bound bookmarks to help me keep my place - would have perfected what are otherwise deluxe products. Slipcase - I just got this recently. A nice sturdy slipcase. Like the use of the Kalikos artwork in particular - one of my favourite pieces from the Guide. Book jacket - love the artwork. I've always liked the stories of Harrek, Jar-Eel and Craigspider from when I was first introduced to Glorantha through the board game Dragon Pass (White Bear & Red Moon), so it's great that the jacket provides a link back to this origin of Glorantha in the gaming world. Cover page (p. 1) - I've always loved the invocation of varying gods in Glorantha publications - sets the tone from the very start of the books. This time, the book invokes Lhankor Mhy (of course). Thanks to backers (pp 2-4) - I was actually the backer who coined the phrase "I Bought, We Won", though I was inspired by other phrases that other commenters on the Kickstarter page had typed. So it's nice to see two references to me on page 2 Foreword (p. 6) - great and interesting foreword by Greg Stafford, giving the history of Glorantha from its origins as one man's discovery into a group endeavour. Coins (p. 12) - I like the fact that the Esrolian clacks are square. Makes sense for a country that worships the Earth pantheon. Nice too to see the inclusion of troll bolgs. Trollpak is my favourite Gloranthan release. Harrek and Jar-Eel (pp 14-15) - as stated above, I've always liked the stories of Harrek and Jar-Eel, so I love this artwork (by Mike Perry). Personally, the Red Moon behind Jar-Eel seems a bit too uniform in colour for my liking, though I understand you wouldn't want too much detail on the moon to draw attention from the Razoress. I think referring to Harrek and Jar-Eel in the introduction was a great idea, priming the reader about individuals in the conflict between great powers that is to come in the Hero Wars (whereas much of this book focuses on a Glorantha on a much more impersonal and macro level - countries, cities, etc). As to the text about the two heroes, personally I would've liked maintenance of the hero-superhero distinction used in the game Dragon Pass - an indication that, as powerful as many heroes are, there are those who have power a magnitude greater. Crystals of the Gods (p. 17) - the distinction between crystals of living gods and those of dead gods is really interesting, and makes me wonder how this could be implemented in a Runequest context. Final comment: there's no index at the back of volume 1. I know that would have raised various issues (page numbering, having an index in the middle of a text etc) but for practical reasons, given that the books are heavy (my leg went to sleep resting one volume on it while I typed this up), it would've been useful to have an index at the end of both volumes (instead of having to pick up volume 2 too), and for the index to indicate which volume the reference can be found in (though I see volume 1 ends at page 400, which is a convenient place).
  5. Actually, your/our game might not be a bad fit for playtesting, Iskallor, given that it uses a RQII rule base but your house rules incorporate runes and the game has some mythic elements
  6. If you can't afford Gods War as a final product, I understand the draft rules and components are available here...? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/164702/glorantha-gods-war
  7. Kaonu! I'm Kobal in the game. Kaonu unfortunately met his end due to treachery, but the characters will get their revenge (just have to work out how to defeat a rune lord and his followers). GM Iskallor puts a lot of time and effort into the game for us. And the quality of posts by the others always makes me want to improve my own.
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